Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 2 Part C

Host: Welcome back to round 2 of the Bachelor. We’ve seen a group date to the bar and Tanner chose Steven for the one-on-one. Up next we have the final party of the round and the Garden Ceremony.

02-19-15_8-31 PM

Tanya: We tend to meet at this table quite a bit.

02-19-15_8-32 PM

Tanner: I know! I enjoy our nice quiet eating time. It’s peaceful on the porch this early in the morning.

02-19-15_8-32 PM-2

Tanner: Maybe it’s fate. Afterall, we both chose to have franks and beans for breakfast.

02-19-15_8-42 PM

Anna: Karina? What exactly are you supposed to be? It’s a costume party!

Karina: Sweetie, there is never a good reason to dress like a hot dog.

02-19-15_8-45 PM

Tanner: Drinking with this helmet on his hard. :::thunk::: Owww!

02-19-15_8-45 PM-2

02-19-15_8-48 PM

Madilyn: You there. One Buffalo Wing Tea, please.

02-19-15_8-49 PM

Tanner: Oh, guess what, I finally beat that level on the game. Whew. It was hard work.

02-19-15_8-49 PM-2

02-19-15_8-51 PM

Host: Tanner and Anna both spent hours dancing and talking with everyone else. Tanner chatted with Anna, and the folks sitting at the nearest table, but he was dancing the whole time. Such stamina!

02-19-15_10-28 PM

Host: It’s time.

02-19-15_10-28 PM-2

Tanner: And the people I’d like to stay for the next round are…

02-19-15_10-29 PM

Tanner: Steven

02-19-15_10-30 PM

Tanner: Tanya

02-19-15_10-30 PM-3

Tanner: Anna

02-19-15_10-31 PM-2

Tanner: Stephanie

02-19-15_10-32 PM

02-19-15_10-32 PM-2


Tanner: Madilyn

02-19-15_10-33 PM


Host: Karina. I’m sorry. Take a moment. Say your goodbyes.

02-19-15_10-34 PM

Tanner: Thank you for being here, Karina. I wish your the best. I know you’ll find happiness.


The Bachelor 4.1: Round 2 Part B

Host: Welcome to another exciting episode of the Bachelor. Who will be the next One-on-One? Find out today on the Bachelor!

02-15-15_6-12 PM

Host: The following day was a relaxation day in the house. Time to catch up on sleep and hygiene…some contestants chose to do both at the same time.

02-15-15_7-38 PM

Anna was seen cleaning the house more than once. Thankfully someone in the house is domestic.

02-15-15_7-46 PM

Tanner: “…she walked up to me and she asked me to dance. I asked her a name and in a dark brown voice she said…”

02-18-15_6-53 PM

Tanya: :::nomnomnom::::

Tanner: :::nomnomnom:::

02-18-15_6-56 PM

Anna: WHO ON EARTH HAS BEEN HIDING DISHES BEHIND THE STAIRS?! Good gravy, people. It’s not hard to wash a dish.

02-19-15_3-38 PM

Fire: :::crackle:::

02-19-15_3-38 PM-2

Tanner: ARG! Defeated again!

02-19-15_3-39 PM

Tanner: Just one more time…

02-19-15_4-13 PM

Host: Tanner chose to take Steven to the park for the one-on-one. They went explored the park and did some fishing.

02-19-15_4-14 PM-3

Steven was feeling a bit impish and did some teasing in the morning. Tanner was not amused.

02-19-15_4-15 PM

But Steven quickly turned the conversation around by bringing up the Lightning Llamas again.

02-19-15_4-15 PM-2

Tanner: I enjoy playing games in my free time. Do you?

02-19-15_4-15 PM-4

Tanner: So, do you think the Lightning Llamas will make the playoffs?

02-19-15_4-17 PM-2

Steven: Your arm muscles are stunning. Do you work out?

02-19-15_4-17 PM-3

Tanner: Hmm…if I move this guy here…

02-19-15_4-18 PM

Steven: Play another round? Maybe I’ll let you win this time.

02-19-15_4-18 PM-3


02-19-15_4-18 PM-4

Tanner: He can run fast. Am I supposed to chase him?

02-19-15_4-19 PM

Steven: Sorry. My stomach was telling me there was food over here!

Tanner: Well, at least give me a warning next time!

02-19-15_4-19 PM-2

Steven: Have you heard of this thing called “rain” or “thunderstorms”? Apparently, water used to come down from the sky. Previous generations experienced it, but I’ve never seen it. Think it’ll come back?

