BACHELOR 4.3: EPISODE 10-Weenie Roast


It’s time for another episode of the Bachelor. In this episode, we’ll see the round three party.

03-01-16_2-14-21 PM

Vivian Lewis was hired as the grillmaster. This is the second event she’s been hired for, and she has under performed at both. She didn’t even touch the grill!

Dalton is wondering if just hot dogs are sufficient for dinner, or if they should be roasting veggies instead.

Sabrina is wondering what a weenie roast has to do with finding her one true love.

03-01-16_2-15-45 PM

Dalton made up an adventure story to tell to the group about Pirates. Karissa and Simone seem to be the only ones who are interested.

03-01-16_2-16-33 PM

Sabrina makes sure to get in some flirting before the party is over.

03-01-16_2-17-33 PM

Later, while chatting around the campfire. Sabrina brings up one of Dalton’s favorite topics…sports.

03-01-16_3-09-39 PM

Sabrina and Simone discuss tomorrow’s eliminations. Who will be sent home? Surely it cannot be one of them.

Who do you think will be sent home in the next round?



BACHELOR 4.3: EPISODE 9-First Kiss


Welcome back to the Bachelor! Last episode, Erica won our round 3 group activity and earned some one-on-one time with Dalton. In this episode, Dalton will choose one participant to join him on a date.

03-01-16_11-31-15 AM

Dalton chose Karissa for his third one-on-one. We know there is chemistry between them, but is there the potential for more?

03-01-16_11-35-51 AM

Dalton: Are you into music? I play a bit of guitar.

Karissa: I’m into the band Larry and the Llamas.

03-01-16_11-36-50 AM

Dalton: I’m into all kinds of sports, even boxing.

03-01-16_11-37-03 AM

Dalton: Have you traveled a lot?

Karissa is thinking ‘say something romantic’.

03-01-16_11-37-20 AM

Dalton: You know, I find you extremely attractive.

 03-01-16_11-39-02 AM

He always needs to use the rest room at the most inconvenient times.

03-01-16_11-40-23 AM

After their conversation, they spent some time on the dance floor.

03-01-16_11-41-56 AM

We also had the first kiss of this series!

03-01-16_12-59-20 PM

When they returned to the farm house, Dalton was feeling both romantic and inspired. He went up to the attic to do some painting. I think he is working on a recreation of the scene from Lady and the Tramp…he is not a painter.


Bachelor 4.3: Episode 1- Introductions


Welcome to the Bachelor version 4 where we attempt to find a life partner for some of those lonely Sims out there!

In this series, we are attempting to find a partner for Dalton Montgomery.

01-13-16_8-58-35 AM

Dalton loves the guitar, gardening, learning new things and sports. He is looking for someone to share his life adventures with.

Dalton will be finding his love in the new Bachelor mansion. The new mansion is actually a large and fancy farmhouse. Dalton and the contestants will have all sorts of rooms, nooks and crannies to discover in the house.

02-05-16_2-32-11 PM

Dalton has his own area…a bedroom, sitting area and bathroom…which will be locked to the contestants.

On our first day, we had introductions. Dalton went around the house meeting each contestant in turn and getting to know them for a few minutes

02-05-16_4-15-34 PM

Erica was up first, but Simone stole a brief greeting first.

02-05-16_4-17-18 PM

Erica Sims and Dalton found some easy conversation material immediately. Erica is a professional musician who loves the outdoors. Dalton plays the guitar and loves to garden.

02-05-16_4-18-25 PM

When the conversation turned to the romantic, Dalton made it very clear he’s looking for a partner who’d be open to woohooing in a rocket ship. It’s apparently an item on his bucket list.

02-05-16_4-25-10 PM

Penelope and Dalton exchanged some pleasantries and discussed their mutual love of music.

02-05-16_4-25-13 PM

But then Penelope came on a bit too strong romantically, and Dalton wasn’t feeling it. It left them both feeling a bit awkward.

02-05-16_4-34-10 PM

Raven started off the conversation with some bragging, but Dalton was polite. He could tell immediately they had a difference of values. Wealth was high on Raven’s priorities, and not on Dalton’s.

02-05-16_4-34-16 PM

Raven then made the same mistake Penelope did- too much flirtation too soon. Dalton has no problem asking everyone if they are adventurous enough to someday woohoo in a rocket ship, but it’s just a hypothetical question to spark conversation.

