Bachelor 4.3: Episode 12- Let’s Go Swimming


If you need a refresher, or if this is your first visit, head back to episode 1..

Only four participants remain. Will Dalton fall in love with one of them?

Erica makes Dalton feel at ease. He can easily see her in his friend circle….gardening, hiking, or hanging out by the campfire. But is there the potential for romance?

With Karissa, Dalton felt an immediate spark. Karissa received both the first impression save in round one, and the first kiss. But are they connecting on a deeper level?

Sabrina seems to have the full package. Dalton finds her attractive and they get along. But do they have enough common interests?

And then there is Penelope. After her many failed romantic attempts, why is she still around? Dalton appreciates her effort and values someone who is willing to work hard at a relationship.

Which of them is right for Dalton? Are any of them?

03-14-16_11-37-17 AM

In this episode, Round 4 starts off with a trip to the bluffs for a day of swimming.

03-14-16_11-43-10 AM

Erica was quick to turn the conversation flirty.

03-14-16_11-44-46 AM

And was the first to have some alone time with Dalton.

03-14-16_11-45-58 AM

Penelope joined the conversation as they discussed how they get ready for a date.

03-14-16_11-46-20 AM

And what sort of restaurants they like to eat at when going out.

03-14-16_11-46-34 AM

Obviously, Dalton would prefer to go somewhere that has grilled cheese available, in case of rain.

03-14-16_11-47-15 AM

Penelope’s restaurant priorities involve desserts.

03-14-16_11-49-12 AM

Karissa was feeling pretty bummed for much of the day.

03-14-16_11-49-18 AM

Karissa: It’s hard. I hate having to share you with a bunch of other people. I’m not really interested in talking to them.

03-14-16_11-50-08 AM

Sabrina: Hey, want to hear a joke about dinosaurs? One dinosaur asks another dinosaur ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’

03-14-16_11-51-03 AM

Sabrina got snuggled up to Dalton, while a depressed Karissa took a nap on the rocks.

03-14-16_11-51-08 AM

Karissa was a bit upset she had to share Dalton on this date, and she wasn’t happy with the other girls.

03-14-16_11-52-35 AM

Penelope also found some alone time with Dalton.

03-14-16_11-53-51 AM

Dalton joined Karissa on the bench to try to cheer her up. It didn’t seem to help much.

03-14-16_2-17-59 PM

That evening, Erica went out to water the flowers.

03-14-16_2-18-18 PM

While Penelope played the piano.

03-14-16_2-19-27 PM

Sabrina did a bit of cooking.

03-14-16_2-19-39 PM

And Karissa ate some more food.


Introducing the Adventures of Blossom May

Yay! I fixed Origin! Since there is a limited-time spring themed challenge, I’ve jumped right into that. The posts about Blossom will be short diary-style blurbs that track my challenge. I’ll work on updating the other stories shortly. 

03-31-16_9-25-04 AM.png

This is Blossom May. She just moved into Willow Creek to participate in the Spring Challenge.

blossom may

Blossom loves to collect things found in nature…that’s why she’s trying the Spring Challenge. She loves the outdoors and taking selfies. She is a cheerful person, but she’s a bit introverted and requires alone time.

03-31-16_9-25-06 AM

She’s going to be updating her progress on the challenge which consists of two parts: growing Growfruit trees, and collecting 12 different decorated eggs.

03-31-16_9-28-08 AM

Blossom moved into a tiny home in Willow Creek. She has no job, and is hoping to get buy on selling the items she collects or grows.

Good luck, Blossom!

Origin Problems

I upgraded to Windows 10, and now I can’t get Origin to work properly. I uninstalled & attempted to reinstall Origin, but it’s not working. I can’t play the Sims without Origin. We’ve been pretty busy, and when I sit down to take a break, I want to play a game, not fix Origin, so it may take a little while before things are running smooth again. I think I still have a bit of write-up to do, so I may be able to post those shortly.

Bachelor 4.3: Contestant #4

We are still accepting submissions for Bachelor 4.3. This Bachelor strongly prefers female contestants, so female contestants will be given preference for the sign-ups in this competition.

To submit a contestant, go here. The submission form is roughly the same as last time with a few tweaks for clarity and I rehashed the Bachelor-contest specific section.

Submissions will close TONIGHT- Saturday @ midnight eastern USA.

Here’s our fourth contestant for the Bachelor….meet Sabrina Holland.

12-01-15_11-22-54 AM

Sabrina is searching for her one true love, but knows you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince. Sabrina is outgoing, cheerful, kind and caring. She loves people and enjoys spending time with friends.

12-01-15_11-22-45 AM

She loves cooking for herself and for others. She works in the culinary industry.

Sabrina was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)

Bachelor 4.3: Accepting Contestants

Update: All Bachelor Contestants will be saved to the in-game (online) Gallery so a cloud backup of each Sim will exist.

I’m still looking for more input on the future of the blog after my computer meltdown. However, so far we have a tie between rebooting the previous series and only doing shorter challenges. Both of these options would allow for a Bachelor challenge.

