Bachelor 4.3: Episode 12- Let’s Go Swimming


If you need a refresher, or if this is your first visit, head back to episode 1..

Only four participants remain. Will Dalton fall in love with one of them?

Erica makes Dalton feel at ease. He can easily see her in his friend circle….gardening, hiking, or hanging out by the campfire. But is there the potential for romance?

With Karissa, Dalton felt an immediate spark. Karissa received both the first impression save in round one, and the first kiss. But are they connecting on a deeper level?

Sabrina seems to have the full package. Dalton finds her attractive and they get along. But do they have enough common interests?

And then there is Penelope. After her many failed romantic attempts, why is she still around? Dalton appreciates her effort and values someone who is willing to work hard at a relationship.

Which of them is right for Dalton? Are any of them?

03-14-16_11-37-17 AM

In this episode, Round 4 starts off with a trip to the bluffs for a day of swimming.

03-14-16_11-43-10 AM

Erica was quick to turn the conversation flirty.

03-14-16_11-44-46 AM

And was the first to have some alone time with Dalton.

03-14-16_11-45-58 AM

Penelope joined the conversation as they discussed how they get ready for a date.

03-14-16_11-46-20 AM

And what sort of restaurants they like to eat at when going out.

03-14-16_11-46-34 AM

Obviously, Dalton would prefer to go somewhere that has grilled cheese available, in case of rain.

03-14-16_11-47-15 AM

Penelope’s restaurant priorities involve desserts.

03-14-16_11-49-12 AM

Karissa was feeling pretty bummed for much of the day.

03-14-16_11-49-18 AM

Karissa: It’s hard. I hate having to share you with a bunch of other people. I’m not really interested in talking to them.

03-14-16_11-50-08 AM

Sabrina: Hey, want to hear a joke about dinosaurs? One dinosaur asks another dinosaur ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

03-14-16_11-51-03 AM

Sabrina got snuggled up to Dalton, while a depressed Karissa took a nap on the rocks.

03-14-16_11-51-08 AM

Karissa was a bit upset she had to share Dalton on this date, and she wasn’t happy with the other girls.

03-14-16_11-52-35 AM

Penelope also found some alone time with Dalton.

03-14-16_11-53-51 AM

Dalton joined Karissa on the bench to try to cheer her up. It didn’t seem to help much.

03-14-16_2-17-59 PM

That evening, Erica went out to water the flowers.

03-14-16_2-18-18 PM

While Penelope played the piano.

03-14-16_2-19-27 PM

Sabrina did a bit of cooking.

03-14-16_2-19-39 PM

And Karissa ate some more food.


Bachelor 4.3: Episode 11- And then there were four…


And welcome back to The Bachelor! In this episode, we have our round three eliminations. We started out with 7 contestants…in Round 1 we said goodbye to Ansuya. In Round 2, we said farewell to Raven. Who will be next?

03-01-16_4-02-59 PM

Everyone has arrived in the garden, awaiting Dalton’s decision.

03-01-16_4-03-15 PM

I just want you all to know that it has been amazing getting to know all of you. You are all thoughtful, kind, attractive ladies and I’m a lucky guy.

And the first participant moving on to round 4 is….

03-01-16_4-04-03 PM

Dalton: Sabrina, I think we continue to connect on a very real level. Our relationship has a lot of potential, and I hope you’ll join me in this next round.

03-01-16_4-05-14 PM

Dalton: Karissa, it is very obvious that there is chemistry between us. I hope our relationship can continue to grow deeper as well.

03-01-16_4-05-44 PM

And the third participant…

03-01-16_4-06-13 PM

Dalton: Erica…

03-01-16_4-06-41 PM

Erica: Sorry about the plate. I was *really* hungry.

Dalton: :::laughs::: It’s fine. Erica…well, you make me laugh, and I feel like we could easily be best friends. I hope you join me for the next round so we can see if there is a spark between us.

