Bachelor 4.3: Episode 6- And then there were 5…


Welcome to the next episode of the Bachelor! Tonight we will say goodbye to one more contestant!02-22-16_1-18-07 PM

Dalton microwaved a pastry for breakfast the morning of ceremony day.

02-22-16_1-23-10 PM

Later in the day, everyone gathered in the ceremony garden for the second elimination. Everyone seemed worried, except for Sabrina.

02-22-16_1-23-47 PM

Her confidence was not unfounded, Sabrina’s name was the first to be called.

Dalton: Sabrina, I think we have similar values in life. You are not only beautiful, but you have a beautiful soul too. Will you please accept this invitation to move on to round three?

02-22-16_1-24-40 PM

Dalton: From the moment I met you, Karissa, I felt the connection. I think we have a lot of chemistry that is worth exploring. Will you please accept this invitation to the next round?

02-22-16_1-25-20 PM

As Karissa joins Sabrina, we all wonder who the third choice will be…

02-22-16_1-26-34 PM

Dalton: Penelope, will you join this next round? I feel like I haven’t really gotten to know you yet, but I find you intriguing and would like to get to know you.

02-22-16_1-29-12 PM

Raven obviously feels that she deserved a higher place than Penelope.

02-22-16_1-26-56 PM

Only two more contestants will move on to the next round…

02-22-16_1-27-54 PM

Dalton: Simone, I find you attractive and I think their is potential here. Will you please join me in the next round?

02-22-16_1-29-13 PM

02-22-16_1-28-19 PM

Dalton: And my final choice is Erica. I feel like we have lot of similar interests and like we could have a great time together.

02-22-16_1-29-09 PM

I’m sure Raven is disappointed, but we sincerely hope to see her in the next season!

02-22-16_1-28-54 PM

And these are our round 3 participants!




Bachelor 4.3: Episode #5-Incognito


Welcome to tonight’s episode of the Bachelor! We are looking to find a romantic match for Dalton Montgomery who only likes to eat grilled cheese when it’s raining (sung to the tune of 3am by Matchbox20).

02-09-16_11-29-21 AM

Dalton decided he needed to know more about Sabrina. He sensed they had similar values (both very kind, caring and good), but he needed to know if there was chemistry.

02-09-16_11-32-31 AM

For the round 2 one-on-one, Dalton took Sabrina to a cafe.

02-09-16_11-33-32 AM

Sabrina enjoyed talking about dollhouses.

02-09-16_11-33-41 AM

And dinosaurs. And when dinosaurs attack dollhouses.

02-09-16_11-33-47 AM

And robots. Sabrina likes toys, it seems.

02-09-16_11-34-01 AM

They chatted about art…

02-09-16_11-35-24 AM

…and discussed their favorite foods.

02-09-16_11-35-29 AM

There was also much flirting. Overall, the date seemed pretty successful.

02-09-16_11-25-36 AM

The following morning Dalton enjoyed some sports TV with his breakfast. After, he began preparations for that evenings Incognito Party.

02-09-16_1-50-18 PM

Dalton was dressed as a maid, Karissa went all out with an astronaut costume.

02-09-16_1-51-05 PM

Raven was also a maid.

02-09-16_1-53-19 PM

Penelope was the bravest of them all- look at that clown costume!

For once, no one was a hot dog.

02-09-16_1-53-10 PM

They mainly spent time in the kitchen, chatting and eating food.

02-09-16_2-02-06 PM

This was a pretty mild, no-drama round. Perhaps things will heat up soon!

Next time: The second elimination!

Any guesses as to who will be on the chopping block? Post in the comments!



BACHELOR 4.3: EPISODE 3- The First Elimination


Welcome to the Bachelor version 4 where we attempt to find a life partner for some of those lonely Sims out there!

So far in Round 1, our bachelor has been introduced to all his contestants, and he’s had a 1 on 1 with Simone. In this episode, the Bachelor will host a house party where he’ll continue to get to know the contestants.

02-07-16_2-54-22 PM

The party before the first elimination ceremony took place at the Bachelor mansion and everyone dressed up in their party attire.

02-07-16_2-57-48 PM

02-07-16_2-55-16 PM

There was a lot of dancing.

02-07-16_2-59-10 PM

And some food was served. The Bachelor made sure to interact with all the contestants at least once, but after that they were free to carry on as they pleased.

The following day was the FIRST elimination round. Everyone was on edge…who was going to stay through to round 2?

02-07-16_8-05-40 PM

Everyone gathered in the ceremony garden just outside the house.

02-07-16_8-10-54 PM

Dalton select the first contestant to stay…Karissa….not a surprise.

02-07-16_8-10-32 PM

The second contest was Erica…

02-07-16_8-12-05 PM

Simone was called as the third contestant to move on to round two.

02-07-16_8-13-58 PM

Sabrina was called as the fourth contestant.

02-07-16_8-16-41 PM

Only two more to go!

02-07-16_8-14-53 PM

The fifth contestant was…

02-07-16_8-15-44 PM


02-07-16_8-16-59 PM

And who will the final contestant staying in this round be? Raven or Ansuya? Raven came on too strong with the Bachelor and he wasn’t impressed with her materialistic values. He had a good conversation with Ansuya that first evening, but their connection has really developed further since that first night.

