Round Five: The Swift Family

This is the end of Round 5 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

In this post we are going to welcome Asara Swift to the Newcrest Community!

10-02-15_8-18-32 PM

10-28-15_1-43-18 PM

Asara Swift’s new home should look familiar. She’s moved into the place that used to be occupied by the Valentine Family before they upgraded to a new home to accommodate their growing family.

10-28-15_12-13-13 PM

Asara very quickly gets into cooking almost every meal from scratch for herself. She aspires to become a master in all things culinary.

10-28-15_12-12-56 PM

The plate next to the television is a fruitcake delivered by John Smith. Fruitcakes last forever, though, so she is in no rush to eat it. Every evening for entertainment, Asara watches cooking shows on tv to learn new recipes.

10-28-15_12-06-45 PM

She also took up gardening. She’s very interested in using fresh herbs and veggies in her dishes.

10-28-15_12-05-56 PM

Most of her small income this week went toward food and house maintenance. She had to replace the toilet after it exploded water all over the bathroom.

10-28-15_11-58-12 AM

On her days off, she went down to the park to make some new friends (so she’d have someone to invite over for dinner parties, of course).

10-28-15_11-57-36 AM

She even grilled some food for everyone. Despite her efforts, though,she didn’t really connect with her fellow park-goers.

10-27-15_8-01-20 PM

She found her neighbors to be quite a friendly lot, though.

10-20-15_8-03-51 PM

She also is exploring the online world to make some new friends.

10-20-15_8-02-36 PM

In addition to cooking, she is teaching herself how to bake. Here was her first batch of brownies (out of the box, of course).

Round 5 Results: The Swift Family


  • Wishes: Admire self in mirror, make a group meal, watch culinary training videos
  • Mood: Confident
  • Aspiration: Master Chef (1/4)
  • Career: Caterer (Culinary 3)
  • Skills: Cooking (5); Video Gaming, Charisma, Baking, Gardening, Mixology (1)
  • Friends: None
  • Romantic Interests: None
  • Currently Reading: Game of Groans
  • Children: Cristina, Kayleigh
  • Most Common Emotions: Happy & Uncomfortable (well, she *was* pregnant)

Round Four: The Bubbettes Family Part 2

This is the continuation of Round 4 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

In Part 1, we saw Megera Bubbettes take a gardening-inspired vacation to Granite Falls. While there, she had a bit of heartache, and then went exploring in the deep woods where she found a cave…and then a hidden area…with a house.

07-19-15_3-38 PM

She found the owner of the home outside in his garden, happily and busily taking care of his extensive garden.

07-19-15_3-37 PM

Pablo Woo was very shy. He obviously enjoyed living alone, in the middle of nowhere. But he couldn’t help being drawn to Megera because of her interest in his plants. They conversed for a long time about nature.

07-19-15_3-35 PM

Megera realized that it was nightfall, and she had to hike all the way back to camp. She bid Pablo farewell and promised to return again the following day.

07-19-15_3-40 PM

She made it back safely to camp, and the following morning, she headed out- this time with all her camping gear in tow, so she wouldn’t have to leave early.

When she returned, Pablo wasn’t home. So she hiked more around the area admiring the scenery…

07-19-15_4-45 PM 07-19-15_4-50 PM

07-19-15_4-52 PM

And cooked some fish for lunch.

07-19-15_4-59 PM

Eventually Pablo returned, and they had a fantastic afternoon. She discovered that not only was Pablo in love with the outdoors and gardening, but he was also a little bit crazy. Just like her! They connected on a level she had never experienced before.

07-19-15_5-03 PM

The amazing day turned into an amazing evening in Pablo’s cabin. :::wink:::

The following day, she had to leave. She had to return to her garden. Pablo understood, but made her promise to return soon.

07-25-15_9-04 AM

The rest of the week went by like normal…taking care of her garden.

07-25-15_10-07 AM-3

She did visit Amber Saturday afternoon. They hung out in her living room watching TV.

07-25-15_10-11 AM-2

Megera expanded her kitchen a bit…she added another counter and a microwave.

Round 4 Results: The Bubbettes Family


  • Aspiration: Freelance Botantist (3/4)- Still seeking to max gardening skill, and to grow a cowplant.
  • Skills: Gardening (8), Cooking (6), Charisma (5), Comedy (4), Mischief (3), Fishing (3), Herbalism (2), Handiness (1), Video Gaming (1), Gourmet Cooking (1)
  • Friends: Amber, Braxton, Pablo
  • Sweetheart: Pablo
  • Age: -52 days to Adult
  • New Trait: Super Green Thumb
  • Collected 14/32 original plants; 1/10 expansion plants
  • Random Stat: Has eaten 46 meals, has cooked 18 of them

Round Four: The Bubbettes Family Part 1

This is the start of Round Four of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

07-19-15_12-26 PM

Megera Bubbettes, our neighborhood gardener, has almost perfected her gardening skill. However, there are still plants in the world that she has yet to raise. It was time to start hunting down those seeds.

Selling her practically perfect flowers, herbs and produce, allowed her to take a camping vacation to Granite Falls. She purchased all the supplies she needed- tent, cooler, camping chair, etc… and headed out for a 4 day vacation.

