Amanda Takes a Romantic Hike

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Last time Amanda went on another camping trip. She brought Johnnie along to convince him that a relationship between them was a good idea.

02-04-15_4-59 PM

After the campfire debacle, Amanda decided to start off slow. They went on a peaceful hike through the woods. They spent a lot of time talking, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

02-04-15_5-01 PM

Then Amanda tossed “slow” out the door and planted one on Johnnie’s lips.

02-04-15_5-03 PM

The rest of the hike was very, very different.

02-04-15_5-05 PM

The stopped to watch the clouds go by- just like they did when they met. Then Amanda asked Johnnie if he’d be her boyfriend and he said “no”.

02-04-15_5-41 PM-2

After that, Amanda went back to being very confused, and taking things slowly.

02-04-15_5-42 PM



They spent the rest of their vacation having fun as friends.

02-04-15_6-38 PM

On the last day, though, Amanda took a big leap of faith, and asked Johnnie to marry her. She wanted to skip over all that other stuff- a Sims lifespan is only so long, you know?

02-04-15_6-38 PM-2

Amazingly, Johnnie said “yes”.

02-04-15_6-38 PM-3

He seemed pretty excited about the whole thing.

02-04-15_6-39 PM

And then they celebrated!

Mod note: In fairness to Amanda…a Sims lifespan is only about ~66 days. That means she’s been courting this guy for the equivalent of 8 human years.


Amanda Goes on Another Vacation!

You can find more Amanda & Martha posts here or click the “Amanda and Martha” tag.

Last time, Amanda returned to the real world a little heart broken, but Johnnie aka “bear” returned to the story. Martha continued pursuing her desire to be as evil as possible.

02-04-15_2-45 PM

Amanda had settled into her work routine, and even be found working from home filling out reports of some kind on the computer.

02-04-15_2-45 PM-2

Martha set fire to herself in the kitchen. She was fine, but the oven needed to be replaced. Amanda came home from working feeling tense from everything and had 2 days off. Additionally, her work gave her a few vacation days at the start of her employment. So…

02-04-15_3-02 PM

Amanda went on vacation again. Amanda actually had a whim to go to Granite Falls, and since she had the vacation days, I let her go. This time, she invited Johnnie with her. She was hoping that he’d be more open to the idea of a relationship in his favorite place- the great outdoors.

02-04-15_3-08 PM

This time Amanda decided to save some money and rented a spot at the campsite instead of the cabin she got last time. She purchased a tent and some other supplies, and set up this comfortable vacation destination.

02-04-15_3-53 PM

The lovely bathrooms weren’t too far away (but still proved inconvenient when you had to use them in the middle of the night!).

02-04-15_3-56 PM 02-04-15_3-55 PM-2

Amanda made shish kebabs on the grill, and her & Johnnie sat down for their first meal together.

02-04-15_3-57 PM

Amanda was tired, so she took a nap on the bench after eating.

02-04-15_3-59 PM

Amanda started a campfire in hopes of attracting some of her neighboring campers to stop by to hangout.

02-04-15_4-00 PM

It worked and she had a good time with some folks whom she hopes to become friends with.

02-04-15_4-02 PM

Things started off well with Johnnie. He was flirting and acting interested.

02-04-15_4-03 PM-2

There was some tickling and cuddling.

02-04-15_4-04 PM

But then she put the moves on him and he once again rejected her. He was nice about it. I think Johnnie just wanted to move more slowly than Amanda did. He was still single and looking for a relationship, and he was clearly into Amanda. They’ve become very good friends, perhaps he wanted to be sure to not risk ruining the relationship?

Amanda Goes to Camp

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01-18-15_7-39 PM

Amanda received a promotion to Head Dishwasher, but she was very gloomy and considering quitting her job. Perhaps it’s her non-committal nature, or the title of Head Dishwater, or the no boyfriend situation. Either way, I decided she needed to go on vacation. Also, because some new vacation-related DLC was released while I was away.

01-18-15_7-41 PM

She went to Riverside Retreat for some fresh air.

01-18-15_7-43 PM

The ranger stopped by to welcome her and give her a warning about bears in the woods.

