Who should be Bachelor 4.2?

Which one of these gentlemen should be Bachelor 4.2?

11-15-15_10-50-05 PM

#1. Jordan Edmonds is looking for someone to laugh at his jokes and to have fun with. He is looking for a good friend who will support his career decision to be a comedian.He enjoys reading, going to the gym, comedy, and playing guitar. Sometimes he can be a bit on the jealous side, but perhaps that has something to do with his own insecurities. He is gregarious and makes friends easily. Jordan is interested in both male and female Sims, and is open to the idea of having (or adopting) a child.

11-16-15_12-06-19 PM

#2. Aidan Trevino is looking for someone with a sense of adventure that loves the outdoors. Aidan runs a tech startup where he strives to be a successful businessman so he can afford a comfortable lifestyle. While he loves material goods, he also loves to donate money to charity. When he is home, he can be a of a couch potato, enjoying a nap on the sofa and watching TV. He finds happiness in the happiness of others. In addition to all outdoor activities (such as gardening and fishing), he also enjoys fitness and photography. Jordan is only interested in female Sims, and children aren’t something he currently sees in his future.

11-16-15_1-01-42 PM

#3. Cannon Griffin is looking for someone to love, someone to cuddle with, someone who will appreciate his romantic gestures. A romantic at heart, Cannon desires to live in a grand mansion filled with art and a grand piano, and outside there will be gardens with fountains. He does have a practical side, though, Cannon is very business savvy and intelligent. He has a lot of energy and enjoys exercising. His hobbies include collecting minerals, camping and backyard astronomy. His plans on making his money as an eSports gamer. Cannon is interested in both male and female Sims. He definitely wants at least two children.

11-16-15_1-59-45 PM

#4. Christopher Carbajal is looking for someone who appreciates music. Christopher is not only a huge fan of music, but it is also his profession. Christopher is a cheerful fellow who always looks on the bright side. In addition to being a huge fan of music, he loves computer games and science-fiction. He also likes fixing stuff around the house and shopping. Christopher is only interested in female Sims. He thinks he may want children, someday, maybe.

11-16-15_3-01-59 PM

#5. Stephan Best wants to find his wife and the mother of his future children. Stephan aspires to cultivate a successful family line. He is neat and tidy, and doing household chores make him happy. He is a bit of a glutton…he gets cranky when he is hungry, and enjoys all food. He’s a bro who enjoys hanging out with his boys and watching sports. He is a writer who also enjoys herbalism, going to the spa, and playing the piano. He is mostly interested in females, but doesn’t want to rule anything out, and definitely wants children.


Bachelor 4.2: Call for Contestants!

Newcrest is Safe!

Don’t worry, I’m still playing our lovely community town of Newcrest 100%. You should anticipate an update on Megera Bubbettes soon. However, I am missing the romance and match-making of the Bachelor, also the feeling of accomplishing something (the Bachelor has an ending, unlike Newcrest!) is something I enjoy in the Sims.

A New Bachelor is Afoot!

Therefore, I’m also starting a new Bachelor challenge! You can submit either gender using the below form, but please note the Bachelor will be a male this round. Therefore, if you create a heterosexual male he will not be used this round.

Candidates that are not chosen this round, or are not matched with the Bachelor this round, may appear in subsequent rounds.

The survey is broken into 7 pages, and has been kept to a reasonable length. It’s a bit longer than the Community Town form, but not by much (extra page of Bachelor-specific questions). All questions are optional, so you may skip any questions you don’t want to answer, and I’ll generate a random answer for you.

If the form below isn’t working for you, or you’d prefer not to use it, you can also go here.

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 5 Part A

Author’s Note: Honestly, I have NO idea what happened here, and I am not responsible for it. I let the contestants do their own thing, and just worry about the Bachelor’s needs and wants. I wasn’t even near that section of the house…it was seriously a “wait, why is the grim reaper on the lot?” moment. Sigh. BUT I love a good story, love random events, and hate “exiting without saving” in order to avoid something inconvenient…so…

Host: Last time on the Bachelor, Tanner said “goodbye” to his best friend Anna because the chemistry just wasn’t there. Then…a body was discovered in the pool?!

03-16-15_7-09 PM-2

The ominous music indicated to us that the Grim Reaper had arrived on the lot. We found him next to the pool.

03-16-15_7-10 PM

Tanner was the first to arrive on the scene. He cried and pleaded for the deceased. He did really try, but the Grim Reaper did not see fit to release the body back to our world.

03-16-15_7-09 PM

Rest in peace Stephanie. We don’t know why you were swimming alone at midnight, or why you drowned in pool that had stairs, but we hope there is a life jacket for you in the afterlife.

03-16-15_7-38 PM

Tanner spent a large part of the following day underneath the blankets refusing to come out. We canceled dates until everyone recovered from their sadness.

03-16-15_7-42 PM 03-16-15_7-42 PM-2 03-16-15_7-42 PM-3 03-16-15_7-42 PM-4

There was a lot of mourning in the house. Her epitaph, by the way, includes “Told great monkey jokes.”

03-16-15_7-44 PM 03-16-15_8-07 PM 03-16-15_8-09 PM

Tanner gave himself pep talks, played sad music on the violin (it sounded awful because he doesn’t actually know how to play the violin), and played hopeful music on the guitar.

03-16-15_8-33 PM

Eventually, he began to come around, and the Bachelor was back on.

With only two contestants remaining, we had to jump to the final round of one-on-one cabin dates. We’ll see how those go next time!