And finally…

03-01-16_4-08-35 PM

Dalton: Penelope, I feel like we need more time. Our wavelengths don’t seem to be in sync, but I find that intriguing. Will you give us one more shot?

That means the person going home is…

03-01-16_4-09-45 PM

Sorry, Sabrina. You seemed shocked by this! Sadly, Dalton isn’t the prince you are looking for. Perhaps next season?

03-01-16_4-54-48 PM

Some of the potential partners decided to snag a few extra minutes with the Bachelor after the ceremony.

03-01-16_4-54-56 PM

Dalton practiced more of his guitar playing while Karissa and Erica made up lyrics about the pain of having to move furniture in order to properly vacuum.

03-01-16_4-56-45 PM

Dalton: Speaking of furniture…

Erica: I know! We need a basketball hoop.

Dalton: Not what I was going to say… 

03-01-16_4-56-34 PM

Erica and Dalton exchanged some flirtations.

03-01-16_4-58-19 PM

Sabrina and Dalton watched the Simolympics while eating burgers for dinner.


Bachelor 4.3: Episode 6- And then there were 5…


Welcome to the next episode of the Bachelor! Tonight we will say goodbye to one more contestant!02-22-16_1-18-07 PM

Dalton microwaved a pastry for breakfast the morning of ceremony day.

02-22-16_1-23-10 PM

Later in the day, everyone gathered in the ceremony garden for the second elimination. Everyone seemed worried, except for Sabrina.

02-22-16_1-23-47 PM

Her confidence was not unfounded, Sabrina’s name was the first to be called.

Dalton: Sabrina, I think we have similar values in life. You are not only beautiful, but you have a beautiful soul too. Will you please accept this invitation to move on to round three?

02-22-16_1-24-40 PM

Dalton: From the moment I met you, Karissa, I felt the connection. I think we have a lot of chemistry that is worth exploring. Will you please accept this invitation to the next round?

02-22-16_1-25-20 PM

As Karissa joins Sabrina, we all wonder who the third choice will be…

02-22-16_1-26-34 PM

Dalton: Penelope, will you join this next round? I feel like I haven’t really gotten to know you yet, but I find you intriguing and would like to get to know you.

02-22-16_1-29-12 PM

Raven obviously feels that she deserved a higher place than Penelope.

02-22-16_1-26-56 PM

Only two more contestants will move on to the next round…

02-22-16_1-27-54 PM

Dalton: Simone, I find you attractive and I think their is potential here. Will you please join me in the next round?

02-22-16_1-29-13 PM

02-22-16_1-28-19 PM

Dalton: And my final choice is Erica. I feel like we have lot of similar interests and like we could have a great time together.

02-22-16_1-29-09 PM

I’m sure Raven is disappointed, but we sincerely hope to see her in the next season!

02-22-16_1-28-54 PM

And these are our round 3 participants!



Bachelor 4.3: Episode 2- A Walk in the Park


Welcome to tonight’s episode of the Bachelor! We are looking to find a romantic match for Dalton Montgomery the kind-hearted soul who is looking for a woman that doesn’t mind woohooing in a rocket ship.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll concerning the images with the user interface vs. those without. It looks like about three-quarters of you would like to see the UI in at least some of the images, and the other quarter of you couldn’t decide. I’ve set the camera to snap the UI shots. Like I mentioned, it (for some reason) doesn’t use that setting in camera mode…so if I want to line-up the camera better to get a specific shot, we won’t see the UI. Also, I’m in the habit of switching to camera mode, so it will also be based on how often I remember. I’m excited to have those conversation bubbles back, though!!!

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Twas the night before the first one on one and all through the farmhouse mansion not a contestant was stirring…

02-07-16_9-48-38 AM

…except for Karissa….she was literally stirring. Here we have Karrissa making a midnight snack.

02-07-16_12-11-39 PM

After introductions, it was time for the Bachelor to choose his first one-on-one. The Bachelor has a method to choosing his one-on-ones. He selects someone he wants to know more about…where he doesn’t know where the relationship stands.

