Tanya & Tanner: After the Bachelor Challenge

It’s time to check in with the Bachelor and his new wife, Tanya from my first Sims 4 Bachelor Challenge.

04-01-15_5-57 PM

I think this may be Tanya’s work uniform, or she went shopping without me. It don’t understand the hat. Anyway, Tanya & Tanner are as affectionate as ever.

04-01-15_6-28 PM-6

Tanner does most of the cooking, but they often eat together at this counter.

04-01-15_6-28 PM-2


Tanner does a great job of getting Tanya out of her sad moods.

04-01-15_6-51 PM

Their evenings are often spent like this…Tanner practicing music while Tanya is reading. He is working as an entertainer, and she has a job as a writer.

04-01-15_7-23 PM-2

See? Every evening!

04-01-15_7-26 PM

On the weekend, Tanya practices her logic skill through reading books about the subject and playing chess.

04-01-15_8-30 PM

Tanner started a friendship with this guy, Tim, whom I refer to as the man in the pink hat.

04-01-15_9-18 PM

Tanya got a promotion, which earned her a computer! Hmm…I think this might mean Marina has had a free computer sitting in her inventory for quite sometime. I need to check.


Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 5 Part C

Host: It is the final garden ceremony on this season of the Bachelor! Last episode our Bachelor went on 24-hour dates with Steven and Tanya. Will he propose to one today?

03-17-15_9-47 PM

Tanner: Steven, I have had a great time hanging out with. We have a lot in common, and we’ve become really good friends. You are smart, funny and kind. You root for the llamas.

03-17-15_9-47 PM-3


But..my feelings are stronger for someone else. I hope you understand.

Steven: Of course. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you. And I think you are absolutely wonderful and like we could have had something. But I don’t want to be someone’s second choice, so I totally respect your decision.

Tanner: I wish you mountains of happiness. I know you will find someone perfect for you.

03-17-15_9-52 PM

Tanner: So…Tanya…I know this process has been strange. And I know it’s been an uncomfortable journey for you.

03-17-15_9-52 PM-2

We may not have a bunch in common, but I think we have enough to make it work. I think we complement each other well. You can sometimes be a bit gloomy, and I can be there to cheer you up. You can get me to step away from the sports games on TV and read a good book. 

03-17-15_9-52 PM-3

So, will you be my wife?

Tanya: Of course! Yes, yes, yes!

03-17-15_9-53 PM-2

03-17-15_9-53 PM-3

Tanner: Maybe I should put you down…

03-17-15_9-53 PM

Host: And now scenes from their wedding…

03-18-15_6-34 PM 03-18-15_6-34 PM-2 03-18-15_6-38 PM 03-18-15_6-40 PM

Author’s Note: And that’s the end of my first Bachelor challenge in the Sims 4! Thank you all for following along, and special thanks to those of you who participated! I’m certain I will do another Bachelor challenge in the future, but likely not until this summer or fall after I am settled in from my big move to another state! Want to continue to follow Tanner & Tanya’s story? I’ll be posting regular updates of them, as well as continuing to post episodes from Amanda & Martha; Community Sim Marina; and CS #3.

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 5 Part B

Host: After a substantial grieving period for the loss of a contestant, the Bachelor challenge is back on track with our two final contestants participating in one-on-one overnight cabin dates!

03-17-15_6-30 PM-2

After a bit of conversation and some flirting, Steven wandered off to take a nap while Tanner took a shower.

03-17-15_6-31 PM

Fire: crackle crackle snap pop crackle

03-17-15_6-36 PM

Steven: It’s really beautiful out here.

Tanner: Yeah. I had a great time playing horseshoes earlier today.

03-17-15_7-05 PM

Tanner: This show is insane. She’s never seen him outside the bear costume. How are they dating?

03-17-15_7-05 PM-2

03-17-15_7-06 PM

Host: Before starting his next date. Tanner went back to the mansion.

03-17-15_8-07 PM

Where they ghost of Stephanie made an appearance. We’ve never had a haunted Bachelor Mansion before!

The final date was with Tanya…

03-17-15_8-15 PM

Tanner: That one is totally a schoolbus.

Tanya: No, no, no…that’s an elephant.

03-17-15_8-17 PM

Tanner: Let’s see if we can get the cabin in the background.

