Bachelor 4.2: Call for Contestants!

Newcrest is Safe!

Don’t worry, I’m still playing our lovely community town of Newcrest 100%. You should anticipate an update on Megera Bubbettes soon. However, I am missing the romance and match-making of the Bachelor, also the feeling of accomplishing something (the Bachelor has an ending, unlike Newcrest!) is something I enjoy in the Sims.

A New Bachelor is Afoot!

Therefore, I’m also starting a new Bachelor challenge! You can submit either gender using the below form, but please note the Bachelor will be a male this round. Therefore, if you create a heterosexual male he will not be used this round.

Candidates that are not chosen this round, or are not matched with the Bachelor this round, may appear in subsequent rounds.

The survey is broken into 7 pages, and has been kept to a reasonable length. It’s a bit longer than the Community Town form, but not by much (extra page of Bachelor-specific questions). All questions are optional, so you may skip any questions you don’t want to answer, and I’ll generate a random answer for you.

If the form below isn’t working for you, or you’d prefer not to use it, you can also go here.


Round Four: The Bubbettes Family Part 1

This is the start of Round Four of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

07-19-15_12-26 PM

Megera Bubbettes, our neighborhood gardener, has almost perfected her gardening skill. However, there are still plants in the world that she has yet to raise. It was time to start hunting down those seeds.

Selling her practically perfect flowers, herbs and produce, allowed her to take a camping vacation to Granite Falls. She purchased all the supplies she needed- tent, cooler, camping chair, etc… and headed out for a 4 day vacation.

She met Ranger Rez Reis on her first day, and they immediately had a connection. He was outgoing and friendly, and loved the outdoors- just like her!

07-19-15_12-27 PM

During her first couple days, she explored the surrounding area and did some collecting. She continued to run into Rez, and their friendship continued to grow.

07-19-15_12-29 PM

A person in a bear costume also showed up often. The bear was mean and harassed her, and she wanted it to go away.

07-19-15_12-31 PM

She met some people while at the campsite. Campfires were held every evening and she participated. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture any photos! She enjoyed the campfires and met lots of interesting people, but no one she connected with as much as Rez.

I can’t believe I didn’t capture any photos, but she also discovered that Braxton was there…presumably staying in a cabin, and he had a lady friend with him. Megera knew that Braxton had a non-committal streak in him, but she had hoped that she’d “be the one” to change that, you know?

Megera decided it was time to go hiking in the forest. She consulted the map, packed some food, and headed out.

07-19-15_12-57 PM

While she was wondering out in the woods, she ran into Rez again. Inspired by her disappointment in Braxton, Megera made a move on Rez. He wasn’t into it, and gave her the familiar “just friends” conversation.

Feeling a bit defeated, she decided to spend a few hours fishing in the gorgeous clear mountain lake. The fish would make a delicious dinner, and any leftover could be used for fertilizer for her garden back home.

Unfortunately, only a couple hours into the fishing, Rez showed up to chat with a fellow angler. Megera left to explore the woods more.

She hiked for quite a ways when she noticed something hidden in the trees…

07-19-15_1-00 PM

Whoa! What’s that?! Megera’s surprise reflected my own! We decided to explore together.

07-19-15_1-00 PM-3

After navigating through the passage, and making several choices on which direction to go (through the spiderweb? or turn back?). Megera eventually made it to the end of the cave….

07-19-15_3-29 PM

It ended in a gorgeous scene…

07-19-15_3-31 PM-2

…her arrival felt like it should have been accompanied by very dramatic music….like from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…”I want adventure in the great wide, somewhere….I want it more than I can bare…”

07-19-15_3-31 PM

….unblemished beauty. No fellow campers, no Ranger Rez, no stupid fake bears…

07-19-15_3-31 PM-3

07-19-15_3-31 PM-5

….wait…someone lives out here?!?!?….

Up Next: Part 2 of 2!

Aging Problems

One of the small, very minor things I don’t like about the Sims 4 is I’m having trouble making the aging options work for my play style.

I like auto-aging. It seems more realistic. I want the Sims in my neighborhood to grow old.

However, I like to run multiple families. I used to have each family in their own separate save. The Sims 4 only has one save. Now, I do like the fact my Sims from different families can become friends, but it also means that if I have the neighborhood age…the neighbors are aging x times as fast as my Sims where x equals the number of families I have.

For example, Marina’s neighbor/friend/potential love interest aged when I played Marina, but also aged when I played Rebecca and Amanda & Martha. Johnnie, Amanda’s fiancee, turned to an elder while I was visiting other Sims.

I don’t see a way around this except to shut aging off for the rest of the world (my families will still age when I play them). We can age up important people (like childhood friends) if we need to, and adults can just hang out until we have them move-in with my current families (and then they’ll age).

Slightly different note:

I’ve installed the Sims 4 Get to Work!!!! All future posts will be with this expansion installed (except the next Rebecca Brown update on Catnerd).

Sims 4 Challenge: Donny Winklecheeks

The Sims 4 is issuing weekly challenges- this week it was to create a Sim that fit the name “Donny Winklecheeks”.

Here is my submission:



My Donny used to be a stud back in the day, but time has caught up to him. Still, he is a heartbreaker! He aspires to be a serial romantic (dating as many interesting Sims as possible). He is charming, romantic, outgoing and a lover of music. He walks with swagger.

I think I may actually play Donny for a bit!