01-18-15_7-45 PM

At the park, you could rent a cabin like Amanda did, or you could rent a campsite area and pitch a tent. All areas had firepits, fishing holes, and areas to play horseshoes.

01-18-15_8-11 PM


The campfires seemed to scare away all of Amanda’s troubles- she was very tense and gloomy when she arrived.

01-18-15_8-13 PM


We put her into a more appropriate outfit. Even after all the fresh air and change of pace, she still wanted to quit her job. So, I let her call work from camp.

01-18-15_8-16 PM

Her first night she tried to make some friends around the campfire, but nothing really came of that.

01-18-15_8-17 PM

Even after she cooked them all some delicious cheese burgers.

01-18-15_8-19 PM-2

Anyone for some night fishing?

01-18-15_8-52 PM

In second morning she checked out the camp information kiosk and supply shop.

01-18-15_8-54 PM

And then went for a run around the camp since she was feeling energized.

01-18-15_8-58 PM

While wandering through the woods, she was startled by a bear. However, the ranger wandered over and didn’t seem afraid, so Amanda investigated.

01-18-15_9-00 PM

This was actually a man in a bear costume! At first, Amanda was a little weirded-out by this, but he was a very friendly bear.

01-18-15_9-01 PM

They chatted for a long time and became good friends. They laughed over jokes, shared interests and really connected.

01-18-15_9-01 PM-2

By the end of the afternoon, they acted like close friends- perhaps there was something more there?

01-18-15_9-05 PM

Amanda exchanged cell phone numbers with the bear- whose real name was Johnnie. Over the course of the next few days, Amanda would chat on the phone and text Johnnie often.

01-18-15_9-09 PM

When not exploring the woods or participating in campfires, Amanda spent her time reading in her cabin.

01-19-15_3-34 PM

Eventually, she got up enough courage to ask Johnnie to hang out with her at her campsite.

01-19-15_3-35 PM

And he did come over. Unfortunately, he was in a very bad mood. Amanda tried to cheer him up with a flirtatious joke, but that just made everything all awkward.

01-19-15_3-40 PM

She eventually made him feel better with some jokes about monkeys and a few heartfelt compliments. They had an excellent remainder of the day exploring the woods together. At the end of the night, Amanda confessed she was attracted to Johnnie, he responded kindly, but not in-kind. It was a friendly but awkward situation again.

01-19-15_4-16 PM

The next day, Amanda spent much of the day by herself, reading. Until she decided to go sit by the campfire. A very pale man named Dwight joined her. Dwight was being a huge flirt, so Amanda thought perhaps this was her chance, and flirted back. Alas, she just ended up embarrassing herself again- Oh, Amanda!

01-19-15_12-35 PM 01-19-15_12-35 PM-2

She spent her last day hanging out with her new friend, Meg. Now, Amanda is headed back home to start a new career- in business!


Amanda & Martha

If you didn’t read the first post on Amanda and Martha, please head here.

12-20-14_12-30 PM

Christmas has arrived at the home of Amanda Herman and Martha Herman (no relation).

12-20-14_12-31 PM

It doesn’t snow, or even get cold, in Willow Creek, but they put snow decorations up anyway.

12-20-14_12-32 PM

The stereo has been playing lovely holiday music.

12-20-14_12-38 PM

Both Amanda and Martha have been working nights, so breakfast sometimes happens at unusual times. Unlike Amanda, Martha doesn’t like cooking and prefers to have some sugary fruit-flavored cereal.

12-20-14_12-42 PM

Martha has been actively pursuing her lifetime desire to be Public Enemy #1 (of the Greater Willow Creek area). In her free time, she stands outside her home jeering and insulting pedestrians. Occasionally, she convinces one to fight with her.

12-20-14_12-45 PM

Sometimes there are even multiple fight victims on the same day. She keeps a record of them.

12-21-14_10-19 AM

Amanda is a gloomy individual. She can often be found chatting with the folks who answer the Sadness Hotline.

12-21-14_11-12 AM

Or crying herself to sleep under the covers.

12-21-14_10-22 AM

She is continuing to collect children’s toys in hopes of having a baby one day. In fact, she’s pretty focused on that goal.

12-21-14_11-13 AM

She’s even bought a bassinet. Just in case.

