Computer Meltdown

My computer has been suffering from some hardware issues for months…something is loose or corrupt, but I can’t afford to fix it at the moment, so I’ve been limping along with hack fixes that make things tolerable. My computer had a bit of a meltdown in early fall which was remedied with a system recovery of the partition containing Windows. Last time, I had the opportunity to copy my Sims files before the recovery.

This weekend I had to do another recovery, but there was no getting in to save the Sims files beforehand. Unlike games on Steam, my saves are not backed up on Origin, so I lost everything. Disappointingly, not even the “my library” part of the gallery saves…so I lost all my Sims too, which I didn’t think would happen…I thought they were online in the gallery, and therefore safe. Until, I realized the library was gone, I had planned on just setting up the challenges over again. But now, I will have to rebuild each Sim from scratch. This will not only take awhile, but the ones that are built entirely from scratch will look different as my skill in Sim building is mediocre. The ones that I downloaded from other Sim users will look the same.

I feel like this is likely more frustrating for you, my dear reader, who has to keep filling out surveys over and over again with promises of completed challenges that are not fulfilled. I enjoy clean slates, so I may not be quite as annoyed as you.

What should I do?

  • Rebuild the existing challenges to the best of my ability using the data supplied in the surveys and my memory. The Community Town will have to be restarted, but with the same characters.
  • Start the existing challenges over again, allowing people to resubmit characters but also add in new ones. I’ll tweak the rules and the forms based on what I learned from the existing challenges.
  • Start shorter challenges that still require Sims, but can be completed quickly, and only do one at a time. For example, the 7-contestant Bachelor challenge is resolved in a few weeks, and I’ve completed many of those.
  • Refrain from challenges requiring reader-submitted Sims until my computer issues are resolved (hopefully by the summer). Instead, do stories with Sim created by me such as Legacy challenge, or short challenges involving one Sim reaching certain goals, etc..

Of course, I will take into account my preferences, but I really want to know what you would like to most read/participate in. Thank you! Feel free to leave a comment sharing your favorite type of challenge to read, or favorite story of mine, if you’ve been here awhile.



Round Six: Flasterdasher

General Sims: As it turns out, my oral surgery decreased my playtime! I mainly wanted to sleep while on the pain medication, and even when not tired staring at the screen gave me a headache. I’m pretty much recovered now (I still have some minor mouth pain, and my diet is limited, but nothing that impacts gaming). Of course, now I’m trying to catch-up on all the things I didn’t manage to do while recovering. 🙂

Bachelor Updates: As you know, all the contestant have been posted. I’ve also created the Bachelor Mansion (and additional housing for other Sims) and placed everyone. I’ve created a highly detailed spreadsheet dealing with the mechanics of the challenge. I’m almost ready to begin playing.

New Contest: I LOVE the new expansion. And my interest in the new club feature may have distracted me enough where I took less photos this week.

This is the middle of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: The Flasterdasher Family

Refresher: Lola lives alone. This young career-girl has little time for romance while she tries to become a top-notch mixologist (bartender).  Since Lola lives alone and works a job we can’t visit, her week goes by pretty quickly…

12-11-15_7-05-15 PM

Lola had so many things in her house break this week, that she had to call to get things repaired. I believe the television, fridge, and bathroom sink were all broken at the same time.

12-11-15_7-05-11 PM

Lola’s normal days consist mostly of working odd hours (evenings/nights), taking care of her needs and home, practicing her culinary skills, and yoga.

12-11-15_3-14-06 PM

On her days off, she hangs out with two different groups…The Upper Crusts (foodies) and The Good Timers (like to hang out in pubs). She did hang out at a pub one night this week, but apparently I didn’t get a shot of it.

12-11-15_3-15-06 PM

This is Mila Munch, she is in both groups of friends!

12-11-15_3-14-21 PM

The biggest news this week is that Lola was able to purchase a bar!! Finally! She can now practice mixing drinks.