02-05-16_4-30-19 PM

Ansuya and Dalton didn’t have any common hobbies, but they found the conversation smooth and easy anyway.

02-05-16_4-29-16 PM

Ansuya didn’t find the need to feel or show any sort of attraction to the Bachelor immediately. She wants to get to know him on personal level before she decides if she is interested.

02-05-16_4-37-13 PM

Karissa broke the ice with a joke about politics and it worked very well. Their conversation was brief, but it showed Karissa’s sense of humor…

02-05-16_4-37-47 PM

…and still allowed her to be flirtatious. Feeling both silly and flirty, Karissa jokingly threw some sexy poses for the Bachelor. Karissa finally discovered a method that worked. Dalton, for once, flirted back.

02-05-16_4-41-18 PM

Dalton immediately liked Sabrina when he met her. He found her cheerfulness and positive outlook encouraging. Her kind and caring personality was immediately apparent to him.

02-05-16_4-41-20 PM

Perhaps Karissa had help set the tone, but Sabrina’s charm convinced Dalton to flirt back when she steered the conversation to a more romantic nature.

02-05-16_4-44-26 PM

Dalton’s inquiry into Simone’s position on woohooing in a rocket ship made her blush. He found that quite endearing.

02-05-16_4-45-19 PM

Dalton found Simone’s put-together attitude intriguing and their conversation left him wanting more.

Dalton had met all the contestants and it was time for everyone to turn in for the evening. Tomorrow he’d be selecting which contestant he wanted to take on the first one-on-one date.

But first, Dalton needs to choose the one person he wanted to deem safe from elimination this round- the one person whom left the biggest impression on him…

Dalton: “All of these women are gorgeous and amazing. I’m excited to learn more about all of them. I’m very hopeful that my future wife is in this house. However, the woman who impressed me the most tonight and who I definitely want to see make it to the next round is Karissa. I definitely felt the chemistry between us, and I really want to explore that relationship further.”

Who do you think will end up with the Bachelor??! Let us know in the comments below!



Bachelor 4.2: Round 1

Welcome to Season 2 of the Bachelor with the Sims 4! We appreciate you stopping by!

This season we are trying to find a match for Cannon…

11-19-15_9-49-43 AM

We have 10 participants who are interested in forming a relationship with Cannon, but he can only choose one of them.

In Round One, we will only see our first 5 contestants (click on the link to be taken to their introductory page): Simone,  Tessa, Sabrina, Penelope, and Ansuya. Contestants six through ten, will participate in round 2.

In Round One, our Bachelor will be invited over to the house where the first set of contestants is staying. He will have the opportunity to meet and interact with all the contestants. In the second part of Round One, the contestants will be invited over to the Bachelor mansion where the Bachelor will be hosting a costume party. The following day, the Bachelor will invite the contestants over to the mansion again. If he is very interested in a girl, he will ask her to move into the mansion. If he isn’t sure, he’ll ask them to stay for another round. The one he is least interested in will be asked to leave!

12-17-15_9-57-53 AM

Cannon: Hi everyone. I’d like to thank all of you for being here. I know this process is sort of risky, putting yourself out there…so, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate it.

12-17-15_10-02-56 AM

Tessa: I love camping! The great outdoors is a great opportunity to have some fun….making scare bear noises outside people’s tents, stealing all the tp from the bathrooms, swapping people’s suntan lotion for skin cream…loads to do!

Cannon: Yeah…

12-18-15_9-20-34 AM

Simone: Cannon, in your bio you stated that you have a dream of owning a large estate with expansive grounds. I wanted you to know that I have very similar aims. I think our tastes are likely quite compatible. Of course, we could do something about your fashion sense! :::winks::: Just kidding, I think you look adorable, but you’d probably be much more handsome in a good suit.

12-18-15_9-21-47 AM

Cannon: :::dancing by himself to the music on the radio:::

12-17-15_10-10-21 AM

Tessa: Want to head upstairs? I’ll show you my moodlet, if you show me yours..:::wink:::

Cannon:: ……………No. Thanks….

12-17-15_10-11-37 AM

Cannon: :::smiles flirtatiously at Simone from across the room::::

12-18-15_9-33-17 AM

After a successful meet & greet with the contestants, Cannon heads back to the Bachelor mansion to relax and prepare for the costume party the following day.

