Deciding the Next Bachelor: Round 6

In an effort to appease the part of me that wishes to start a new Bachelor Challenge, I’m currently running Decision: Bachelor #3. Stretching out the selection of the next Bachelor through polling entertains me but allows me to focus on playing other challenges.

Other Challenges Update: As you may have noticed, I sort of lost my desire to play the Sims. In fact, I haven’t been doing all that much PC gaming, in general. I started to fall in love with a new storyline I’m working on for my Dungeons and Dragons (well, Pathfinder) game, and it’s been distracting me during my free time. Also, in real life I am planning a wedding and a honeymoon…which is pretty darn entertaining. 😀 HOWEVER, I recently got the Sims bug again, and I’ve put in quite a bit of time playing Chauncey and Angela, expect an update about them soon.

Decision: Bachelor #3

Who will be the next Bachelor? YOU decide!

Thank you to everyone that participated in Round 5! We had 6 people voting, which was awesome! Note: You do not have to have participated in previous rounds to vote in this one!

Reminder: the Bachelor’s numbers will be the SAME. So if you have already picked out a couple potential favorites, keep an eye out for their answers. I plan on trying to include previous answers with each number. However, they will be abbreviated versions, so go back to previous rounds to see the full question and answer.

Round 5: Results

Based on the poll results, 8 Bachelors have been eliminated from the competition! 

Questions from Round 5: Do you enjoy the outdoors? What color are your eyes?

  • 2) Not really. Well, unless it’s someone’s backyard with a pool or a beach or something. I don’t hike or garden or anything like that. My eyes are brown, I think. (Vegetable slicer; Goopy Carbonara; Slob; Red; CEO of Megacorporation; YA; Barnacle Bay; Kids)
  • 27) Only when I’m surrounded by hot babes on the beach! My eyes are brown. (Report processor; Autumn salads; Commitment Issues; Yellow; Swimming in Cash; YA; Lucky Palms; Pop)
  • 14) Hmm…not really. It’s fine, I guess. I have brown eyes. (Actor; Tri-tip steak; Commitment Issues; Orange; Superstar Actor; Adult; Bridgeport; Classical)
  • 42) No, not really. My eyes are blue. (Magician; Sushi; Diva; Yellow; Renaissance Sim; Adult; Starlight Shores; Classical)
  • 43) No, there are too many germs outside, and too many people. I have blue eyes.   (Unemployed; Grilled cheese; Kleptomaniac; Red; Professional Author; YA; Starlight Shores; Indie)
  • 45) If it involves beautiful people, frozen beverages, music and a pool!!! I have brown eyes. (Beverage consultant; Ratatouille; Hot-headed; Spice Brown; Heartbreak; YA; Starlight Shores; Latin)
  • 47) Not really. Brown. (Juggler; Fried PB & Banana sandwiches; Inappropriate; Black; The Tinkerer; YA; Starlight Shores; Electronica)
  • 51) No. I’d rather be inside reading a book or working. I have green eyes.  (Trauma surgeon;  Grilled salmon; Commitment Issues; White; World-Renowned Surgeon; Adult; Starlight Shores; Indie)

Round 6: Up to 6 Bachelors will be eliminated

You will be asked to select the 6 Bachelors you would most like to see ELIMINATED (so not your favorites, but the ones you don’t like).

Question #11- How are you in social situations?; Question #12- Are you in shape? (Previous answers follow new.)

4) I love to laugh, and people consider me a pretty funny guy. I’m in pretty good shape. (Medical intern; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Orange; Perfect Garden; YA; Barnacle Bay; Classical Music; Loves outdoor activities; brown eyes.)