Round 6 Results: Flasterdasher Family


  • Aspiration: Master of Mixology (0)
  • She is almost to level 1, now that she can afford a bar. She just has to make a few more drinks.
  • Career: Culinary (4)- Mixologist
  • Skills: 8- cooking; 4- charisma; 3- mixology, gourmet cooking, wellness, comedy; 1- fitness, handiness, logic, mischief, videogaming
  • Friends: Mila, Bjorn and Cedric
  • Romantic Interests: Bjorn, Don, Leo
  • Clubs: The Good Timers, Upper Crusts


Round Six: The Valentine Family

Bachelor Updates: I’ve readied seven of our ten contestants. My internet was down for eight hours yesterday which prevented me from working on the Bachelor since I need both Google Drive and to access the gallery on the Sims.

General Sims: I’m all up-to-date on content…I’m loving “Get Together’ as I’m clearly seeing how it’ll help my Sims establish friend groups which is more realistic than the current model of relationships. I’m having oral surgery tomorrow (and have a consultation this afternoon), I’m not sure if this will increase my Sim playing (not wanting to do much else) or decrease it (even sitting at my computer will be too much effort, and I’ll just want to sleep).

Lifespan: I’ve switched the lifespan of the Community Town back to “normal”. I wanted something a bit longer than “normal”, but I’ve decided “long” is way too long. They need something in between like they had in the Sims 3.

This is the middle of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: The Valentine Family

Refresher: Amber married Kristopher (an Alien) and they recently had two daughters together. Amber wants four children, and to be a doctor. Kristopher is in the tech industry and love fishing.

12-03-15_1-37-21 PM

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should’ve this round…I was having a lot of fun playing with the clubs and got distracted! Amber was promoted to R.N. which is level 6 of 10 in the doctor career. When Amber is at work she sometimes gets a “miss my family” moodlet that makes her sad.


12-03-15_3-34-28 PM

The twins grew up to be an adorable combination of their parents…his alien skin with her beautiful hair. Cristina is an outgoing nerd…she loves interacting with people, reading and playing chess.

12-03-15_3-34-50 PM

Kayleigh loves playing on the playground, sports and getting her hands dirty. She is creative and wants to be a good artist.

12-05-15_4-36-09 PM

Cristina plays chess on the porch with Amber’s board.

12-05-15_4-35-19 PM

Kayleigh has an activity table inside where she draws and colors.

12-07-15_1-17-31 PM

I decorate the house for Christmas a bit (as much as they could afford). Here we have Cristina and Kayleigh doing their homework together at the dining room table.

12-06-15_10-08-43 PM

We did have a bit of scary incident midweek where the oven and Kristopher caught on fire, but we managed to extinguish the flames and all was well.

12-08-15_12-08-52 PM

They don’t manage family dinners every evening, but they do a pretty good job of it. They all get along very well.

12-08-15_11-44-11 AM

Amber had to work on Saturday, so Kristopher took the kids to the park and they all met with their respective clubs. Cristina has started her own club, which only has one other member (Grayson). They like playing chess together.

12-08-15_11-57-58 AM

Kristopher also formed his own club called Castaways, and it’s for people who like to fish. He has recruited two more members (both elderly men).

12-08-15_9-32-49 AM12-08-15_9-32-41 AM

Kayleigh joined the League of Adventurers…who like to play pretend on the playground.

Amber also started her own club for people who like to relax at the spa.

Round Six Results: Valentine Family


  • Aspiration: Big Family- Amber’s at level 2 and needs to have another child in order to advance. She needs a bigger house for that.
  • Career: R.N.- She’s a level 6 in the medical field.
  • Skills: 4- Cooking, Logic, Charisma; 2- Violin, Mixology, Comedy; 1- Fitness, Video Games, Wellness
  • Friends: Amber’s only friends are the members of her family (Kris, Cristina, and Kayleigh)
  • Clubs: Bliss


  • Aspiration: Angling Ace- Kris is at level 1 and needs to fish at one more location in order to advance.
  • Career: Tech Guru- He’s a level 2 and working in quality assurance.
  • Skills: 3- Video Games, Comedy, Cooking; 2- Fishing, Fitness, Programming, Writing; 1- Mischief, Charisma
  • Friends: his family plus Thaddeus (in his club)
  • Clubs: Castaways


  • Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy- She’s level 0 and will need to draw another picture while in an inspired mood.
  • Career: B Student
  • Skills: Motor-4, Social- 3, Creative- 2
  • Friends: family plus Max
  • Clubs: League of Adventurers


  • Aspiration: Whiz Kid- She’s a level 0 and needs to play 1 more game of chess to advance.
  • Career: B Student
  • Skills: Mental- 3, Social- 2, Motor- 1
  • Friends: Only family
  • Clubs: Whiz Kids



Update: Bachelor, Community Town, New Content!