02-19-15_4-19 PM-3

Tanner: Have you figured out how to use the coffee machine in the house?

02-19-15_4-19 PM-5

Steven: I’m envious of the bed you have. They beds they gave the contestants are so small.

02-19-15_4-19 PM-4

Steven: I’m so glad you picked me for this one-on-one. I had a great time. I think we make a great couple!

Tanner: I had a really good time as well. Thanks for being here.

02-19-15_4-22 PM-2

Tanner: “I remember the night, I remember the sound, I remember the light, When the moon came ’round, The night flowers bloomed, The air so sweet, I remember you, I remember me”


Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Round 2 Part A

Host: Welcome to another exciting round of the Bachelor! Last round Tanner said goodbye to Sofia who had showed him little more than her materialistic nature. Who will he eliminate this round?

02-15-15_3-17 PM

The group date took place a local bar. 

02-15-15_3-21 PM

The contestants chatted with locals and each other, drank and of course tried to score some alone time with the Bachelor. 

Tanner: Having the bar for the group date this round allowed me to see another side of the girls. They made friends with some of the locals and I got to see how they handle outside social situations.

02-15-15_3-22 PM

Madilyn: This is such a great little place. I had never been here before, it has a nice homey-feel with the couch setup.

02-15-15_3-23 PM

Tanner: And then the crowd went wild. Yeah, so my first concert was pretty cool.

02-15-15_3-23 PM-4

Madilyn: Tanner, you have such a great laugh. It’s contagious!

02-15-15_3-25 PM-2

Tanya: I just want you to know I do want to be here, and I am serious about this process. I am just really shy. 

02-15-15_3-25 PM-3

Tanya: Hmm…yes, I very much enjoyed one I read recently about an ogre and a dragon. It had a lot of action, but also made me laugh out loud.

02-15-15_3-26 PM

Tanner: I finished one last week about this guy who escapes from prison. It was based on a true story, so it was very interesting.

02-15-15_3-59 PM

Steven: So did you see the Lightning Llamas last game? Woo…that last catch was unbelievable.

02-15-15_3-59 PM-5

Tanner: You seem really creative, have you ever tried playing a musical instrument?

02-15-15_3-59 PM-7

Steven: Oh yeah, I used to volunteer at one of their other agencies. 

02-15-15_4-01 PM

Anna: Well, you’ll just need to try my recipe then. I guarantee they are delicious.

02-15-15_4-02 PM-3

Anna: Okay, so I need to be upfront here. Just to make sure we aren’t wasting anyone’s time. So, I want a lot of kids…like as many as possible. Is that something you are okay with?

02-15-15_4-02 PM-4

Tanner: I would definitely be open to a lot of children. We can form our own band!

02-15-15_4-04 PM

Karina: I can’t believe the fashion sense of some of these girls. It’s ridiculous.

02-15-15_4-04 PM-3

Tanner: I don’t see anything wrong with how anyone dresses.

02-15-15_4-04 PM-4

Karina: Anna is totally obsessed with having children. Personally, I don’t want them. They are goopy messes who cry all the time. 

02-15-15_4-05 PM

Stephanie: This music is great! Having fun?

02-15-15_4-06 PM-4

Tanner: Yeah, I’m having a great time. Hey, I know this song!

02-15-15_4-06 PM-3

Stephanie: :::kisses his hands::: You are looking good tonight! I wish it was just the two of us here!

02-15-15_5-44 PM

Stephanie: So I heard on the news that there were going to be some new career opportunities opening up around here…doctors, detectives, scientists, and maybe photographers?

Random Guy: :::drunk dancing::: Do a dittle lance….lake a mittle dove…

02-15-15_5-45 PM

Host: Apparently when Anna gets drunk, she does push-ups.

02-15-15_5-47 PM

And that’s it for this episode of the Bachelor! Thanks for reading!

Author Note: Feel free to guess the traits of any of the contestants (that aren’t yours) in the comments. I am trying to show, not tell, you their traits.

Bachelor Challenge 4.1: Part D

Host: Welcome to the final episode of the first round of the Bachelor! 

02-13-15_1-31 PM 02-13-15_1-31 PM-2

This afternoon we had a Black & White cocktail party. 

02-13-15_1-32 PM

Madilyn: Arg! There are too many people here. I didn’t even get to use the shower this morning.

02-13-15_1-32 PM-2

Madilyn: Sorry  to vent. I just think everyone is in a bad mood today. This process is hard on all of us.

02-13-15_1-35 PM

Tanya: Sorry, I’m a bit of a loner, so this whole process is stressful for me.