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 4 Part C

Host: We’re in the final episode of Round 4 of the Bachelor. Four contestants left- Anna, Stephanie, Steven and Tanya. Anna received the one-on-one last episode. Tonight we have a brunch party and then someone will get sent home!

03-16-15_6-52 PM

Tanner made everyone pancakes for brunch and they all  ate around the table together.

03-16-15_6-54 PM

Tanner entertained everyone by telling jokes. Stephanie joined in.

03-16-15_6-55 PM

And then there was some dancing. Tanya actually IS dancing in this picture. She’s just doing some sort of angry dance, maybe?

With a simple brunch and just a small group, there really wasn’t much excitement in this party.

03-16-15_6-58 PM

Tanner: The decisions are extremely difficult now. I feel a connection with each and every one of you. I have become such good friends with all of you.

03-16-15_7-00 PM


03-16-15_7-00 PM-2


03-16-15_7-01 PM


03-16-15_7-02 PM

Tanner: This is awful. Out of everyone, I have grown the closest to you. I feel like you are my best friend. And I really, really wish there was something there, but….

Anna: I know.

03-16-15_7-03 PM-2

Host: Later that evening….

03-16-15_7-09 PM-2




Tune in next time to see who died in the pool!

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 4 Part A

Host: Welcome to another round of the Bachelor! Last episode, we said goodbye to Madilyn. In this episode, Round 4 starts, only 4 contestants left!

03-02-15_8-38 PM

Anna and Tanner worked together to get the kitchen back in shape after the caterer destroyed it.

03-03-15_8-10 PM

Then, it was off to a group date at the park in Willow Creek.

03-03-15_8-11 PM

Tanya: Well, hello handsome. How are you today?


03-03-15_8-11 PM-3

Tanya: And then it made a face like this!

03-03-15_8-12 PM-2

Tanya: And what did you think of that book? Can you believe who the murder was? I didn’t see that coming!

03-03-15_8-12 PM-3

Tanner: I think we are a good match together. While we have similar interests, our personalities are different enough to ensure the conversation is always interesting.

03-03-15_8-12 PM-5

Tanner: You are going to have to learn to like the Lightning Llamas though.

Tanya: How about if I just don’t complain when you put the games on, and go read a book instead?

03-03-15_8-13 PM

Steven: Aha! I have an idea. What if the Dashing Dromedaries…

03-03-15_8-13 PM-2

Steven: I’ve been thinking about taking up photography.

03-03-15_8-14 PM-3

Steven: You have the nicest eyes. Did you know that?

03-03-15_8-14 PM-5

Tanner: Hmm…maybe you are right. If the Lightning Llamas go up against the Avalanche Alpacas.

03-03-15_8-15 PM-2

Anna: …and it weighed like fifty pounds…

03-03-15_8-15 PM-3

Anna: Grr…mean people make me so angry!

03-03-15_8-15 PM-4

Anna: Well….that didn’t go right…:::nervous laughter:::

03-03-15_8-15 PM-5

Anna: I don’t know. This is such an awkward situation. I really like you, but the flirting just isn’t working.

03-03-15_8-15 PM-6

Tanner: How you doin’?

03-03-15_8-16 PM-2

Tanner: Yeah. I feel like we have a lot in common, lots of the same values, both want families, but….

03-03-15_8-16 PM-3

Tanner: I don’t know. I feel like were more like best friends than in a romantic relationship.

03-03-15_8-17 PM

Stephanie: So, I definitely think I am starting to have some feelings for you.

03-03-15_8-17 PM-3

Stephanie: …with a hippodermic needle!!!….:::laughs:::

03-03-15_8-17 PM-4

Tanner: Yeah, and supposedly there will be a scientist lab being setup as well?

03-03-15_8-17 PM-5

Stephanie: Well finding someone I have a romantic connection with is, like, super important to me.

03-03-15_8-19 PM

Host: The contestants then enjoyed some burgers cooked by Tanner.


03-03-15_8-19 PM-3 03-03-15_8-20 PM

But Tanya left early because she was exhausted and needed to go to bed.

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: House & Bachelor Progress

New Page!: Take a glance at the top of the page. You can now find a “Bachelor” page next to the score page. Clicking on this will take you to an FAQ along with the form links for quick access purposes.

New Menu!: Take a glance to the right. There is now a menu after the “welcome” box called “active series” here is where you can find all the series I am actively working. By clicking this link, you will see all the posts for that particularly series. This allows you to skip straight to your favorite series while bypassing the others.

Status of the Bachelor: I am currently accepting applications for the Bachelor himself, as well as contestants. If you play the Sims 4, you can submit any Sim by using the #opisbachelor. Alternatively, you can fill out any of the forms below regardless of whether or not you play the game. I’ve been working on designing a new Bachelor mansion. Since the building tools in The Sims 4 are so user-friendly, I’ve opted build the mansion from scratch…well, sort of…I am making ample use of the pre-designed rooms!

Here’s a sneak peak of the house:

02-08-15_1-51 PM-2 02-08-15_1-51 PM

And a sneak peak at two of the potential Bachelors…

Bachelor1 Bachelor2

Where are the forms?

1) The Short Form– Click this one if you have no experience with the Sims, have a bit of free time (~15 minutes?), and would like to submit a Sim. Simmers are welcome to use this form as well if they don’t have a premade.

2) The Short Short Form–  Click this one for the very truncated 5 minute version.

3) The Gallery Form– Click this one if you own the Sims 4 and have a Sim on the gallery you wish to submit.

Please let me know if you have any questions or have trouble with the forms. 🙂