12-18-15_11-16-13 AM

Cannon readies himself for his costume party by making some Buffalo Wing Tea and getting into his costume- as a pizza delivery guy!

12-18-15_11-18-11 AM

Three hot dogs walk into a Bachelor mansion….

12-18-15_11-28-39 AM

Cannon: See, we can agree on some fashion!

12-18-15_11-32-19 AM

Cannon: Yeah, I just got back from a trip to Granite Falls, actually. I love going hiking out there. The deep woods is beautiful.

12-18-15_11-29-56 AM

Sabrina: Who would have thought a cake shaped like a burger would taste so good?

12-18-15_11-30-05 AM


12-18-15_11-19-02 AM

Tessa: Pfft…did you see those hot dog costumes? Not very flattering if you ask me!


After the costume party, Cannon was supposed to relax and recover, and make some important decisions about tomorrow’s elimination. However, someone broke the rules…

Penelope: I was disappointed that we didn’t get more time together today and I really want to get to know you….There’s a rumor going around that a crazy party is happening at the Chalet right now. Care to Join me?

Cannon: Sure!

12-18-15_2-02-31 PM 12-18-15_2-02-28 PM  12-18-15_1-56-47 PM 12-18-15_1-56-45 PM

Penelope and Cannon spent the next several hours dancing (there was very little talking). The other contestants will not be happy when they find out about this!

The following day, it was time for our first elimination. The Bachelor invited all the contestants back to his mansion, and spoke to them one-by-one.

12-18-15_3-20-18 PM

Cannon: Penelope, I had an amazing time last night and I’m certain that I’d like to see where this relationship could go. I’d like to ask you to move into the Bachelor Mansion. Do you accept?

Penelope: Absolutely. I’m so glad you feel that way. Last night was totally out of character for me, I went with my impulse, and it was totally amazing.

12-18-15_3-25-23 PM

Cannon: Simone, I’m interested in learning more about you. Would you like to stay until the next round?

Simone: Yes, I think I will.

12-18-15_3-30-34 PM

Cannon: Sabrina, I feel like we’ve had a few moments where we have connected. I find you very attractive, and you seem genuine. Will you please stay another round?

Sabrina: :::nodding::: I would love to. I have felt those moments as well.

12-18-15_3-29-04 PM

Tessa: Oh come on, Ansuya? Really? You are going to her next? And that means I’m out? The fun has even started yet.  She’s hardly said a peep the entire time. I’ve been actively showing interest more than anyone else!

12-18-15_3-32-24 PM

Cannon: Tessa, you must have…

Tessa: I’m sorry, but I’m not ready to leave just yet. I haven’t had time to mess with anyone yet, or make any friends, or seduced you on national television…

12-18-15_3-32-32 PM

Cannon: Tessa, please hear me out. Look, you seem like a fun person, and I’d love to be friends, but I’m not feeling the connection, are you?

Tessa: Nah.

Cannon: Well, I’ve only got one shot at this and I’m taking this process super seriously. I just don’t think you and I are going to work. But look…I’m certain this drama will be one of the highights of this episode, so at least you made a splash tonight! I’m certain there is someone out there that will love your sense of humor, and appreciate your kind of fun. You could go on the next Bachelor and make another splash there.

Tessa: Yeah, it’s true. It’s fine. I’m not that into you anyway…but rejection isn’t very fun. See you around.

And with that, Tessa is our first contestant to leave the Bachelor!

Do you think Cannon made the right call? Leave a comment below!




Bachelor Contestant #2: Tessa

As I mentioned in my last post, I was distracted over Thanksgiving break by the presence of my husband…he likes to play computer games too!

Now, let’s meet our second contestant…

Tessa Marsh likes to have a good time, and she’s signed up for the Bachelor because it promises to be one.

11-30-15_1-33-42 PM.png

Tessa brings her love of partying to the next level- into her career- as a professional mixologist. Tessa’s life goal, however, is to create as much mischief and trouble as possible. She likes to mix things up, cause drama, and be in the center of attention.

11-30-15_1-33-34 PM


Tessa does have a nerdy side…she’s very intelligent and loves to read. She also loves camping and backyard cookouts.

She’s not entirely certain she’s ready for a committed relationship, but when she had the opportunity to apply for the Bachelor she said, “Why not? Should be fun!”.

Tessa was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)