She met Ranger Rez Reis on her first day, and they immediately had a connection. He was outgoing and friendly, and loved the outdoors- just like her!

07-19-15_12-27 PM

During her first couple days, she explored the surrounding area and did some collecting. She continued to run into Rez, and their friendship continued to grow.

07-19-15_12-29 PM

A person in a bear costume also showed up often. The bear was mean and harassed her, and she wanted it to go away.

07-19-15_12-31 PM

She met some people while at the campsite. Campfires were held every evening and she participated. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture any photos! She enjoyed the campfires and met lots of interesting people, but no one she connected with as much as Rez.

I can’t believe I didn’t capture any photos, but she also discovered that Braxton was there…presumably staying in a cabin, and he had a lady friend with him. Megera knew that Braxton had a non-committal streak in him, but she had hoped that she’d “be the one” to change that, you know?

Megera decided it was time to go hiking in the forest. She consulted the map, packed some food, and headed out.

07-19-15_12-57 PM

While she was wondering out in the woods, she ran into Rez again. Inspired by her disappointment in Braxton, Megera made a move on Rez. He wasn’t into it, and gave her the familiar “just friends” conversation.

Feeling a bit defeated, she decided to spend a few hours fishing in the gorgeous clear mountain lake. The fish would make a delicious dinner, and any leftover could be used for fertilizer for her garden back home.

Unfortunately, only a couple hours into the fishing, Rez showed up to chat with a fellow angler. Megera left to explore the woods more.

She hiked for quite a ways when she noticed something hidden in the trees…

07-19-15_1-00 PM

Whoa! What’s that?! Megera’s surprise reflected my own! We decided to explore together.

07-19-15_1-00 PM-3

After navigating through the passage, and making several choices on which direction to go (through the spiderweb? or turn back?). Megera eventually made it to the end of the cave….

07-19-15_3-29 PM

It ended in a gorgeous scene…

07-19-15_3-31 PM-2

…her arrival felt like it should have been accompanied by very dramatic music….like from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast…”I want adventure in the great wide, somewhere….I want it more than I can bare…”

07-19-15_3-31 PM

….unblemished beauty. No fellow campers, no Ranger Rez, no stupid fake bears…

07-19-15_3-31 PM-3

07-19-15_3-31 PM-5

….wait…someone lives out here?!?!?….

Up Next: Part 2 of 2!

Round Three Achievements

We completed another achievement during Round Three.

Whimsical- Complete 100 whims across all Sims.

Sims have “whims” which are like the Sims 4 version of the “wants” from Sims 2 and the “wishes” from Sims 3. They are things the Sims desire to do at that moment. They are based on the Sims’ current emotional state, aspiration, skills, financial status, and a variety of other things. When you complete a whim, your Sim gets points they can use to buy life perks. Megera already has a perk- “Morning Person” where she gains skill faster in the morning. Since this was across all Sims, Megera, John and Amber helped to complete this achievement.

Newcrest R3 acheivments

Newcrest Round 3 Layout


Here is our updated Round 3 map. Toward the bottom, we have the new spa I just added and that Amber has visited. Our three household lived clustered in the top neighborhood. The lots are smaller and cheaper up here, which is one reason I have them all clustered (another reason is that I like having neighbors). As they gain wealth, they’ll likely purchase larger lots and redistribute themselves. Bubbettes is on the left, Valentine in the middle, and Smith on the right.

Round Three: The Valentine Family

This is the continuation of Round 3 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round 3: The Valentine Family

07-18-15_1-18 PM

The first thing Amber did when she arrived to Newcrest was apply for a job as a doctor. She wanted a career that would let her use her nurturing skills, but still let her make money. She had plans…a big family while still living in luxury.

The second thing Amber did was go to the spa. She had two days before work started and nothing else to do!

07-18-15_1-20 PM 07-18-15_1-20 PM-2

First she had a mud bath…

07-18-15_1-22 PM

…and then a rose water bath.

07-18-15_1-23 PM

After the baths, she got a back massage…

07-18-15_1-26 PM

…as well hand and foot massages.

07-18-15_1-31 PM

While she was there, she began chatting up a massage therapist named Devonte.

07-18-15_2-13 PM

On her first day of work, she met on of her colleagues- John Smith!

07-18-15_2-30 PM

She started seeing Devonte. To be honest, he wasn’t exactly her type…he lacked ambition, wasn’t particularly family-oriented, and didn’t enjoy the same sort of finery she did.

07-18-15_5-06 PM 07-18-15_5-07 PM

But, he was sweet, so by the end of the week they were an item.

07-18-15_4-08 PM

Her job went well…she started off doing mostly cleaning, making beds and greeting patients, but by the end of the week she had graduated to doing some preliminary examinations.

07-18-15_5-04 PM

John Smith walking by the house…with a fruitcake?…with a ribbon tied on it…interesting…

07-18-15_5-59 PM

Amber spent some of her free evenings shopping.

07-19-15_9-42 AM-2

She also spent some time more time at the spa.

07-19-15_9-50 AM

Towards the end of the week, she found that spending some evenings in the lounge suited her tastes.

