Martin Bowling: Episode 11

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As you may recall from our last episode, Martin’s family moved to Willow Creek into a more suitable home for their size family. Both Jade and Martin were struggling to get promotions at work. Martin and Jade were beginning to feel their age and the twins are a handful.

02-16-16_8-49-18 PM

The kids sometimes went to the park after school to play before heading home.

02-16-16_8-36-14 PM

Here is a typical weekday afternoon at the Bowling house before Martin and Jade get home from work. Benjamin is dancing to the music (just like his parents!), Isaac is focused on his homework (he is slightly more studious than the other two), and Raelyn is seeing how fast she can type on the computer.

02-19-16_2-19-08 PM

All too soon, we were throwing a birthday party for Benjamin. The few remaining Martineers (many have passed away) were in attendance along with Salvador (Isaac’s best friend) and Damien, of course (Benjamin’s best friend).

02-19-16_2-18-23 PM

It was time for Benjamin to transition into a teenager…what would his grown-up aspiration be?

02-19-16_2-19-23 PM

02-19-16_2-21-59 PM

Benjamin’s aspiration is Party Animal…he wants to throw and attend awesome parties. Benjamin is gregarious, outgoing and childish (but in a good way).

02-19-16_2-25-29 PM

Morgan, Damien, Jade and Benjamin played cards during the party.

02-19-16_10-51-10 AM

Jade has been trying to play more games to improve her critical thinking skills, which she needs to get promoted.

02-20-16_12-33-08 PM

Eventually, Jade buys a chess table to focus on her skills even more. Still no promotion, though.

02-20-16_8-53-18 PM

The kids are tired and bored after coming home from school.

02-20-16_2-32-14 PM

Both the sink and the fridge are broken, and all of Martin’s next paycheck will be going towards their repair.

02-20-16_2-37-53 PM

02-20-16_8-54-39 PM

Benjamin agrees to watch a kid movie with his younger siblings…he likes that sort of thing.

02-20-16_4-09-15 PM

Raelyn had an embarrassing day at school, and she tells Jade all about it that night.

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Martin Bowling: Episode 9

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02-03-16_7-44-38 PM

Martin has become the primary cook in the Bowling-Rosa household. He enjoys making Taco Casserole. When Benjamin came along and the Martineers started meeting less frequently, and sometimes at the park, they ran out of cake, so Martin had to learn how to cook.

02-03-16_9-24-42 AM

Martin took Benjamin with him to the meetings of Martineers in the park. That is where Benjamin first met Damien.

02-03-16_9-22-42 AM

Damien is a normal, good kid. His only quirk is that he has a fondness for keeping things very neat.

02-03-16_9-25-22 AM

Damien quickly became Benjamin’s best friend.

02-03-16_9-26-52 AM

Martin playing chess with a random guy at the park (he turned out to be evil and Martin didn’t like him).

02-03-16_8-03-09 PM

Despite Jade’s desire to move forward in her career and their limited finances, Jade and Martin decided to have another child. Jade was pregnant after their first try.

02-04-16_12-07-46 PM

Benjamin had a bad day at school, so when he came home he hid under his blankets for awhile. Eventually, he got up and called Damien who made him feel better.

02-04-16_10-45-00 AM

Later, Martin helped Benjamin with his homework, and by the end of the evening, he was feeling better.

02-04-16_2-47-07 PM

Come on!! Their appliances are now getting old and break all the time. It seems like the repairman is over everyday!

02-04-16_10-39-14 AM

A few days later, Damien came over, and they played “Don’t Wake the Llama!”

02-04-16_12-56-32 PM

Jade is having another tough pregnancy….here she is at 3am pausing her consumption of taco casserole to rub her sore back. 😦



Martin Bowling: Episode 7

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01-18-16_3-22-14 PM

After the wedding, life continued on as usual. Martin & Jade went to work and came home (at the same time, thanks to having jobs at the same place). And Martin and Jade continued having their club meetings.

01-26-16_8-19-05 AM

Not too long after, Jade developed the infamous baby bump- a little Martineer was on the way!

Jade continued leading Partihaus…she spent more time eating chips at the bar, in the bathroom, and chatting than dancing, but Martin’s new moves were enough for both of them.

01-26-16_8-24-51 AM

Hmm…apparently, in the Sim world, there is a correlation between the “good” trait and red hair. 

The Martineers continued to gather for cake, cards and dancing. Here we see Martin playing with Quinton, Morgan and Annabelle.

01-26-16_8-24-34 AM

While not an official member, Jade enjoyed spending time with the Martineers. In the above photo, Haleigh is showing her a photo on her phone.

01-26-16_8-21-25 AM

Jade has been RAVENOUS during her pregnancy. She seems to have been eating way more than pregnant Simmies usually do. Fortunately, the Martineers provide a constant stream of cake.

01-26-16_10-36-50 AM

As the baby’s arrival drew closer, Jade needed to nap more often.

The Martineers decided to have some of their meetings in the park, so that Jade could have more quiet time.

01-26-16_10-34-52 AM

Not wanting to fall behind in her work, Jade also was making an effort to work from home to get ahead before the baby arrived.

In the next episode, we will get to meet the offspring of Martin and Jade Bowling!