Martin Bowling: Episode 11

If you haven’t read about Martin Bowling before, go here. If you are looking for the most recent posts concerning Martin, go here.

As you may recall from our last episode, Martin’s family moved to Willow Creek into a more suitable home for their size family. Both Jade and Martin were struggling to get promotions at work. Martin and Jade were beginning to feel their age and the twins are a handful.

02-16-16_8-49-18 PM

The kids sometimes went to the park after school to play before heading home.

02-16-16_8-36-14 PM

Here is a typical weekday afternoon at the Bowling house before Martin and Jade get home from work. Benjamin is dancing to the music (just like his parents!), Isaac is focused on his homework (he is slightly more studious than the other two), and Raelyn is seeing how fast she can type on the computer.

02-19-16_2-19-08 PM

All too soon, we were throwing a birthday party for Benjamin. The few remaining Martineers (many have passed away) were in attendance along with Salvador (Isaac’s best friend) and Damien, of course (Benjamin’s best friend).

02-19-16_2-18-23 PM

It was time for Benjamin to transition into a teenager…what would his grown-up aspiration be?

02-19-16_2-19-23 PM

02-19-16_2-21-59 PM

Benjamin’s aspiration is Party Animal…he wants to throw and attend awesome parties. Benjamin is gregarious, outgoing and childish (but in a good way).

02-19-16_2-25-29 PM

Morgan, Damien, Jade and Benjamin played cards during the party.

02-19-16_10-51-10 AM

Jade has been trying to play more games to improve her critical thinking skills, which she needs to get promoted.

02-20-16_12-33-08 PM

Eventually, Jade buys a chess table to focus on her skills even more. Still no promotion, though.

02-20-16_8-53-18 PM

The kids are tired and bored after coming home from school.

02-20-16_2-32-14 PM

Both the sink and the fridge are broken, and all of Martin’s next paycheck will be going towards their repair.

02-20-16_2-37-53 PM

02-20-16_8-54-39 PM

Benjamin agrees to watch a kid movie with his younger siblings…he likes that sort of thing.

02-20-16_4-09-15 PM

Raelyn had an embarrassing day at school, and she tells Jade all about it that night.

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Bachelor Challenge 4.3: Contestant #6

Sign-ups for Bachelor 4.3 are closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Anyone who did not make the cut will be eligible to participate in the next round. I’ll store your Sims & data until then.

And here with have contestant six…Raven Arnett

01-31-16_2-25-18 PM

Raven is looking to meet her (preferably wealthy) future husband. Raven desires to live in a gorgeous mansion someday. She’s interested in turning her mansion into a home…making sure it’s perfectly decorated, full of life, brimming with beautiful art and that grounds are well-maintained.

Raven has a refined taste and prefers to surround herself with other people who do as well. She enjoys having the best of everything. She’s a perfectionist and likes everything to be in order, aesthetically-pleasing, and done right.

01-31-16_2-25-24 PM

Her hobbies include staying healthy with fitness and going to the spa.

Raven was created by terryscf.

Martin Bowling: Episode 6

If you haven’t read about Martin Bowling before, go here. If you are looking for the most recent posts concerning Martin, go here.

We need more contestants for the Bachelor!!! Go here to submit one.

01-09-16_2-19-06 PM

It was Martin’s birthday and he threw a party. Martin always prefers to see the best in people, and to give the benefit of the doubt. He invited Jade over to the party.

01-09-16_2-19-08 PM

He did noticed that he spent a lot of time entertaining his friends and playing host…and not spending time with her. So, perhaps he shouldn’t have been so disappointed by their interactions during her party.

01-09-16_2-20-05 PM

She got a long great with his friends. Like him, she liked all sorts of people.

01-09-16_4-52-22 PM

Later that week, he took her on a date…to the bluffs where they first met. They had a fabulous time. At the end of which, he proposed. Jade said yes.

The ceremony was at the Island Bluffs, of course.

01-10-16_3-15-04 PM

There was dancing.

01-10-16_3-09-55 PM

And swimming.

01-10-16_3-07-25 PM

I love how Eliza got a drink that matches her dress!

01-10-16_3-08-26 PM

There was a chocolate fountain.

01-10-16_3-09-32 PM

Jade somehow ended up with two drinks!

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The newest stuff pack is finally on Amazon. I have an Amazon gift card I got for Christmas, so I can get it! Movies and popcorn for my Sims! I think the Martineers will LOVE a movie night.

Hmm…Martin is getting pretty old now- he’s already transitioned to adult. If we want to make this a Legacy, we are going to need to pop out some little Martins soon!!!


Martin Bowling: Episode 1

While I’m waiting for you folks to decide the immediate future of the content on this blog, I still wanted to play something. So, I made Martin Bowling.

12-29-15_8-41-08 AM

Martin is average. He’s a bit chubby, wears glasses, has freckles and a receding hairline, and his fashion sense…well, he likes to dress sensibly.

12-29-15_8-41-04 AM

Martin is clumsy, awkward and a bit squeamish (camping, bugs, and sweat are not things he enjoys). He is quite sociable, however, and enjoys the company of others. He loves people and making people happy. He’s a genuinely good guy. Martin desires to not only fit in, but to find a group of people he can truly connect with and be at the center of it. He is tired of being on the sidelines, the third wheel on his friends dates, and only being invited to parties that everyone is invited to.

Martin's house.png

That’s why Martin moved to Windenberg. Not only would he get a fresh start in a new town, but Windenberg was known for its sense of community. Supposedly, there was always something going on in Windenberg.

