Bachelor #3 Update

I haven’t had much time to play, and I don’t have any photos yet, but here is what I’ve done:

– Modified a mansion to suit the Bachelor challenge’s needs

– Selected the contestants that will be competing for George’s heart!

– Moved the contestants, and George, in to the mansion


Here are the contestants:










We have a Winner! Meet your next Bachelor!!!

Finally after MONTHS of polling (we won’t be doing THAT again). We have chosen our next Bachelor!

Let’s see if we can find this lonely police officer with a heart of gold a partner!




Think you can make the perfect girl (or guy!) for George? You are welcome to submit your very own contestant!

The pool of contestants for George’s Bachelor Challenge will consist of:

  • Unmatched contestants from Chauncey & Sebastian’s runs. Check them out here.
  • Descriptions of contestants that YOU submit by filling out a simple (but kinda long) google doc form. You do NOT need to have the game or even be familiar with it. I walk you through the process. Once you submit your form, I will take that information and make your Sim (subject to my interpretation of your answers). Then you can follow along and route for your Sim! You can find the form here.
  • Sims already created by readers who play the game. If you have a pre-made Sim (such as a Simself) you’d like to submit, go here. Note you’ll need to upload your Sim to the exchange and provide me a link.

Possible contestants so far: Frenchie, Tamina, Sara, Lisa, Asara-Bell, Astoria, Shana, Belle, Ally, Scarlett, Selina and Scarlet G.

I’m still accepting contestants and will do so for a couple days until I get things set-up and ready to go.

If you give a shout-out to the Sim you want to see in the challenge below, I will definitely make sure they take part in the challenge. I would rather cater to the folks who follow along with the stories. 🙂



Romance Island: Week 2, Part 3

Romance Island places 8 Sims in a romantic setting with the hope that the Sims will form couples on their own free will. Couples are then played as part of the Completion Challenge. Check out the Romance Island tag for all previous posts about this challenge!


Last time, the group went to the spring festival and Dumpster Dan replaced the deceased Oscar.



The second one-on-one date was Ariel and Harry who spent the night at a resort. Dinner was grilled on the patio.


They followed up dinner by toasting marshmallows for dessert. They talked for awhile around the campfire, but that was pretty much the extent of their date. Despite the lack of activity, they still had a good time.



The second group date was to a local park.


Romancers had free reign of all the parks many activities.


Harry and Charlie still don’t get along well.


Harry playing hacky sack, or whatever they call it in the Sims universe.





Harry and Johnra are also not getting along so well.


The third date of the week was Paul and Charlie who went to a remote, but furnished, small island.


Charlie and Paul played frisbee, chatted while lying in the sun, and listened to some local music.


By the end of the week, it started to become clear who the first couple was going to be. Harry and Ariel were the first kiss on the island.


Introducing Dumpster Dan to Romance Island


Dumpster Dan was an emergency replacement for Oscar on Romance Island. I abandoned Dumpster’s challenge since he didn’t contribute in anyway toward the Completion Challenge, and he was just hanging out in the Sim Bin awaiting a purpose.

Dumpster Dan’s challenge involved attempting to make a living off of dumpster diving. Sadly, he never found certain key objects- like a bed or sink/shower- in the dumpster and his life was not a happy one (he had an AMAZING bug collection though).

I’ve developed a certain fondness for Dumpster, despite the fact his traits don’t make him a particularly likable person. I hope he is able to find love on Romance Island and someday contribute to the Completion Challenge.

Dumpster Dan


  • Unlucky
  • Commitment Issues
  • Mooch
  • Eco-friendly
  • Childish

Lifetime Wish: Living in the Lap of Luxury (read: be wealthy)


Romance Island: Week 2, Part 2

Romance Island places 8 Sims in a romantic setting with the hope that the Sims will form couples on their own free will. Couples are then played as part of the Completion Challenge. Check out the Romance Island tag for all previous posts about this challenge!

When we last left off, the Grim Reaper was coming to claim the soul of Oscar after he died in a tragic grill fire shortly after having an amazing date with Ariel.


