Teaser: John Smith

It may be a few days before you’ll see our next Community Town update. I wasn’t able to play yesterday due to an unexpected yet lengthy errand in the evening. I have additional (planned!) errands to run this evening, so I don’t anticipate being able to play a full week.

Given that, I thought I’d leave you with a teaser for the next household who will be joining the neighborhood… The Smith Family by Spackles!

07-06-15_10-38 PM 07-06-15_10-39 PM 07-06-15_10-38 PM-2

I think he came out rather handsome…


Aging Problems

One of the small, very minor things I don’t like about the Sims 4 is I’m having trouble making the aging options work for my play style.

I like auto-aging. It seems more realistic. I want the Sims in my neighborhood to grow old.

However, I like to run multiple families. I used to have each family in their own separate save. The Sims 4 only has one save. Now, I do like the fact my Sims from different families can become friends, but it also means that if I have the neighborhood age…the neighbors are aging x times as fast as my Sims where x equals the number of families I have.

For example, Marina’s neighbor/friend/potential love interest aged when I played Marina, but also aged when I played Rebecca and Amanda & Martha. Johnnie, Amanda’s fiancee, turned to an elder while I was visiting other Sims.

I don’t see a way around this except to shut aging off for the rest of the world (my families will still age when I play them). We can age up important people (like childhood friends) if we need to, and adults can just hang out until we have them move-in with my current families (and then they’ll age).

Slightly different note:

I’ve installed the Sims 4 Get to Work!!!! All future posts will be with this expansion installed (except the next Rebecca Brown update on Catnerd).

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 5 Part B

Host: After a substantial grieving period for the loss of a contestant, the Bachelor challenge is back on track with our two final contestants participating in one-on-one overnight cabin dates!

03-17-15_6-30 PM-2

After a bit of conversation and some flirting, Steven wandered off to take a nap while Tanner took a shower.

03-17-15_6-31 PM

Fire: crackle crackle snap pop crackle

03-17-15_6-36 PM

Steven: It’s really beautiful out here.

Tanner: Yeah. I had a great time playing horseshoes earlier today.

03-17-15_7-05 PM

Tanner: This show is insane. She’s never seen him outside the bear costume. How are they dating?

03-17-15_7-05 PM-2

03-17-15_7-06 PM

Host: Before starting his next date. Tanner went back to the mansion.

03-17-15_8-07 PM

Where they ghost of Stephanie made an appearance. We’ve never had a haunted Bachelor Mansion before!

The final date was with Tanya…

03-17-15_8-15 PM

Tanner: That one is totally a schoolbus.

Tanya: No, no, no…that’s an elephant.

03-17-15_8-17 PM

Tanner: Let’s see if we can get the cabin in the background.

03-17-15_8-38 PM

03-17-15_8-41 PM

03-17-15_8-44 PM

Host: Tanner made fish tacos for dinner.

03-17-15_9-27 PM

Tanner and Tanya got some practice being domestic together.

03-17-15_9-28 PM-2

Romance in the kitchen.

03-17-15_9-29 PM

Well, he’s certainly smitten.

03-17-15_9-29 PM-2

Tanner was a little confused about where this joke was headed…

03-17-15_9-29 PM-3

But it all worked out.

03-17-15_9-30 PM

And Tanya showed off her back massage skills.

Who will Tanner choose? Steven or Tanya? Will he propose? Find out on the next episode!

Too Many Hobbies

This is an apology for my lack of updates- and a sincere promise to post more real soon (I’m playing with the Sims today!).

My life has been crazy, crazy busy since my trip back home and re-starting my contract again. In addition to playing catch-up from being back home, and re-adjusting to my long days (8.5 hours plus an hour commute each way) and early morning schedule (traffic is pretty icky if I leave after 6:30am), I’ve also been dividing my time between oodles of various hobbies.

My hobbies include other video games besides the Sims (see XCOM mention below), board games, roleplaying game (specifically Pathfinder- which is a variant of good ole Dungeons and Dragons, this takes up a huge amount of my time), penpalling (to the lovely Kate who often submits Sims for my challenges), postcrossing (swapping postcards internationally), fantasy football, organizing Maine Trips, my assorted yahoo! groups, my Day Zero Project, reading (and reading challenges), spending time with my kitties (I have 8), and probably other things I can’t think of at the moment.

Now, several things have collided in a way that is not friendly to my Simming time:

– Our fantasy football draft is next weekend…I’m the commissioner of the league and the party host. Meaning, I’ve spent some of my precious free time recently recruiting and organizing a fantasy football league, and planning a party.

– We just started planning the next Maine Trip, so that’s a lot of e-mailing, organizing, planning, etc…

– I discovered and fell in love with the video game XCOM , much to my surprise

– I’ve started sincerely planning my wedding

Throw on top of that the biweekly Pathfinder games I run, all my other hobbies, working, well…you get the idea. : /

The good news- I’ve upped the priority levels of the Sims and this blog on my to-do list (yes, my to-do list has priority levels…seriously, I use Toodledo, and highly recommend it). Also, XCOM and I are going through a rough patch since ALL my experienced guys died and I’m screwed. I may need to restart. AND….The Sims 4 was officially announced and all the buzz has put me in a Sims mood! I really, really need to focus on my completion challenge now! So, be prepared to here more updates in relation to the challenge. I’m still playing ALL the challenges: The Lab, The Bachelor, Romance Island, etc… I rotate between them, so keep an eye out for the stories you are interested in. Also, on news about The Sims 4!