03-17-15_8-38 PM

03-17-15_8-41 PM

03-17-15_8-44 PM

Host: Tanner made fish tacos for dinner.

03-17-15_9-27 PM

Tanner and Tanya got some practice being domestic together.

03-17-15_9-28 PM-2

Romance in the kitchen.

03-17-15_9-29 PM

Well, he’s certainly smitten.

03-17-15_9-29 PM-2

Tanner was a little confused about where this joke was headed…

03-17-15_9-29 PM-3

But it all worked out.

03-17-15_9-30 PM

And Tanya showed off her back massage skills.

Who will Tanner choose? Steven or Tanya? Will he propose? Find out on the next episode!

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 5 Part A

Author’s Note: Honestly, I have NO idea what happened here, and I am not responsible for it. I let the contestants do their own thing, and just worry about the Bachelor’s needs and wants. I wasn’t even near that section of the house…it was seriously a “wait, why is the grim reaper on the lot?” moment. Sigh. BUT I love a good story, love random events, and hate “exiting without saving” in order to avoid something inconvenient…so…

Host: Last time on the Bachelor, Tanner said “goodbye” to his best friend Anna because the chemistry just wasn’t there. Then…a body was discovered in the pool?!

03-16-15_7-09 PM-2

The ominous music indicated to us that the Grim Reaper had arrived on the lot. We found him next to the pool.

03-16-15_7-10 PM

Tanner was the first to arrive on the scene. He cried and pleaded for the deceased. He did really try, but the Grim Reaper did not see fit to release the body back to our world.

03-16-15_7-09 PM

Rest in peace Stephanie. We don’t know why you were swimming alone at midnight, or why you drowned in pool that had stairs, but we hope there is a life jacket for you in the afterlife.

03-16-15_7-38 PM

Tanner spent a large part of the following day underneath the blankets refusing to come out. We canceled dates until everyone recovered from their sadness.

03-16-15_7-42 PM 03-16-15_7-42 PM-2 03-16-15_7-42 PM-3 03-16-15_7-42 PM-4

There was a lot of mourning in the house. Her epitaph, by the way, includes “Told great monkey jokes.”

03-16-15_7-44 PM 03-16-15_8-07 PM 03-16-15_8-09 PM

Tanner gave himself pep talks, played sad music on the violin (it sounded awful because he doesn’t actually know how to play the violin), and played hopeful music on the guitar.

03-16-15_8-33 PM

Eventually, he began to come around, and the Bachelor was back on.

With only two contestants remaining, we had to jump to the final round of one-on-one cabin dates. We’ll see how those go next time!

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 4 Part C

Host: We’re in the final episode of Round 4 of the Bachelor. Four contestants left- Anna, Stephanie, Steven and Tanya. Anna received the one-on-one last episode. Tonight we have a brunch party and then someone will get sent home!

03-16-15_6-52 PM

Tanner made everyone pancakes for brunch and they all  ate around the table together.

03-16-15_6-54 PM

Tanner entertained everyone by telling jokes. Stephanie joined in.

03-16-15_6-55 PM

And then there was some dancing. Tanya actually IS dancing in this picture. She’s just doing some sort of angry dance, maybe?

With a simple brunch and just a small group, there really wasn’t much excitement in this party.

03-16-15_6-58 PM

Tanner: The decisions are extremely difficult now. I feel a connection with each and every one of you. I have become such good friends with all of you.

03-16-15_7-00 PM


03-16-15_7-00 PM-2


03-16-15_7-01 PM


03-16-15_7-02 PM

Tanner: This is awful. Out of everyone, I have grown the closest to you. I feel like you are my best friend. And I really, really wish there was something there, but….

Anna: I know.

03-16-15_7-03 PM-2

Host: Later that evening….

03-16-15_7-09 PM-2




Tune in next time to see who died in the pool!

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 4 Part B

Author Notes: Things are a little chaotic over here since I am moving to another state- selling a house, buying a house, and moving in general are a lot of work! I was away last week house-hunting, but I am back. I am SUPER into the Sims right now thanks to the upcoming release of the next expansion. My time is the only thing that is keeping me from playing and posting. I’m going to try posting more on the Facebook page so you know when to anticipate a new post. So, be sure to check out that page. If you already “like” the page and haven’t seen the posts recently, it’s likely because FB is hiding them due to the low fan count and lack of activity on the posts, so stop by and leave a comment!