He didn’t select Karissa…he felt confident of his attraction to her. Erica, also a potential front-runner, he didn’t select because he’s comfortable with the compatibility of their personalities.

02-07-16_12-37-56 PM

He selected Simone for his first one-on-one.

02-07-16_12-42-55 PM

They went to the park for their date.

02-07-16_1-42-51 PM

They spent the majority of the date sitting on a park bench and getting to know one another.

02-07-16_1-44-03 PM

Simone showed an interest in Dalton’s guitar-playing.

02-07-16_1-44-37 PM

Dalton told her about his parents’ divorce.

02-07-16_1-44-44 PM

And how he got extra toys out of the deal.

02-07-16_1-44-50 PM

And how their breakup was caused by a misunderstanding in the men’s bathroom.

02-07-16_1-44-55 PM

There was an Alpaca involved….it was complicated. Sometimes I think Dalton shares too much.

Overall, their conversation was interesting, friendly and fun…but in no way romantic.

Next episode: a house party!



Bachelor 4.3: Contest #5

Sign-ups for Bachelor 4.3 are closed. Thank you to everyone who participated. Anyone who did not make the cut will be eligible to participate in the next round. I’ll store your Sims & data until then.

It’s time to meet Contestant #5….Erica Sims

01-31-16_1-26-32 PM

Erica is a bit older than some of our other contestants. She’s serious about finding her true love and starting a family. She’d some day like to have a couple of kids, and her main mission in life is to ensure her children are able to achieve all the success the desire.

She is a professional musician, and besides having successful children, she also desires to excel in music and live up to her full potential. She loves playing the piano.

01-31-16_1-26-38 PM

Erica is creative, family-oriented, and very intelligent. She loves the outdoors…camping, going to the park, swimming…anything outside.

Note: Her creator requested Erica have curly hair, unfortunately, the Sims totally fails at providing curly hair. :(. I settled for a wavy, full-bodied style. I hope that pleases her creator.

Created by: Shona

Bachelor 4.2: Round 2

We have 10 participants who are interested in forming a relationship with Cannon, but he can only choose one of them.

In Round One, we saw our first five contestants. Now it is time for the second half to take the stage.

In Round Two, our Bachelor will be invited over to the house where the second set of contestants is staying. He will have the opportunity to meet and interact with all the contestants. In the second part of Round Two, the contestants will be invited over to the Bachelor mansion where the Bachelor will be hosting a costume party. The following day, the Bachelor will invite the contestants over to the mansion again. If he is very interested in a participant, he will ask he or she to move into the mansion. If he isn’t sure, he’ll ask him or her to stay for another round. The one he is least interested in will be asked to leave!

12-19-15_10-17-07 PM

Adelaide: “Hi, I’m Adel. Nice to meet you. Please make yourself comfortable. The rest of the group is dying to meet you, but I’m going to sneak a few moments here for myself. :::winks::: Hope you don’t mind.”

12-19-15_10-21-35 PM

Karissa: “….Oh, absolutely, he has the right voice, a great sound, perfect style…”

Cat: “Perfect style? I’m going to assume we are talking about me, then. How am I looking today?”

12-19-15_10-20-51 PM

Kieran: “Sshh…let’s keep it down, Adel has fallen asleep. Has anyone seen a pool around here?”

12-19-15_10-22-39 PM

Adel: “Well, you know, I needed my beauty rest.”

Cat: “I look purrfect even when I’ve only had a wink of sleep. Some of us are just naturals that way,” :::looks at Adel sincerely::: “Sorry, dear.”

12-19-15_10-23-24 PM

Adel: “I love Chateau de Landgraab”

Cannon: “What’s it about?”

Cat: “This gorgeous son of an aristocratic family runs off with a fetching maid, but he gets into an accident along the way…”

Kieran: “Spoilers!”

12-19-15_10-23-12 PM

Cannon: “Well, that wasn’t that bad actually.”