02-13-15_1-37 PM

Steven: Man, we really need to get volunteers to clean the house. The kitchen is a mess.

02-13-15_1-39 PM

Host: Everyone was in a foul mood during the cocktail party. It had been a long week. The Bachelor pretty much just listened to everyone vent the whole time.

02-13-15_1-41 PM

Host: Karina went so far as to yell at him, and Sofia pass out early on in the evening. 

02-14-15_4-44 PM

Host: The girls had a short break, and then it was time for the Garden Ceremony.

02-14-15_4-45 PM

Tanner: I would like to thank each and every one of you for being here and for taking this process seriously.  I can definitely see my future spouse here. Of course, if any of you aren’t feeling the same, please feel free to leave. There will be no hard feelings, I want everyone to be 100% committed and comfortable with the process. 

My first choice for who I’d like to stay is…Stephanie.

02-14-15_4-46 PM

Next, I would like Anna to stay.

02-14-15_4-50 PM


02-14-15_4-52 PM


02-14-15_4-52 PM-2


Host: There is only one spot remaining…

02-14-15_4-53 PM

Take your time, Tanner.

02-14-15_4-53 PM-2 02-14-15_4-54 PM

Tanner: Karina.

02-14-15_4-54 PM-2

Host: Sofia, please say your goodbyes.


We hope you enjoyed this episode of the Bachelor. We’ll have the first episode of Round 2 posted soon!



Bachelor 4.1: Round #1 Part C

Host: Welcome to another exciting episode of The Bachelor! It’s time for the Bachelor to pick his first one-on-one.

Today’s one-on-one will take place in a garden next to the house where the Bachelor and his chosen contestant will be able to spend some quality time together in private.

02-11-15_12-13 PM

Tanner: I chose Stephanie for first one-on-one because I feel we have a lot in common. She’s seems like a good person and I was interested in getting to know her better.

02-11-15_12-14 PM

Stephanie: …because pepper water would make them sneeze!!! :::chuckles::: Sorry, I like corny jokes.

02-11-15_12-14 PM-2

Tanner: :::hilarious laughter:::: They slide down the banana-ster ::::more laughing::: You are just full of these animal jokes, Stephanie.

Stephanie: Yeah, well I like to make people feel comfortable and I find jokes break the ice really well!

02-11-15_12-14 PM-3

Stephanie: But seriously, I just wanted you to know that I am totally in this. I really want to find love. In fact, it’s the most important thing in my life, to find that special someone.

02-11-15_12-15 PM

Stephanie: I know the rose ceremony used to be apart of the Bachelor, but can no longer be used. So, I am offering you this rose instead.

Tanner: Really? Thank you, that’s very sweet.

02-11-15_12-16 PM

Tanner: I’m looking for a girl who is really down to earth and genuine. It’s important that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. 

02-11-15_12-16 PM-2

Stephanie: I’ve definitely dated a few guys in the past, but none of them have been serious about settling down. I’m interested in finding the one person, you know? I’m ready to commit.

02-11-15_12-17 PM

Host: After the one-on-one,  the Bachelor and contestants spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the mansion. 

02-11-15_12-19 PM

The most activity of the day was watching adventure movies on the big screen TV.

02-11-15_12-20 PM

Contestants continued to form friendships. 

02-11-15_12-22 PM 02-11-15_12-22 PM-2 02-11-15_12-22 PM-3 02-11-15_12-23 PM

See? They were in their all day…with people coming and going. 

02-11-15_12-24 PM

Tanya preferred to get away from the crowds as they seem to stress her out a little.

02-11-15_12-24 PM-2

Anna enjoyed the company of others, but when she wasn’t interested in the movie, she opted for a book instead.

Next time on the Bachelor…

The final event of this round- the cocktail party, and then the garden ceremony where one of our contestants will be eliminated!



Host: Welcome back for another exciting episode of the Bachelor!

02-10-15_10-45 PM

Yesterday we had our first group “date” where the ladies introduced themselves to the Bachelor. Today there are no plans. In between each set of dates there is a rest and relaxation day at the house. There is plenty to do in the house multiple living areas with a television, computers, books, exercise equipment, stereo and even a chess board.

02-11-15_12-24 PM 02-11-15_12-24 PM-3 02-11-15_12-27 PM

Some contestants sought out some alone time while playing video games.

02-11-15_12-25 PM

Tanner, the Bachelor himself, escaped the crowd with a video game at one point during the day.

02-11-15_10-00 AM

The house is even equipped with musical instruments, which our musically-inclined Bachelor found right away.