07-19-15_9-51 AM

She mingled with some of the local wealth such as Geoffrey Landgraab.

07-19-15_9-52 AM

Some people’s definition of “party clothes” did not match the majority’s.

07-19-15_9-52 AM-2

07-19-15_9-55 AM

Adorable elderly man dancing to violin music.

07-19-15_9-57 AM

Amber came down with something on the last night while in the lounge (notice the tiger stripes). She was chatting up the bartender.

Round 3 Results: The Valentine Family


  • Aspiration: Big Happy Family (1 of 4)
  • Career: Orderly (Level 2 Doctor)
  • Skills: Charisma (2), Cooking (2), Comedy (1), Fitness (1), Logic (1), Wellness (1), Video Games (1)
  • Friends: Megera
  • Boyfriend: Devonte
  • Age: -72 days to Adult
  • Random Stat: Embarrased 4 times

Round Three: The Smith Family

This is the continuation of Round 3 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Apparently, the post office can’t operate without Colleen! Mail has been glitchy for the whole neighborhood since she moved in with John. Oh no!

Round 3: The Smith Family

07-15-15_7-10 PM

John has a lot of acquaintances. He starts a conversation with everyone he meets. He has a hard time maintaining all of those relationships, so he hasn’t gotten very close to anyone. He tries to check in on people by giving them a call after work.

07-15-15_7-10 PM-2

Colleen continues to collect natural items and catalog them.I really need to get her some more appropriate outfits that match better with her daily activities…

07-15-15_7-11 PM

Here’s a typical conversation when John first meets someone…

– Discuss world peace

– Ask a question about her/him

– Discuss a logic puzzle

– Reveal a brilliant invention

– Brighten his/her day

– Share a brilliant idea

– Tell a funny story

– Ask a question about him/her again

– Finish it out with a hug

And that’s how John handles meeting people for the first time….

07-15-15_7-14 PM

Colleen’s interactions do NOT follow the same path.

07-15-15_7-17 PM

Colleen gets the “tense” emotion every time someone she doesn’t know attempts social interaction. The feeling is called “stranger danger”. She ended up berating the GeoCouncil on the phone (she called them about her metal collection) when this little girl attempted to say “hi”.

07-15-15_9-26 PM

John is now a “Medical Assistant” at level 3 (of 10) of his career as a doctor. He can’t diagnose patients yet, but he examines them and gives out medicine.

07-15-15_9-33 PM

John and Colleen watching TV together in the evening. If she gets to the TV first, it’s sports. If he gets it first, it is either the comedy channel or the children’s network.

07-15-15_9-38 PM

John is continuing his pursuit of space.

07-17-15_7-59 PM

At work, John was trained on the X-Ray machine.

–  07-17-15_8-02 PM

John often comes home to find Colleen dancing…in the kitchen…in her pajamas.

07-17-15_8-06 PM

John got a computer. We had to put it in the kitchen since there was no room for a desk anywhere. John has been teaching himself how to program.

07-17-15_8-09 PM 07-17-15_8-09 PM-2

Colleen did meet someone who she really hit it off with. He’s another “bro” so they had a lot in common. The photos show them making fun of each other.

07-17-15_8-11 PM

John is programming. Colleen is dancing.

07-18-15_8-31 AM

They eat way too much grilled cheese. Anytime they get food on their own, it’s grilled cheese. But I never actually see them make it. Colleen must make a bunch while John is at work and leave it in the fridge.

07-18-15_8-40 AM

Colleen & John need to move to a bigger place. John’s telescope and her collection of frogs leave no room in the backyard for the pool Colleen wants, or the rocket ship John wants.

07-18-15_8-40 AM-2

Colleen also collects fossils.

07-18-15_8-41 AM

The fossils are pretty much at the boundary of the property. :/

07-18-15_8-42 AM

When he’s not programming or playing in the observatory, John visits the park so he can meet everyone in the neighborhood.

07-18-15_12-05 PM

John also decided he wanted to learn how to fix things, so when the sink broke, he fixed it himself.

Round 3 Results: The Smith Family


  • Current Aspiration: Renaissance Sim (1 of 4); this aspiration seems to have a more challenging first step than the others; he’s almost completed the final requirement of have level 4 of 4 different skills
  • Career: Medical Assistant, Level 3
  • Skills: Logic (6), Charisma (4), Programming (4), Comedy (2), Cooking (2), Handiness (2), Mischief (1), Fitness (1), Gardening (1), Video Gaming (1)
  • Friends: Colleen, Summer, Nina
  • Age: 67 days to Adult
  • Random Stat: He’s never felt boredom or sadness.


  • Current Aspiration: The Curator (2 of 4); She’s currently working on collecting 5 elements
  • Career: Non-traditional; her income has been from selling items she finds
  • Skills: Cooking (3), Comedy (2), Fishing (2), Charisma (1), Fitness (1), Gardening (1), Logic (1), Mischief (1)
  • Friends: John
  • Enemies: Zoe, Esther
  • Age: 71 days to Adult
  • Random Stat: She has felt flirty once.

Up Next: Round 3 continues with The Valentine household!