Martin Bowling: Episode 5

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Martin hadn’t found a club he enjoyed, but he had met a lot of really nice people he wanted to hang out with more.

01-08-16_3-35-13 PM

He started to invite those folks over during the evenings after work- whenever he felt up to it (some days he just wanted to play on his computer and eat Mac n’ Cheese).

01-08-16_3-37-49 PM

Martin and his new friends liked being nice to each other. This seemed to result in lots of hugs, compliments, and the baking of cakes for each other.

01-08-16_9-48-25 AM

They also enjoy playing cards together.

01-08-16_9-50-47 AM

And having dance parties. The best part of the dance parties is that everyone is so kind and optimistic, no one criticizes your dance moves, so everyone is free to be themselves.

01-08-16_9-49-56 AM

They take turns baking on every get together. These little gatherings quickly turned into a club called “The Martineers” whose members are all good, kind people who enjoy being nice to each other, baking, playing cards and dancing.

01-09-16_11-38-17 AM

Jade invited Martin to her birthday party, and he went. He felt a little out of place among Jade’s friends.

01-09-16_11-39-09 AM

He’d quickly grown very fond of his new group of friends, and missed hanging out with them.

01-09-16_11-40-28 AM

What made the situation worse- Jade pretty much ignored him the whole party. He found himself playing a game alone for awhile, contemplating his relationship with Jade.

01-09-16_11-41-55 AM

The caterer of the party was very nice, and joined Martin after she had finished serving food. Martin was grateful for the company.

Martin didn’t know what to do about Jade. Martin would be having his birthday party soon as well. Time was running out to start the family he had been planning. Was Jade the right person for that? He felt they had a strong connection, and she was very interesting to him. But was it going anywhere? Maybe he felt more strongly about her than she did about him.

He had some decisions to make.

While Martin isn’t a community Sim, and there’s no polls, I would love to hear your comments on what Martin should do! Do we pursue Jade?



Martin Bowling: Episode 4

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01-04-16_2-26-23 PM

Most days, Martin woke up, ate cereal, took a brisk shower and headed to work. When he came home he ate dinner, played on his computer and went to bed. Sometimes, he would fill out some daily reports for work for an hour or so, or maybe call one of his new friends.

01-04-16_6-54-18 PM

One of his new friends was Eliza Pancakes. Eliza invited him over to play chess on her porch one day. Martin enjoyed Eliza’s company, though he found her a bit on the materialistic side.

01-05-16_10-58-35 AM

Martin met Beckham at a bar one evening, and they hit it off pretty well. Beckham was an unemployed perfectionist, but he was also a very good person. Martin likes good people.

01-05-16_11-00-39 AM

He also made friends with Quinton, the bar tender. Quinton was a bit of a bro and a goofball, but, once again, a good guy.

01-05-16_1-23-23 PM

He came across Quinton again in town a couple nights later at a bar, and they hung out.

01-05-16_1-23-37 PM

They played several rounds of “Don’t Wake the Llama” while chatting about how to make the world a better place.

01-05-16_3-39-34 PM

Martin is still on the hunt for his perfect club and friend group. He decided to try out the Garden Gnomes. He’s a pretty squeamish guy, so the idea of playing in the dirt and fishing didn’t really appeal to him. However, he likes to keep an open mind.

01-05-16_3-41-58 PM

He was correct- this club wasn’t for him- but he met some nice people.

01-05-16_3-40-49 PM

Such as Bjorn, whom he had a bit of a bromance with during the meeting. Martin discovered Bjorn was another kind soul. They watched the clouds together.

Martin had met a couple of really good people that he’d like to hang out with all the time, but they all moved in different circles. Hmm…maybe he could get them all to meet?



Martin Bowling: Episode 3

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You can read the rest of Martin’s story: episode 1 and episode 2.

Martin & Jade work for the same corporation, so they saw each other throughout the week at work. On Friday evening, Martin was surprised to receive a phone call from Jade asking if he wanted to hang out at her place.

12-29-15_7-39-17 PM

Martin already knew that Jade was outgoing and friendly like himself, but he also learned that she was very neat & tidy. She was very ambitious and considered her career very important. Martin was impressed by her. While her physical appearance and friend group seemed to suggest “party girl” (and she was the leader of the “Partihaus” club), she was actually quite put-together.

12-29-15_7-44-22 PM

Martin tried the classic move he saw in romantic comedies on television: yawn, stretch, and put your arm around the girl.

12-29-15_7-44-28 PM

To his surprise, it worked. Martin was confused by this whole chain of events. He’d never before felt such a quick connection to someone. Skeptical thoughts sometimes ran through his mind, but Martin liked to believe most people had good intentions.

01-01-16_11-37-00 AM

Martin was still searching for his perfect club, so he decided to give “Partihaus” a try on Friday evening after a long work week. Jade seemed to enjoy hanging out with these people, so maybe he would too.

01-01-16_11-37-08 AM

The requirements were pretty simple…get together at various places to party. Martin found he rather enjoyed the partying. He liked being around so many people, and he was beginning to enjoy dancing.