Tanner: “Why does it always rain on me? Even when the sun is shining, I can’t avoid the lightning…”

02-11-15_10-03 AM

Host: Other contestants took the time to make sure they were looking good for the Bachelor.

02-11-15_10-05 AM

Stephanie: Hmm…yeah…I don’t know how to make Baked Alaska either. 

02-11-15_10-08 AM

Tanner: Everybody’s dancing in the moonlight…

02-11-15_10-15 AM

Host: The contestants are beginning to get to know each other and friendships are forming.

02-11-15_10-16 AM

Host: The Bachelor took advantage of the treadmill and got in a good run.

02-11-15_10-21 AM

As usual, Tanner was the first one in bed. It’s an important day for him tomorrow, though, his first one-on-one. 

Has the Bachelor already made up his mind about who he is choosing for his first one-on-one?

Find out next time in another exciting episode of The Bachelor!


Bachelor 4.1: Round #1 Part A

Moderator Note: Autonomy is a key component in the Bachelor challenges. At the start of the challenge, I setup a spreadsheet that contains all the venues for dates, the schedule of events, a short list of actions that will be initiated by me to encourage the process and the calculation (yes, I said calculation) that determines who is selected for a 1-0n-1. Aside from the pre-determined actions and making sure everyone gets where they need to be, I pretty much focus my attention on the Bachelor making sure his needs are met and he stays in a good mood. The girls are free to fend for themselves. They are also free to approach the Bachelor on their own. In order to maintain a good story, I’m going to refrain from breaking the 4th wall within these posts. However, should you wish to know more, please leave your behind-the-scenes questions in the comments and I’ll add them to the FAQ. Feel free to leave other comments as well. I adore comments. Okay, on with the show!

Host: Welcome to the first installment of the Sims 4 Bachelor! Bachelor 4.1 is Tanner Palmer a budding musician with a good heart. Will he find his true love on the Bachelor?

02-10-15_9-41 PM

Host: Our contestants arrived at midnight. One Bachelor, 7 contestants. They were instructed to choose their bedrooms and get a good night sleep.

02-10-15_9-40 PM-2

02-10-15_9-41 PM-2

02-10-15_10-26 PM

Our Bachelor was up early and made everyone scrambled eggs for breakfast.

02-10-15_10-29 PM

Sofia (in the red) was quick to sit across from the Bachelor, and was therefore able to get in the first real conversation of the day.

02-10-15_10-29 PM

But Anna (white with pink) decided to eat her breakfast while standing next to the Bachelor so she could get in on the coversation.

02-10-15_10-35 PM

After breakfast, the group spread out. Today’s group day was just a day at the house where contestants could settle in, but also find the time to talk with Bachelor before he had to make his 1 on 1 decision! Madilyn got to him first.

Madilyn: I’m so excited to be here and to meet you. I am glad they picked you. I heard you were a musician and I am really into music. 

Tanner: Really? Nice. Yeah, I’m just getting started, but music is definitely my thing. What sort of music do you like?

02-10-15_10-36 PM

Tanya: Hi…erm…well, I’m Tanya. It’s really nice to meet you. Sorry, I’ve just been…umm…feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are just so many people living in this house.

Tanner: Oh, I know, right? I’m with you, there. Definitely a lot of people. So, what sorts of things are you into?

02-10-15_10-38 PM

Tanya: Hi Steven! It’s so good to see you again. 

Steven: Tanya! I was looking for you. Hope you are feeling better!


02-10-15_10-38 PM-2

Tanner: Hi, I don’t think we’ve met.

Steven: No, we haven’t! I’m Steven.

Tanner: Nice to meet you, Steven. That’s a great sweater.

02-10-15_10-40 PM

Anna: And then what happened?

Tanner:  The garage totally exploded!!!! Man, we got in so much trouble after that.

02-10-15_10-42 PM

Karina: Hmm…looks like Tanya might have a thing for Steven. It’d probably be best to let her down soon. Less complications, more time for the rest of us.

Tanner: Really? I thought they were just friends. She didn’t seem like his type…

02-10-15_10-43 PM-2

SofiaI love this pool. I’m disappointed there isn’t a hot tub. My future home will definitely have a hot tub.

Stephanie: A hot tub would have been fun. So, Tanner, how are you doing? Everything going good so far?

Tanner: Oh definitely. I’m totally stoked to be here, particularly around all these attractive singles. 


Host: And that will wrap up the first part of round 1. Anyone have any favorites yet? Who are you rooting for? Part B will be arriving shortly.