A clearly upset and traumatized Ariel begged for Oscar’s life. The Reaper’s only offer was to play a game of chess for the life of Oscar. If she beat the Reaper, he’d spare Oscar’s life.


Ariel tried her best, but chess is not something she is skilled in.



The Reaper claimed the soul of Oscar, and they buried his body on site.


Everyone was devastated by the death of Oscar. He was such a great guy, and he was making friends quickly. It brought a lot of folks together, actually, as they attempted to console one another.


Harry had also been doing quiet well with Ariel before the incident. In fact, Ariel and Harry are set to be the second date couple for this week. Harry’s friendship and comfort became quiet important to Ariel during this trying time.


The gang attended the springfestival for their next group date. For some odd reason, they all decided to mourn Oscar at the exact same time while viewing the face painting tent.


Abby and Dumpster Dan, the newest addition to Romance Island, played horseshoes together at the festival. We’ll do an introduction post for Dumpster Dan soon.


The spring festival is a time to celebrate love. Some couples tried out the “Love Test Machine”…Charlie and Paul got a positive result! Yes, that is totally a rainbow painted on Paul’s cheek…it may also involve a unicorn. The man is certain of his masculinity.


The fun of the day was constantly interrupted by the mourning of Oscar. He would have loved this festival.


I don’t remember why he’s dripping wet. Spring rain shower? But Dumpster Dan tries to start a dance party.


Before they left the festival, Dumpster got his face painted. Here he is back at the house.


We’ll end with a group photo taken at the festival.



Decision Bachelor #3: Round 10

Decision: Bachelor #3

Who will be the next Bachelor? YOU decide!

Thank you to everyone that participated in Round 9! Once again, we only had 4 people vote. Was it because I asked to pick your favorites? Another reason? I had hoped we’d get more people as these posts continued to get shorter (don’t worry, if I do voting next round I’ll set it up so there is less reading, LOL). 

Note: You do not have to have participated in previous rounds to vote in this one!

Reminder: the Bachelor’s numbers will be the SAME. So if you have already picked out a couple potential favorites, keep an eye out for their answers. I plan on trying to include previous answers with each number. However, they will be abbreviated versions, so go back to previous rounds to see the full question and answer.

Round 9: Results

Based on the poll results, 8 Bachelors have been eliminated from the competition! 

Questions for Round 9: Would you consider yourself intelligent? Do you think you’re brave? How tidy are you?

  • 44)  My intelligence is only average, but I am striving to improve it all the time. I’m no braver than average. Likewise, I’m not cleaner than average. (Military grunt; Autumn salad; Technophobe; Green; Perfect mind, Perfect Body; YA; Starlight Shores; Latin; Loves the outdoors; Green eyes; social butterfly, friendly; muscular; black hair; no preference on kids; average motivation/romance/creativity)
  • 40) I’m not really a book-smart person, but I’m good with my hands- fixing things, planting, etc… I’m average in the bravery department. I am a bit of a slob. (Aquatic ecosystem tweaker; PBJ sandwich; Loser; Yellow; Robot/Creature Cross-breeder; Adult; Starlight Shores; Kids; Likes the outdoors; brown eyes; couch potato; fat; brown hair; no preference on children; couch potato; average motivation/romance; gardens)
  • 39) I’m of average intelligence and bravery. Hehe, I am a bit of a slob, however. (Clerk at the mausoleum; Cobbler; Slob; Black; Rock Star; YA; Riverview; Electronica; Loves the outdoors; Green eyes; party animal; thin; brown hair; has two kids, no preference on additional; average motivation/creativity; flirty)
  • 20) I’m a bit of a computer nerd. I’m not abnormally brave. I’m average tidiness.  (Spice runner; Hamburgers; Schmoozer; Aqua; Master Mixologist; YA; Bridgeport; Electronica; Likes the outdoors; green eyes; schmoozer; lean; brown hair; no preference on kids; average romance/motivation; plays guitar)
  • 58) I’m of average intelligence and bravery, but I am quite a neat and clean individual. (Talent scout; Mac n’ cheese; Loner; White; Swimming in Cash; YA; Sunset Valley; Electronica; Loves the outdoors; grey eyes; loner; thin; brown hair; no preference on kids; average motivation/romance; some music talent)
  • 50) I’m not a genius, but I do read a lot. I’m average in the bravery and tidiness departments. (Juggler;  Stu Surprise; Hopeless Romantic; Grey; Master Acrobat; Adult; Starlight Shores; Classical; Loves the outdoors; hazel eyes; friendly; fit; black hair; no preference on kids; ambitious; hopeless romantic; average creativity.)
  • 30) My intelligence is average. Well, in most cases I’m pretty average, but I do have a water phobia. I’m not particularly messy or tidy. (Paperboy; French Toast; Hydrophobic; Lilac; Hit Movie Composer; YA; Lucky Palms; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; brown/sunglasses; friendly; childish; thin; blonde; no preference on kids; average romance/motivation; some musical talent)
  • 16) I’m of average intelligence. :::sigh::: Frankly, I’m a coward. Life is terrifying. I’m not a neat freak, but I’m not a slob. (Musician; Hot dogs; Coward; Orange; One Sim Band; Adult; Bridgeport; Indie; Loves the outdoors; Brown eyes; skinny; black hair; no preference on kids; ambitious; romantic; musically inclined)