I missed posting the last couple of days because of a busy weekend and an unexpected dental emergency.  (Blah!) I’m still playing as often as I can, but posts might be irregular this week as I have oral surgery scheduled later in the week.

GOOD news! I dug up some old gift cards that I had saved for a rainy day and I was able to buy the newest Sims expansion (released tomorrow) plus the two most recent stuff packs that I hadn’t purchased (Spooky Stuff and Cool Kitchens) so I am fully up-to-date on all Sims 4 content! The new expansion (Get Together) will definitely provide some useful interactions for the Bachelor, but I am most looking forward to implementing the new club features in our community town. I also think the new singles nights at the bars and clubs will be very helpful for Sims looking for a partner! Spooky Stuff will let us throw a Spooky-themed party during the Bachelor- I already have it scheduled!

Bachelor Update: I’ve made contestant #6, and he will be posted shortly (tomorrow?). I’m also in search of a good Bachelor-house.

Community Town Newcrest: I’m half-way through the week with the Valentine’s the babies aged up into kiddos and I’m having a lot of fun with this adorable family unit!

Round Six: The Smith Family

Bachelor Updates: More contestants will continue to be posted throughout the upcoming days. I’m currently organizing contestants and coming up with a game plan.

General Sims: I had some gift cards stashed away for a rainy day, so I will be picking up the Spooky and Kitchen Stuff packs, along with new expansion that comes out next week!!! I had forgotten about the gift cards and thought I’d be passing on some new Sims products for awhile, so this is very exciting. 🙂

Lifespan: I’ve switched the lifespan of the Community Town back to “normal”. I wanted something a bit longer than “normal”, but I’ve decided “long” is way too long. They need something in between like they had in the Sims 3.

This is the middle of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: The Smith Family

11-18-15_11-37-01 AM

Colleen has been on a fruitcake kick. She keeps make gourmet fruitcake and leaving it on the counter. John eats it, enjoys eating it because she’s a good cook, but then feels weird after because it’s fruitcake.

11-23-15_1-20-48 PM

John has been busy trying to become a doctor. I’m not sure his bosses would approve of him holding a beverage over the computer for the X-Ray machine, but he was tired and needed a boost.

When John isn’t at work, he’s home making repairs (or “upgrades”) to household appliances.

11-23-15_9-51-10 AM

He’s also taken up woodworking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And he is trying to make a rocket in the backyard.

11-18-15_12-02-23 PM11-18-15_11-42-30 AM

When not doing those things, he can be found practicing his logic skills or working out (he was a bit sick in the second photo).

11-23-15_9-47-16 AM11-23-15_9-46-42 AM

They moved to a new house (near the Valentine house)…it’s a bit smaller, but the backyard is huge. Their new neighbors came over to welcome them. Of course, they brought fruitcake (it’s a new trend). John was still eating his breakfast, but he invited Kris and Amber to join him.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The new house has plenty of room for Colleen’s frog, element and fossil collections.

She has also been collecting these dolls which she has uncovered in mysterious looking time capsules while digging for fossils.

11-30-15_9-32-44 AM

Frog hunting!

11-22-15_11-23-28 AM


11-23-15_9-50-17 AM


So, that’s what has been going on in the Smith Household this week.

Round Six: The Smith Family Summary


  • Aspirations: Chief of Mischief 3, Public Enemy 1, Renaissance Sim 2, Nerd Brain 2, Joke Star 1,
  • Currently working on: Becoming a Doctor, Launching a rocket
  • Career: Assistant Nurse
  • Skills: 7- Logic; 6- Mischief; 5- Charisma; 4- Programming, Handiness, Comedy; 3- Cooking, Fitness; 2- Rocket Science; 1- Piano, Video Gaming, Gardening
  • Friends: Colleen
  • Romantic Interests: Megera (minor)
  • Three items from inventory: fruitcake, ozinate (element), bunny sculpture
  • Traits: Childish, Genius, Quick Learner, Good, Never Weary (new)
  • 6 days to adult


  • Aspiration: Curator 3
  • Working on: completing a collection
  • Career: Collecting/selling
  • Skills: 6- cooking; 4- mischief; 3- comedy; 2- video gaming, fishing, logic; 1- charisma, fitness, gardening, gourmet cooking, mixology, writing
  • Three items from inventory: all frogs
  • Traits: Bro, Art Lover, Observant (new), Collector, Loner, Speed Reader (new), Speed Cleaner (new)
  • 7 days to adult




Round Six: The Bubbettes Family

Bachelor Update: Still take contestant applications and votes for the next Bachelor!