Host: Welcome back to the Bachelor! On our last episode our final four contestants went on a group date. Who will get this week’s one on one? First we look at their day off…

03-03-15_8-50 PM 03-03-15_8-50 PM-2

Tanya: We should consider eating healthier breakfasts.

03-03-15_9-14 PM

03-03-15_9-16 PM

Host: Tanner likes hugs, and he was apparently in a “huggy” mood today.

03-03-15_9-19 PM 03-03-15_9-20 PM

03-03-15_9-21 PM

03-01-15_12-44 PM

Host: And now it’s time for the one-on-one

03-08-15_2-39 PM

Anna and Tanner went to a nightclub. They started off with some dancing.

03-08-15_2-41 PM

And followed it up with drinks at the bar.

03-08-15_2-42 PM

Tanner: I really like this song :::dances in seat:::

03-08-15_2-44 PM

Tanner (to the bartender): So how long have you been mixing for this place?

03-08-15_2-45 PM-2

Anna: I heard the Llamas did well last night…

03-08-15_2-45 PM-3

Tanner: So…what sort of movies do you like to watch?

03-08-15_2-45 PM-4

03-08-15_2-45 PM-5

Anna: Did you see the guy outside with the purple hat?

03-02-15_8-38 PM

Host: After hanging out at the bar for awhile, Anna and Tanner came home and cleaned the kitchen.

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 4 Part A

Host: Welcome to another round of the Bachelor! Last episode, we said goodbye to Madilyn. In this episode, Round 4 starts, only 4 contestants left!

03-02-15_8-38 PM

Anna and Tanner worked together to get the kitchen back in shape after the caterer destroyed it.

03-03-15_8-10 PM

Then, it was off to a group date at the park in Willow Creek.

03-03-15_8-11 PM

Tanya: Well, hello handsome. How are you today?


03-03-15_8-11 PM-3

Tanya: And then it made a face like this!

03-03-15_8-12 PM-2

Tanya: And what did you think of that book? Can you believe who the murder was? I didn’t see that coming!

03-03-15_8-12 PM-3

Tanner: I think we are a good match together. While we have similar interests, our personalities are different enough to ensure the conversation is always interesting.

03-03-15_8-12 PM-5

Tanner: You are going to have to learn to like the Lightning Llamas though.

Tanya: How about if I just don’t complain when you put the games on, and go read a book instead?

03-03-15_8-13 PM

Steven: Aha! I have an idea. What if the Dashing Dromedaries…

03-03-15_8-13 PM-2

Steven: I’ve been thinking about taking up photography.

03-03-15_8-14 PM-3

Steven: You have the nicest eyes. Did you know that?

03-03-15_8-14 PM-5

Tanner: Hmm…maybe you are right. If the Lightning Llamas go up against the Avalanche Alpacas.

03-03-15_8-15 PM-2

Anna: …and it weighed like fifty pounds…

03-03-15_8-15 PM-3

Anna: Grr…mean people make me so angry!

03-03-15_8-15 PM-4

Anna: Well….that didn’t go right…:::nervous laughter:::

03-03-15_8-15 PM-5

Anna: I don’t know. This is such an awkward situation. I really like you, but the flirting just isn’t working.

03-03-15_8-15 PM-6

Tanner: How you doin’?

03-03-15_8-16 PM-2

Tanner: Yeah. I feel like we have a lot in common, lots of the same values, both want families, but….

03-03-15_8-16 PM-3

Tanner: I don’t know. I feel like were more like best friends than in a romantic relationship.

03-03-15_8-17 PM

Stephanie: So, I definitely think I am starting to have some feelings for you.

03-03-15_8-17 PM-3

Stephanie: …with a hippodermic needle!!!….:::laughs:::

03-03-15_8-17 PM-4

Tanner: Yeah, and supposedly there will be a scientist lab being setup as well?

03-03-15_8-17 PM-5

Stephanie: Well finding someone I have a romantic connection with is, like, super important to me.

03-03-15_8-19 PM

Host: The contestants then enjoyed some burgers cooked by Tanner.


03-03-15_8-19 PM-3 03-03-15_8-20 PM

But Tanya left early because she was exhausted and needed to go to bed.