Round 10: Up to 4 Bachelors will be eliminated

You will be asked to select the 5 Bachelors that you think are the most likely to make a good candidate for the Bachelor! Please note the change!!!! We are switching it up a bit!!! I’m thinking maybe it is easier to pick the ones you do like, and you are more likely to remember the numbers of the ones you are rooting for, if you are picking your favorites!

Questions for Round 10: What do you do in your spare time?

4) I enjoy being outside, fishing, gardening, hiking, fixing stuff, working from home and telling good jokes. (Medical intern; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Orange; Perfect Garden; YA; Barnacle Bay; Classical Music; Loves outdoor activities; brown eyes; good sense of humor; fit; brown hair; no preference on kids; workaholic; average romantic; gardens, but no other art activities; average bravery/intelligence/neatness; handy)

7) I like to read, play chess, paint, go out to the local clubs and bars, play video games, practicing my computer hacking skills, and spend time with friends. (City council member; Sushi; Inappropriate; Turquoise; Chess Legend; YA; Bridgeport; Classical; Doesn’t like the outdoors; lilac eyes; schmoozer; inappropriate; lean; blue hair; no preference on kids; average motivation/romance; artistic; computer whiz; book worm; average bravery/neatness)

21) Play video games, make some money hacking, learn to play various musical instruments, play with fire, eat dirt, skinny dip, ride mechanical bulls, do extreme things, fish in swimming pools, pretend I’m an animal, talk about conspiracies, use the toilet as a chair, speak madness and eat fruit until I am full. (Test subject; Key lime pie; Insane; Lime; Creature/Robot Crossbreeder; YA; Bridgeport; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; Brown; grumpy; skinny; black; no preference on kids; average romance/motivation; musically talented; computer whiz, daredevil)

22) I spend a lot of time with my family and my friends. When not with them, I enjoy finding ways to save money or getting good deals, telling jokes, cooking, working out, and playing sports.  (Pastry chef; Veggie burgers; Frugal; Grey; 5-star Chef; Adult; Dragon Valley; Pop; No outdoor preference; turquoise eyes; friendly; good sense of humor; thin; purple hair; has a daughter, wants more; family and friend oriented; talented cook; average romantic; average intelligence/bravery/neatness)

23) I enjoy telling jokes, hanging out with friends, making new friends, playing chess, having deep conversations, solving math problems for fun, and writing books. (Investigative reporter; Cookies; Excitable; Irish Green; Star News Anchor; Adult; Dragon Valley; Kids; Likes the outdoors; Yellow eyes; charismatic; good sense of humor; friendly; lean; yellow hair; no preference on kids; average motivation/romance/creativity/bravery/neatness; genius)