Kieran: “Seriously, I forgot to sit down.”

Cannon: “Where’d Alan run off too? Anyway, I’m going to leave you all to watch this next show on your own. I have some preparation to do for tomorrow. Nice to meet all of you!”

12-20-15_12-26-17 AM

Cannon: “So…”

Kieran: “This grilled fruit is excellent.”

12-20-15_12-28-59 AM

Cannon: “Adel, you look stunning even as a pizza delivery person.”

Adelaide: “Aww…thank you.”

12-20-15_12-29-11 AM

Cat: “While I know I look fabulous, I feel awful that two of us are in the same costume. I never dreamed anyone else would show up dressed as a clown? I feel bad for Cannon, having to be compared to me!”

The following day was time for the elimination.

Cannon: “I’m feeling less confident about my decisions today. I don’t think the relationships with the second group progressed as far with me as the first group. I felt like they were more into hanging out with each other….which is great, I mean, making friends is important…and I want someone who can be social, but it’s making today’s decision more challenging.

12-20-15_4-00-06 PM

Cannon: “Adel, I think their is a definite chemistry between us, and I’d like to see where that leads. Will you stay for another round?”

Adel: “Of course.”

12-20-15_4-01-38 PM

Cannon: “Karissa…I think we share a lot of the same values, and I’d like for us to get to know each other better. Will you stay for another round?”

Karissa: “Yes, definitely. Thank you.”

Cannon: “Keiran, will you stay another round?”

Keiran: “Sure, dude.”

12-20-15_4-04-22 PM

Cannon: “Has anyone seen Cat?”

Penelope: “Yes, Cannon, he told Keiran & I to tell you that he was done. He said he just didn’t think his fabulous nature was suited with your rustic down to earth one. Also, the producers told him it was frowned upon for him to hit on them, and the other contestants. And he said he wanted company *tonight* so their strict rules weren’t working for him right now. ”

Cannon: “Penelope, aren’t you supposed to be upstairs?”

Penelope: “I’m just looking out for you. And I got bored.”

12-20-15_4-03-19 PM

Cannon: “So, Alan…would you like to stay for another round?”

12-20-15_4-03-15 PM

Alan: “I guess. It sort of looks like I was actually in last place here, and Cat’s voluntarily removal from the competition is the only reason I’m staying. I don’t know how I feel about that. It isn’t very romantic.”

Cannon: “Well, frankly, yes. I mean, I’m not opposed to the idea of you staying, but it seemed like you were the least interested. Every time I go to speak with you, you aren’t there. I assumed you didn’t want to be here.”

Alan: “Oh, no, it’s nothing like that. I really am interested. I promised. I just find this situation awkward, and I’m having a hard time making friends in the house. I love meeting new people and making friends, I always thought it was one of my strengths, but I just don’t fit with this group for some reason, and it’s really lonely in the house.”

Cannon: “I get that. This is a really awkward situation. Actually, I think you’d probably really like some of the contestants in the other house. I think things will improve as time goes on, and the group gets smaller. I’d love for you to hang in for another round to see where things go, okay?”

Alan: “Yes, I can do that. I’m sure your right.”


And with that, we say goodbye to our well-dressed friend Cat. I’m saddened we won’t be able to see more of his fantastical outfits! I’m certain we’ll meet him again in the next season!

Bachelor Contestant #4: Penelope


It’s time to meet contestant #4!

Penelope is setting out of her comfort zone by joining the Bachelor. She hopes trying something new and different will help her personal growth.

12-01-15_12-07-16 PM

What Penelope desires most in life is to see her children succeed, but is struggling to balance this desire with her fear of becoming too much like her strict, over-bearing parents. She is hoping to broaden her horizons with this experience and perhaps meet the perfect partner to help raise her future family.

12-01-15_12-07-36 PM

Penelope is a creative soul with a passion for music. When not worrying about how to be the perfect parent, she plays the piano and violin.

Penelope was submitted by Rinellie