I’m now accepting contestants for Bachelor 4.3. You may resubmit the same contestant information by choosing the option in the survey. If your re-submitted Sim was made by me from scratch, I will need to remake them- so they will likely look different.

I will only be using SEVEN sims for this challenge…to keep things quick and easy (more than 7 requires multiple households). You are encouraged to submit multiple Sims. If I have more than seven, candidates will go through a selection/casting process based on a variety of to-be-determined criteria (mainly related to compatibility with the Bachelor).

The new form has been updated! I’ve added a few new questions related to clubs and body shape, as well as rewording some questions in the Bachelor-specific section. Let me know what you think!

If you don’t like the below embedded form, you can go here.

Martin Bowling: Episode 2

You can find Episode 1 here.

12-29-15_10-19-20 AM

Martin was searching for a place to belong, so he decided to join the Knights of the Hedge. The knights wear armor, hang around an old estate, wander a hedge maze and play chess.

12-29-15_10-23-04 AM

Martin gave an honest try, but he didn’t really click with this group. The helmet was uncomfortable, and he couldn’t see in the maze. He tried playing chess, but no one would play with him.

12-29-15_12-03-12 PM

He also tried joining the Avant Garde club one evening after work. They advertised that they discussed literature (he liked to read!), helped kids with their homework (he loved helping people!), and accepted people who didn’t fit in elsewhere (like him!). This sounded great, so Martin was looking forward to the meeting. However, he found the Avant Gardes to be stuck up, and he didn’t connect with them either.

12-29-15_12-05-12 PM

He did enjoy eating a cannoli at the meeting, though- the benefits of hanging out in a cafe!

12-29-15_3-26-10 PM

His neighbors invited him to a dance party that was happening at the Bluffs. Martin felt out of place but he tried dancing anyway. Martin was delighted to see Jade was there, and even more delighted when she came over to chat with him.

12-29-15_3-28-14 PM

Martin let loose on the dance floor, while introducing himself to everyone and making some new acquaintances.

12-29-15_3-29-27 PM

Martin decided to go for a swim at the bluffs. He attempted to do an elegant swan dive into the pool.

12-29-15_3-29-32 PM

It turned into more of a belly flop, but Martin wasn’t discouraged. He encouraged the others to join him. No one was interested…except for Jade.

12-29-15_3-30-40 PM

The evening ended with just the two of them skinny dipping in the pool. Neither Martin or myself was expecting this ending. I thought Martin was a bit on the boring side. Apparently, he has greater plans for himself than I do. Jade seemed way out of his league…

You are a fascinating dude, Martin. I’m rooting for you.


Round Six: Flasterdasher

General Sims: As it turns out, my oral surgery decreased my playtime! I mainly wanted to sleep while on the pain medication, and even when not tired staring at the screen gave me a headache. I’m pretty much recovered now (I still have some minor mouth pain, and my diet is limited, but nothing that impacts gaming). Of course, now I’m trying to catch-up on all the things I didn’t manage to do while recovering. 🙂

Bachelor Updates: As you know, all the contestant have been posted. I’ve also created the Bachelor Mansion (and additional housing for other Sims) and placed everyone. I’ve created a highly detailed spreadsheet dealing with the mechanics of the challenge. I’m almost ready to begin playing.

New Contest: I LOVE the new expansion. And my interest in the new club feature may have distracted me enough where I took less photos this week.

This is the middle of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: The Flasterdasher Family

Refresher: Lola lives alone. This young career-girl has little time for romance while she tries to become a top-notch mixologist (bartender).  Since Lola lives alone and works a job we can’t visit, her week goes by pretty quickly…

12-11-15_7-05-15 PM

Lola had so many things in her house break this week, that she had to call to get things repaired. I believe the television, fridge, and bathroom sink were all broken at the same time.

12-11-15_7-05-11 PM

Lola’s normal days consist mostly of working odd hours (evenings/nights), taking care of her needs and home, practicing her culinary skills, and yoga.

12-11-15_3-14-06 PM

On her days off, she hangs out with two different groups…The Upper Crusts (foodies) and The Good Timers (like to hang out in pubs). She did hang out at a pub one night this week, but apparently I didn’t get a shot of it.

12-11-15_3-15-06 PM

This is Mila Munch, she is in both groups of friends!

12-11-15_3-14-21 PM

The biggest news this week is that Lola was able to purchase a bar!! Finally! She can now practice mixing drinks.

Round 6 Results: Flasterdasher Family


  • Aspiration: Master of Mixology (0)
  • She is almost to level 1, now that she can afford a bar. She just has to make a few more drinks.
  • Career: Culinary (4)- Mixologist
  • Skills: 8- cooking; 4- charisma; 3- mixology, gourmet cooking, wellness, comedy; 1- fitness, handiness, logic, mischief, videogaming
  • Friends: Mila, Bjorn and Cedric
  • Romantic Interests: Bjorn, Don, Leo
  • Clubs: The Good Timers, Upper Crusts