5)  I’m not a fan of social situations. My friends say I am a bit grumpy. I’m in good  shape. (Traffic cop; French toast; Grumpy; Irish Green; Surrounded by Family; YA; Barnacle Bay; Latin; Not a huge fan of the outdoors; brown eyes)

7)  I’m great at networking and schmoozing. Lots of folks like me, though sometimes my words get me in trouble! I’m a bit on the thin side. (City council member; Sushi; Inappropriate; Turquoise; Chess Legend; YA; Bridgeport; Classical; Doesn’t like the outdoors; lilac eyes)

8) I get excited pretty easily, but I tend to be over-emotional about things. I’ve got a very muscular body, thank you very much. (Background extra; Fruit parfait; Snob; Pink; Rich & Famous; YA; Bridgeport; Pop; No preference for outdoors; brown eyes)

9)I can be a bit of a grump…I also seem to be prone to offending people, even though I don’t mean to. I’m thin. (Spice runner; Stu Surprise; Grumpy; White; Rich & Famous; Adult; Bridgeport; Latin; No preference for outdoors; black eyes)

12) I can be awkward in social situations, perhaps because people are intimidated by my presence. I’m in great shape.  (Traffic cop; O positive; Unlucky; Black; Dynamic DNA Profiler; YA; Bridgeport; Classical; No preference for outdoors; Red eyes)

15) I am awesome. I love to party- hard! I get along with everyone. I’m in good shape. (Classified; Mac n’ Cheese; Party Animal; Blue; International Super Spy; Adult; Bridgeport; Classical; No outdoor preference; Brown eyes)

16) Fine, I guess. I get a bit nervous. People say I’m too skinny. (Musician; Hot dogs; Coward; Orange; One Sim Band; Adult; Bridgeport; Indie; Loves the outdoors; Brown eyes)

19) I love to party and have a good time. I’m also pretty funny. I’m a bit on the thin side. (Test subject; Pancakes; Party Animal; Spice Brown; Master Mixologist; YA; Bridgeport; Indie; No preference for outdoors; blue eyes)

20) I’m good at schmoozing. I’m thin.  (Spice runner; Hamburgers; Schmoozer; Aqua; Master Mixologist; YA; Bridgeport; Electronica; Likes the outdoors; green eyes)

21) Definitely grumpy. Definitely too skinny. (Test subject; Key lime pie; Insane; Lime; Creature/Robot Crossbreeder; YA; Bridgeport; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; Brown)

22) I’m friendly and have a good sense of humor. I’m thin.  (Pastry chef; Veggie burgers; Frugal; Grey; 5-star Chef; Adult; Dragon Valley; Pop; No outdoor preference; turquoise eyes)

23) I love people, and I get along with everyone. I love to laugh. I’m pretty lean.  (Investigative reporter; Cookies; Excitable; Irish Green; Star News Anchor; Adult; Dragon Valley; Kids; Likes the outdoors; Yellow eyes)

25) I’m a pretty charismatic fella, I guess. I’m thin. (Snitch; French toast; Unlucky; Irish Green; Jack of All Trades; YA; Dragon Valley; Pop; Likes the outdoors; brown eyes)

26) Fine, I guess. I’m thin-ish. (Snack hawker; Sushi; Unlucky; Purple; Jack of All Trades; Adult; Lucky Palms; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; blue-green eyes)

28) I love to party, and as long as children aren’t involved, I’m great! I am physically fit. (Pastry chef; Cheesesteaks; Party Animal; Grey; 5-star Chef; YA; Lucky Palms; Kids; Likes the outdoors; sunglasses)

29) People are annoying. I’m thin.(Gene therapist; Hot dogs; Grumpy; Yellow; World-Renowned Surgeon; Adult; Lucky Palms; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; blue eyes)

30) I love chatting with people, and I get along splendidly with kids! I’m thin. (Paperboy; French Toast; Hydrophobic; Lilac; Hit Movie Composer; YA; Lucky Palms; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; brown/sunglasses)

32) I’m a pretty friendly guy, and I am physically fit. (Military; Cookies; Coward; Black; Dynamic DNA Profiler; YA; Riverview; Latin; No preference for nature; green eyes)

36) My friends are important to me, and I’m a good listener. I love spending time with my family. I like to stay healthy. (Patrol officer; Cheesesteak; Brave; Irish Green; Surrounded by Family; YA; Riverview; Latin; Likes the outside; Grey eyes)

37) I think I’m pretty likable. I’m in great shape.(Lead guitarist; French Toast; Hopeless Romantic; Red; Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers; Adult; Riverview; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; Blue eyes)

38) I don’t have time to attend parties or go out with friends, right now, my career is number one in my life. I’m physically fit. (Resident; Spaghetti; Workaholic; Irish Green; World-renowned Surgeon; Adult; Riverview; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; green eyes)