01-01-16_11-36-56 AM

While Martin paid a lot of attention to Jade, he also made sure to introduce himself to pretty much everyone he met.

01-01-16_11-40-24 AM

He discovered his sweater twin at the bar! Martin ordered some juice.

01-01-16_11-40-45 AM

And not long after, Jade bounced over to the bar to join him. She ordered a bowl of chips. Martin liked how she sought him out, it made him feel wanted.

01-01-16_11-39-08 AM

Since it was Friday, Martin stayed out very late.

01-01-16_11-30-44 AM

Saturday morning was spent recovering from the night before, and reading in his pjs.

01-01-16_12-49-11 PM

Saturday afternoon he took a walk to the local cafe to meet some more people. The Avante Gardes were there, and he was friendly enough to them. He also spent a lot of time chatting to other locals in the shop. At some point, he managed to buy himself a cheesecake (I didn’t see this happen, nor did I instruct him to do so…it was the same thing with the cannoli the other day…the man really likes his desserts!).

Thanks for reading! I hope you are enjoying reading about Martin!

Martin Bowling: Episode 2

You can find Episode 1 here.

12-29-15_10-19-20 AM

Martin was searching for a place to belong, so he decided to join the Knights of the Hedge. The knights wear armor, hang around an old estate, wander a hedge maze and play chess.

12-29-15_10-23-04 AM

Martin gave an honest try, but he didn’t really click with this group. The helmet was uncomfortable, and he couldn’t see in the maze. He tried playing chess, but no one would play with him.

12-29-15_12-03-12 PM

He also tried joining the Avant Garde club one evening after work. They advertised that they discussed literature (he liked to read!), helped kids with their homework (he loved helping people!), and accepted people who didn’t fit in elsewhere (like him!). This sounded great, so Martin was looking forward to the meeting. However, he found the Avant Gardes to be stuck up, and he didn’t connect with them either.

12-29-15_12-05-12 PM

He did enjoy eating a cannoli at the meeting, though- the benefits of hanging out in a cafe!

12-29-15_3-26-10 PM

His neighbors invited him to a dance party that was happening at the Bluffs. Martin felt out of place but he tried dancing anyway. Martin was delighted to see Jade was there, and even more delighted when she came over to chat with him.

12-29-15_3-28-14 PM

Martin let loose on the dance floor, while introducing himself to everyone and making some new acquaintances.

12-29-15_3-29-27 PM

Martin decided to go for a swim at the bluffs. He attempted to do an elegant swan dive into the pool.

12-29-15_3-29-32 PM

It turned into more of a belly flop, but Martin wasn’t discouraged. He encouraged the others to join him. No one was interested…except for Jade.

12-29-15_3-30-40 PM

The evening ended with just the two of them skinny dipping in the pool. Neither Martin or myself was expecting this ending. I thought Martin was a bit on the boring side. Apparently, he has greater plans for himself than I do. Jade seemed way out of his league…

You are a fascinating dude, Martin. I’m rooting for you.


Martin Bowling: Episode 1

While I’m waiting for you folks to decide the immediate future of the content on this blog, I still wanted to play something. So, I made Martin Bowling.

12-29-15_8-41-08 AM

Martin is average. He’s a bit chubby, wears glasses, has freckles and a receding hairline, and his fashion sense…well, he likes to dress sensibly.

12-29-15_8-41-04 AM

Martin is clumsy, awkward and a bit squeamish (camping, bugs, and sweat are not things he enjoys). He is quite sociable, however, and enjoys the company of others. He loves people and making people happy. He’s a genuinely good guy. Martin desires to not only fit in, but to find a group of people he can truly connect with and be at the center of it. He is tired of being on the sidelines, the third wheel on his friends dates, and only being invited to parties that everyone is invited to.

Martin's house.png

That’s why Martin moved to Windenberg. Not only would he get a fresh start in a new town, but Windenberg was known for its sense of community. Supposedly, there was always something going on in Windenberg.

12-29-15_10-09-13 AM

Martin took a job at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated as a mailroom technician, and moved into a small house near the center of town.

12-29-15_10-14-01 AM

Shortly, after moving into his new one bedroom home, four of his neighbors came over to welcome him to the neighborhood. Starting from the left: Marcus, Eva, Jade and Paolo.

12-29-15_10-15-18 AM

Eva didn’t say much to him, she mainly chatted with everyone else. Marcus and Paolo were nice enough, but Martin wasn’t hopeful that he’d fit into this friend group. They were part of a club called “Power House”, who spent their time working out and comparing muscle mass…not something Martin was remotely interested in.

12-29-15_10-15-03 AM

Jade was different. She seemed warm and friendly. Martin also found her very attractive. Still, they didn’t seem to have much in common.

Martin did appreciate the warm welcome, though. And was pleased with the fruitcake he left them.

12-29-15_1-18-27 PM

Actually, Martin would’ve appreciated any food. He went from a home where his mother cooked all the meals, to a college where meals were prepared for him. Consequently, he had no cooking skills at all. After a failed attempt to make eggs and toast the following morning, he resorted to having the fruitcake instead.

Martin story takes an interesting turn soon, so I encourage you to check back again tomorrow evening for another update!