26) I spend a lot of my time with my family. I like to donate to charities, to make people smile, cleaning, fixing stuff around my house, and working out. (Snack hawker; Sushi; Unlucky; Purple; Jack of All Trades; Adult; Lucky Palms; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; blue-green eyes; thin; blonde hair; has kids, open to more; average motivation/romantic/creativity/intelligence/bravery; neat)

36) My spare time activities include: spending time with family and friends, trying to make the world a better place, working out, playing sports, playing chess, and tutoring schoolkids. (Patrol officer; Cheesesteak; Brave; Irish Green; Surrounded by Family; YA; Riverview; Latin; Likes the outside; Grey eyes; friendly; family-oriented; fit; black hair; definitely wants kids, lots; average motivation/romance/creativity/intelligence/neatness; brave)

38) In my spare time, I like to work from home, read books about my profession, play chess, clean the house, give to charities, cook, fix things, and workout. (Resident; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Irish Green; World-renowned Surgeon; Adult; Riverview; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; green eyes; workaholic; fit; brown hair; no preference on kids; ambitious/workaholic; average romance/creativity/bravery; neat; genius)

41) I enjoy working from home, cleaning, and other household chores, playing with the computer, and writing novels and articles. (Journalist;  Fish and chips; Commitment Issues; Aqua; Star News Anchor; Adult; Starlight Shores; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; green eyes; workaholic; thin; brown and grey; no preference on kids; workaholic; perfectionist; average romance/creativity/bravery; computer whiz; neat)

56) My spare time is usually spent reading and other solitary pursuits.  (Automated spell checker; Fish n’ chips; Unflirty; Grey; Professional Author; YA; Sunset Valley; Classic; Likes the outdoors; Green eyes; loner; thin; red hair; would prefer a small family; average motivation/creativity; unflirty; average bravery/neatness; bookworm)

60) I like to fix things, trying to make the world better, playing chess, amateur astronomy, and hearing interesting stories about the lives of other Sims (Desk jockey;  Hot dogs; Clumsy; Yellow; Forensics Specialist; Adult; Twinbrook; Soul; No preference for the outdoors; grey eyes; perceptive; fat; black hair; no preference for kids; average motivation/romance/creativity/intelligence/bravery/neatness; handy)

You can use ALL the answers to make your decision (not just those from this round). What 5 Bachelors are your FAVORITES? Pick the 5 you’d like to see move on to the next round.

Romance Island: Week 2, Part 1

Romance Island is a challenge where I take 8 Sims (submitted by participants) and toss them on an island in a Romantic setting (a luxurious mansion in a tropical environment). I coordinated various romantic activities for them, such as hotel stays, beach trips and scuba-diving; but leave their personal interactions to their freewill and/or mutual wishes. If a couple forms a serious romantic relationship, they will be moved off the island and pursue their own storyline. Remaining contestants will stay on the island, and fresh blood will be thrown into the mix.

Last time, we had just finished Week 1. No romances had sprung up on the island, but there was lots of flirting going on. 

Three individual dates will occur during Week 2, along with two group dates. Individual dates will be between couples with the highest mutual relationship score.


By far, the couple who has progressed the most in their relationship is Ariel and Oscar. Already good friends, these two are on the fast track to a happy ending. Therefore, they are the first couple to head out on a romantic date with just the two of them. First up, they sailed to a local beach.


They spent the day enjoying each other’s company, but also enjoying comfortable periods of downtime napping on the beach or reading.


In the evening, the rains came, but it didn’t stop them from continuing to have a good time.


Truly, they look like the belong together…and belong on this island, for that matter.


Ariel spent a little too long out in the rain. She managed to make it back to the mansion, but before getting inside she fell down frozen on the lawn. Ouch! Lucky, other Romancers were nearby and able to assist.


Kilgore spends a lot of time playing games. It’s definitely his number one pastime.


The following day, it was still a bit chilly out, but Oscar decided to head outside to grill some hot dogs for everyone, anyway.


Disaster! The hot dogs and grill caught on fire! And then Oscar caught on fire as well!


Chaos ensued. The fire department was notified. Folks grabbed extinguishers.


Sadly, it was too late for Oscar. The Grim Reaper was on his way!