39) I love to have a good time. Hangin’ with friends, drinkin’, havin’ some laughs. I’m on the thinner side, for now..   (Clerk at the mausoleum; Cobbler; Slob; Black; Rock Star; YA; Riverview; Electronica; Loves the outdoors; Green eyes)

40) I don’t hang out with people often. I guess you’d say I’m a bit plump.  (Aquatic ecosystem tweaker; PBJ sandwich; Loser; Yellow; Robot/Creature Cross-breeder; Adult; Starlight Shores; Kids; Likes the outdoors; brown eyes)

41) I get together with people from work sometimes. I’m pretty thin. (Journalist;  Fish and chips; Commitment Issues; Aqua; Star News Anchor; Adult; Starlight Shores; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; green eyes)

44) Social interaction is very important for me. I get lonely easily. I make being a good friend a priority.  I’m a pretty muscular guy, comes with the job.  (Military grunt; Autumn salad; Technophobe; Green; Perfect mind, Perfect Body; YA; Starlight Shores; Latin; Loves the outdoors; Green eyes)

49) I crave attention. Why else would I want to be a rock star? I’m fairly thin. (Band manager; Hot dogs; Workaholic; White; Rock Star; YA; Starlight Shores; Pop; No preference for the outdoors; sunglasses)

50) Friendships are very important to me. My career keeps me physically fit. (Juggler;  Stu Surprise; Hopeless Romantic; Grey; Master Acrobat; Adult; Starlight Shores; Classical; Loves the outdoors; hazel eyes)

53) I get along with a lot of people, and I love going to parties. I am physically fit. (Toddler sports coach;  Tri-tip steak; Snob; White; Perfect Mind, Perfect Body; YA; Sunlit Tides; Latin; Likes the outdoors; brown)

54) My computer and I get along very well. I’m fat. (Military grunt; Cobbler; Insane; Lilac; Perfect Aquarium; Adult; Sunlit Tides; Pop music; Likes the outdoors; sunglasses)

56) I prefer to be myself. I’m rather on the thin side. (Automated spell checker; Fish n’ chips; Unflirty; Grey; Professional Author; YA; Sunset Valley; Classic; Likes the outdoors; Green eyes)

57) I hate people; and I always end up saying the wrong thing. I do like making fun of people, though. I’m fit.(Spice runner; Grilled Salmon; Mean-spirited; Green; 5-star Chef; YA; Sunset Valley; Electronica; No preference for the outdoors; green eyes)

58) I prefer to be by myself. I’m thin, I guess. (Talent scout; Mac n’ cheese; Loner; White; Swimming in Cash; YA; Sunset Valley; Electronica; Loves the outdoors; grey eyes)

60) Huh…well, I try. It’s fine, I suppose. I do tend to be able to pick up on people’s character, though, you know? Well, I’m a bit on the heavy side, I’ll admit. (Desk jockey;  Hot dogs; Clumsy; Yellow; Forensics Specialist; Adult; Twinbrook; Soul; No preference for the outdoors; grey eyes.)

You can use ALL the answers to make your decision (not just those from this round). What 6 Bachelors do you wish to eliminate this round? Still don’t like people who listen to electronica? Want to keep eliminating those with commitment issues? Don’t trust guys with blue eyes?

NEW: Ask the Bachelors a question! Post your question to one or all of the Bachelors in the comments and I will try to get them to answer (if possible). I may or may not use the questions and they may not be used in the next round, but I can try to get a couple in here and there.


Jules & Sebastian Get Robbed Again!


Sebastian has mastered the athletic skill! This should help me achieve greatness in his career. Now, if only we could convince him to work on his logic skill.


Jules has a fondness for apples (she conjures them absently with her magic powers all the time). She decided to plant an apple tree in their yard.


Jules loves going to the movies, and she does so often…sometimes with Sebastian, sometimes without Sebastian.


The day after Leisure Day was a Sunday and Jules & Sebastian decided to have a family dinner. They invited Sebastian’s sister over. Sebastian’s parents couldn’t make it.



Sebastian’s sister brought his nephew, Buddy, along. Nicholas, Francisca’s husband, stayed home with their other son, Fernando. They are now pregnant with their third child.