Dalton: “It was a very difficult and close decision.”

02-07-16_8-17-59 PM


02-07-16_8-20-36 PM

We are all surprised and a bit saddened by this. Ansuya was interesting and had a lot of personality, and we wanted to know more. But, you can’t force love, and the magic just wasn’t there. We hope to see Ansuya in another Bachelor series soon!

02-07-16_8-19-09 PM

The six contestants moving into round 2!

How do you feel about the results of the elimination? Share your thoughts in the comments!





Bachelor 4.3: Contestant #7

Sign-ups for Bachelor 4.3 are closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Anyone who did not make the cut will be eligible to participate in the next round. I’ll store your Sims & data until then.

Here is our FINAL contestant….

Simone Bustleton is on the hunt for her soulmate. She aspires to someday live in a gorgeous mansion. Simone enjoys making friends, fancy dinner parties, shopping, dancing and trips to the spa.

11-23-15_2-17-07 PM

Simone’s career focus is art. While she is an artist herself, she’d prefer to be a patron of the arts…admiring the works of others and helping artists succeed.Simone is confident, incredibly tidy in both appearance and her household, and has high standards for everything in life.

11-23-15_2-16-58 PM

Simone knows she deserves the perfect man for her, and will give Cannon the chance to prove his worthiness. She’s a princess, and deserves a fairy tale life complete with a loving, romantic, sexy husband, and a luxurious mansion.

Simone was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)

Bachelor 4.3: Contestant #4

We are still accepting submissions for Bachelor 4.3. This Bachelor strongly prefers female contestants, so female contestants will be given preference for the sign-ups in this competition.

To submit a contestant, go here. The submission form is roughly the same as last time with a few tweaks for clarity and I rehashed the Bachelor-contest specific section.

Submissions will close TONIGHT- Saturday @ midnight eastern USA.

Here’s our fourth contestant for the Bachelor….meet Sabrina Holland.

12-01-15_11-22-54 AM

Sabrina is searching for her one true love, but knows you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince. Sabrina is outgoing, cheerful, kind and caring. She loves people and enjoys spending time with friends.

12-01-15_11-22-45 AM

She loves cooking for herself and for others. She works in the culinary industry.

Sabrina was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)

Computer Meltdown

My computer has been suffering from some hardware issues for months…something is loose or corrupt, but I can’t afford to fix it at the moment, so I’ve been limping along with hack fixes that make things tolerable. My computer had a bit of a meltdown in early fall which was remedied with a system recovery of the partition containing Windows. Last time, I had the opportunity to copy my Sims files before the recovery.

This weekend I had to do another recovery, but there was no getting in to save the Sims files beforehand. Unlike games on Steam, my saves are not backed up on Origin, so I lost everything. Disappointingly, not even the “my library” part of the gallery saves…so I lost all my Sims too, which I didn’t think would happen…I thought they were online in the gallery, and therefore safe. Until, I realized the library was gone, I had planned on just setting up the challenges over again. But now, I will have to rebuild each Sim from scratch. This will not only take awhile, but the ones that are built entirely from scratch will look different as my skill in Sim building is mediocre. The ones that I downloaded from other Sim users will look the same.

I feel like this is likely more frustrating for you, my dear reader, who has to keep filling out surveys over and over again with promises of completed challenges that are not fulfilled. I enjoy clean slates, so I may not be quite as annoyed as you.

What should I do?

  • Rebuild the existing challenges to the best of my ability using the data supplied in the surveys and my memory. The Community Town will have to be restarted, but with the same characters.
  • Start the existing challenges over again, allowing people to resubmit characters but also add in new ones. I’ll tweak the rules and the forms based on what I learned from the existing challenges.
  • Start shorter challenges that still require Sims, but can be completed quickly, and only do one at a time. For example, the 7-contestant Bachelor challenge is resolved in a few weeks, and I’ve completed many of those.
  • Refrain from challenges requiring reader-submitted Sims until my computer issues are resolved (hopefully by the summer). Instead, do stories with Sim created by me such as Legacy challenge, or short challenges involving one Sim reaching certain goals, etc..

Of course, I will take into account my preferences, but I really want to know what you would like to most read/participate in. Thank you! Feel free to leave a comment sharing your favorite type of challenge to read, or favorite story of mine, if you’ve been here awhile.


Bachelor Contestant #2: Tessa

As I mentioned in my last post, I was distracted over Thanksgiving break by the presence of my husband…he likes to play computer games too!

Now, let’s meet our second contestant…

Tessa Marsh likes to have a good time, and she’s signed up for the Bachelor because it promises to be one.

11-30-15_1-33-42 PM.png

Tessa brings her love of partying to the next level- into her career- as a professional mixologist. Tessa’s life goal, however, is to create as much mischief and trouble as possible. She likes to mix things up, cause drama, and be in the center of attention.

11-30-15_1-33-34 PM


Tessa does have a nerdy side…she’s very intelligent and loves to read. She also loves camping and backyard cookouts.

She’s not entirely certain she’s ready for a committed relationship, but when she had the opportunity to apply for the Bachelor she said, “Why not? Should be fun!”.

Tessa was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)