12-21-14_11-15 AM

Eliza Pancakes makes the mistake of coming over to the house.

12-21-14_11-16 AM

After insulting her clothing and her mother…

12-21-14_11-18 AM

…Martha manages to make Eliza her next fight victim.

12-21-14_11-18 AM-2

And then declares publicly that Eliza is her enemy!

12-21-14_11-21 AM

Amanda enjoys swimming every day.

12-21-14_11-23 AM

Amanda purchased monkey bars for her future children.

12-21-14_11-25 AM

Eventually, Amanda just decided to take her future family situation into her own hands. She didn’t need a romance, she just wanted a child. So, she dressed up in her party outfit (which looked nothing like I expected, but sometimes, like with small children, it’s fun to let them choose their own clothes) and headed for the local nightclub on her night off while Martha was at work.

12-21-14_11-27 AM

And there she met this guy….Rick? Rich? We can’t remember. He was pretty nice though.

12-21-14_11-35 AM

They danced and flirted, and flirted while dancing (thanks to Sims 4 multitasking, woohoo!).

12-21-14_11-44 AM

They went out behind the club to “chat”.

12-21-14_11-45 AM

And that’s when Amanda made her move.

12-21-14_11-46 AM

She invited him back to her place.

12-21-14_12-05 PM

And she learned he wears his sunglasses to bed.


Amanda Herman & Martha Herman

I accidentally made a household that was randomly generated playable. Since I have the playable ones set to only age when I play them, this house wouldn’t age unless I played them or switched them back. I tried very briefly to switch them back, and when I didn’t see the option immediately I decided to play them. I couldn’t find any information about them in the wiki, so it is my belief these two ladies are randomly generated, if not please let me know.

I was confused by them for a bit…they share a last name, but are not related, nor are they married. They are merely roommates. They don’t resemble each other either. I decided that they must both have the same last name, in a totally unrelated way, met each other, and decided to be roommates.

11-29-14_5-23 PM

Here is the large and lovely house the Hermans live in.

11-29-14_5-25 PM

Here is Amanda on the left cooking some Mac n’ Cheese for dinner, and Martha on the right chatting with her.

11-29-14_5-25 PM-2

Their life goals are very, very different. Amanda wants to have a family, and have that family be successful. Martha wants to be public enemy #1- a famous criminal. One could argue that depending on your definition of success, one could accomplish both these goals…but I don’t think either of them have plans to start a successful family of criminal masterminds.

11-29-14_5-28 PM

Martha is a dastardly and self-assured evil art lover who gets bored listening to Amanda whine about her pathetic life.

11-29-14_5-28 PM-2

Amanda is a domestic and gloomy noncommittal glutton who finds Martha obnoxious and rude.

I have no idea why they are roommates.

11-29-14_5-30 PM

After dinner, it is time for bed.

11-29-14_5-31 PM

Curiously, Martha has let Amanda claim the larger upstairs room with the bigger bed.

11-29-14_5-34 PM

Amanda likes to collect children’s toys. I think she is saving them for her hypothetical future children.

11-29-14_5-34 PM-2

In the morning, Martha stumbles out of the bedroom in her pjs to watch some show on the romance channel.

11-29-14_5-38 PM

While Amanda oversees the installation of a new swimming pool.

11-29-14_5-40 PM

Martha is psyching herself up in the mirror before unleashing herself onto the world.

11-29-14_6-26 PM

While Martha makes plans to go to the park, Amanda invites her friend Finely Beaver (yes, that is her real name) over.

11-29-14_6-28 PM

Martha invades this guy’s private chess session to tell him some jokes.

11-29-14_6-29 PM

And then proceeds to annoy him incessantly.

11-29-14_6-30 PM

While chess man is running away, Martha runs into on of her friends, Adam.

11-29-14_6-30 PM-2

She gives him a hard time and throws out a few insults.

11-29-14_6-32 PM

But he finds it funny…this must be why they are friends.

11-29-14_6-32 PM-3

Then she slaps him- for no reason.

11-29-14_6-32 PM-4 11-29-14_6-32 PM-5

And it all went downhill from there.

11-29-14_6-34 PM

Amanda bought another toy- a llamacorn.

11-29-14_6-35 PM

And then went for an evening dip.