The following day after work, Jules purchased a horseshoe court. When Sebastian got home, he joined her in a game of horseshoes.


At 5pm, they went to the movies (again!) because that is what Jules wanted to do.

Also, on this day, Jules and Sebastian BOTH came up with wishes to have their first child. Up until now, neither had expressed this desire. I was hoping we’d get to work a bit longer on their careers and lifetime goals before this happened, but the heart wants what it wants.


Geez. We have GOT to install an alarm system.


Or maybe not since Sebastian loves tackling the thieves in his underpants. He won the fight this time, and the thief didn’t manage to steal anything. However, he let her get away.

Screenshot-1244Sebastian has been promoted to traffic cop. His uniform apparently comes with a very cranky face.




His boss gave him a book to read to improve his skills- hopefully there is another promotion in the near future!


Jules entered into a local athletic competition. Athletics aren’t really her thing, but she may have been trying to work off all that movie popcorn. She didn’t win the competition, but she learned from it.

Jules was offered a job. The political people wanted her skills and offered her a better position and more money. She declined in order to follow her true passion, business. She received a promotion in the business field a couple days later, so it was the right call.



And we are going to end this post, and my current visit with Jules and Sebastian, on this happy note. Guess who is expecting their first child!! Jules is hoping for a girl. What are some good names for the newest Vanderburg?

Summary: Jules & Sebastian

Lifetime Wishes:

  • Jules- Become the CEO of Megacorporation (Business 10)
  • Sebastian- Become an International Super Spy (Law Enforcement 10)

Current Wishes:

  • Jules- Have first child; Have a girl; Reach level 5 of business career; Buy a rocking chair
  • Sebastian- Have first child; Have a girl; Earn a raise; Reach level 5 of law enforcement career


  • Jules- Report Processor (Business 3)
  • Sebastian- Traffic Cop (Law Enforcement 3)


  • Jules- Athletic 6, Cooking 5, Fishing 2, Handiness 1, Alchemy 1
  • Sebastian- Athletic 10, Cooking 3, Fishing 2, Logic 2, Social Networking 2, Alchemy 1

Current Goals and Happenings:

  • The Vanderburgs are expecting their first child
  • Jules & Sebastian try to have family dinners on Sundays since they have several relatives in town
  • The current season is fall
  • Points added to completion challenge: 0
  • We are currently focused on completing Jules and Sebastian lifetime wishes, which are also their career goals. They need to accomplish these in order to earn any points for the completion challenge

Is there additional information you’d like to see in the summary? Let me know! I’d like to make this blog as easy for you to follow along with as possible!

Seasonal Changes

As my fellow Simmers will know, a new expansion recently came out for The Sims 3 that brought seasons and weather to the world of the Sims.

I’m a huge fan of seasons and holidays, and I was torn by my desire for my Simmies to experience the full seasonal cycle during their short lifetimes with my desire to have the game reflect the mood of the real world season. I compromised (with myself?) and here is the result.

Seasons will vary in length based on the real world season- the Sims live in a world that is inside my computer box…who says their seasonal changes should behave like ours do?

Real Life Month/Season                                    Seasonal Cycle in the Sims

November (late fall)                                          Spring- 4; Summer- 8; Fall- 28; Winter- 16

December (early winter)                                 Spring- 8; Summer- 4; Fall- 16; Winter- 28

January (winter)                                                 Spring- 12; Summer- 4; Fall- 12; Winter- 28

February (late winter)                                      Spring-16; Summer- 4; Fall- 8; Winter- 28

March (early spring)                                         Spring- 28; Summer- 8; Fall- 4; Winter- 16

April (spring)                                                        Spring- 28; Summer- 12; Fall- 4; Winter- 12

May (late spring)                                                 Spring- 28; Summer- 16; Fall- 4; Winter- 8

June (early summer)                                         Spring- 16; Summer- 28; Fall- 8; Winter- 4

July (summer)                                                      Spring- 12; Summer- 28; Fall- 12; Winter- 4

August (late summer)                                         Spring- 8; Summer- 28; Fall- 16; Winter- 4

September (early fall)                                        Spring- 4; Summer- 16; Fall- 28; Winter- 8

October (fall)                                                        Spring- 4; Summer- 12; Fall- 28; Winter- 12