12-29-15_10-09-13 AM

Martin took a job at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated as a mailroom technician, and moved into a small house near the center of town.

12-29-15_10-14-01 AM

Shortly, after moving into his new one bedroom home, four of his neighbors came over to welcome him to the neighborhood. Starting from the left: Marcus, Eva, Jade and Paolo.

12-29-15_10-15-18 AM

Eva didn’t say much to him, she mainly chatted with everyone else. Marcus and Paolo were nice enough, but Martin wasn’t hopeful that he’d fit into this friend group. They were part of a club called “Power House”, who spent their time working out and comparing muscle mass…not something Martin was remotely interested in.

12-29-15_10-15-03 AM

Jade was different. She seemed warm and friendly. Martin also found her very attractive. Still, they didn’t seem to have much in common.

Martin did appreciate the warm welcome, though. And was pleased with the fruitcake he left them.

12-29-15_1-18-27 PM

Actually, Martin would’ve appreciated any food. He went from a home where his mother cooked all the meals, to a college where meals were prepared for him. Consequently, he had no cooking skills at all. After a failed attempt to make eggs and toast the following morning, he resorted to having the fruitcake instead.

Martin story takes an interesting turn soon, so I encourage you to check back again tomorrow evening for another update!

Contestant #7: Kieran Ross

Contest #7 is ready to join!

Kieran Ross has been hiding in the shadows of his work for a few years, and when this showed up and he saw the opportunity for both genders to apply, he quickly snatched his chance.

12-07-15_5-21-17 PM.png

Kieran dreams of being a best-selling author, but he’d also like to find his one true love. Kieran loves reading almost as much as he loves writing. He’s romantic and likes to be inspired, but his sensitive side is balanced with a distinct “bro” attitude.

12-07-15_5-21-13 PM

Besides reading and writing, he also enjoys comedy, watching TV, shopping, swimming and meditating.


Who should be Bachelor 4.2?

Which one of these gentlemen should be Bachelor 4.2?

11-15-15_10-50-05 PM

#1. Jordan Edmonds is looking for someone to laugh at his jokes and to have fun with. He is looking for a good friend who will support his career decision to be a comedian.He enjoys reading, going to the gym, comedy, and playing guitar. Sometimes he can be a bit on the jealous side, but perhaps that has something to do with his own insecurities. He is gregarious and makes friends easily. Jordan is interested in both male and female Sims, and is open to the idea of having (or adopting) a child.

11-16-15_12-06-19 PM

#2. Aidan Trevino is looking for someone with a sense of adventure that loves the outdoors. Aidan runs a tech startup where he strives to be a successful businessman so he can afford a comfortable lifestyle. While he loves material goods, he also loves to donate money to charity. When he is home, he can be a of a couch potato, enjoying a nap on the sofa and watching TV. He finds happiness in the happiness of others. In addition to all outdoor activities (such as gardening and fishing), he also enjoys fitness and photography. Jordan is only interested in female Sims, and children aren’t something he currently sees in his future.

11-16-15_1-01-42 PM

#3. Cannon Griffin is looking for someone to love, someone to cuddle with, someone who will appreciate his romantic gestures. A romantic at heart, Cannon desires to live in a grand mansion filled with art and a grand piano, and outside there will be gardens with fountains. He does have a practical side, though, Cannon is very business savvy and intelligent. He has a lot of energy and enjoys exercising. His hobbies include collecting minerals, camping and backyard astronomy. His plans on making his money as an eSports gamer. Cannon is interested in both male and female Sims. He definitely wants at least two children.

11-16-15_1-59-45 PM

#4. Christopher Carbajal is looking for someone who appreciates music. Christopher is not only a huge fan of music, but it is also his profession. Christopher is a cheerful fellow who always looks on the bright side. In addition to being a huge fan of music, he loves computer games and science-fiction. He also likes fixing stuff around the house and shopping. Christopher is only interested in female Sims. He thinks he may want children, someday, maybe.

11-16-15_3-01-59 PM

#5. Stephan Best wants to find his wife and the mother of his future children. Stephan aspires to cultivate a successful family line. He is neat and tidy, and doing household chores make him happy. He is a bit of a glutton…he gets cranky when he is hungry, and enjoys all food. He’s a bro who enjoys hanging out with his boys and watching sports. He is a writer who also enjoys herbalism, going to the spa, and playing the piano. He is mostly interested in females, but doesn’t want to rule anything out, and definitely wants children.

Bachelor 4.2: Call for Contestants!

Newcrest is Safe!

Don’t worry, I’m still playing our lovely community town of Newcrest 100%. You should anticipate an update on Megera Bubbettes soon. However, I am missing the romance and match-making of the Bachelor, also the feeling of accomplishing something (the Bachelor has an ending, unlike Newcrest!) is something I enjoy in the Sims.

A New Bachelor is Afoot!

Therefore, I’m also starting a new Bachelor challenge! You can submit either gender using the below form, but please note the Bachelor will be a male this round. Therefore, if you create a heterosexual male he will not be used this round.

Candidates that are not chosen this round, or are not matched with the Bachelor this round, may appear in subsequent rounds.

The survey is broken into 7 pages, and has been kept to a reasonable length. It’s a bit longer than the Community Town form, but not by much (extra page of Bachelor-specific questions). All questions are optional, so you may skip any questions you don’t want to answer, and I’ll generate a random answer for you.

If the form below isn’t working for you, or you’d prefer not to use it, you can also go here.