If you want to know what happened to Pablo, go to this post: Frustrated with the Sims.

This is the start of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: Megera Bubbettes

10-28-15_4-21-34 PM

Megera arrived at the campsite for another week of camping and hunting for new plants. The first thing she did was head deep into the woods to a particular spot. She’d been there before, and it was beautiful, but she couldn’t recall why she rushed to that particular spot.

10-28-15_4-20-48 PM

While she was there, she met Quinn a hermit who lived in the forest. They chatted for a bit before Megera went off in search of new plants.

10-28-15_4-25-32 PM

After a day of exploring, Megera headed back to the camp to make some stew and relax.

10-28-15_4-26-54 PM

She used the local horseshoes pit to practice the game for the next time she went up against fellow campers.

10-28-15_4-28-28 PM

Then it was time to retire for the evening.

11-15-15_12-22-35 PM

Megera is trying to collect all the known species of plants in the Sims Universe.


She currently has 17 of the 32 original plants, plus 2 of the ones that came exclusively with Granite Falls.

11-15-15_1-21-06 PM

This guy in a bear costume was very annoying. Megera did not appreciate his attempts at humor.

11-15-15_1-25-04 PM

She made a couple new acquaintances while she was camping for the week including Dan and Geoffrey.

11-15-15_1-28-29 PM

She ran into Colleen one evening and they played a game of chess in the nature center.

11-15-15_2-57-25 PM

More plant collecting! Some plants she couldn’t identify and others weren’t ready to be harvested, so she took a cutting for splicing. I don’t think these plants are counted in her final plant collection., and may be reflected in the next round when we try to identify and plant them.

11-15-15_2-58-20 PM

She also met Samson.

11-15-15_3-00-43 PM

And Mitchel. She got along very well with Mitchel and they hung out together a couple times during her week camping.

11-15-15_9-53-15 PM

She spent some time fishing. Rumor has it that you can find the cowplant seed, which is otherwise troublesome to obtain, while fishing. Fish also make good fertilizer and food, and it gives her something to do in between plant collecting.

11-16-15_10-27-05 PM

Mitchel visited her camp to enjoy the campfire.

11-16-15_10-29-27 PM

They laid down on the cold ground and observed the stars before Megera retreated to her tent.

11-17-15_1-50-16 PM

In the morning, it was time to head back to Newcrest.

11-17-15_1-58-56 PM

After Megera arrived back, she tended her garden and took care of some household matters before heading back out again to Oasis Springs- the nearby desert community.

11-17-15_2-07-36 PM

She continued her hunt for new plants in the desert.

Round Six Results: The Bubbettes


  • Current Mood: uncomfortable, happy
  • Aspiration: Freelance Botanist (3/4). She is currently stuck on the “grow a cowplant” requirement.
  • Skills: 10- Gardening; 9- Cooking; 7- Fishing; 6- Charisma, 5- Comedy; 4- Mischief; 3- Herbalism; 1- Gourmet Cooking, Video Gaming, Handiness, Logic, Photogrpahy, Fitness
  • Traits: Loves the outdoors, Outgoing, Super Green Thumb, Insane, MorningSim, Collector
  • Friends: Mitchel, Colleen, Nancy
  • Romantic Interests: She has an ever-so-slight interest in both Mitchel and John Smith; neither of which is remotely serious; seems to be a “hmm…he’s sorta cute” level.
  • Plant Collection: 19/32 +2 (with a couple more pending, maybe)


Round Five: Acheivements


Achieved This Round:

  • Green Thumb- Have a Sim achieve max level in gardening. Achieved by Megera Bubbettes.
  • Honorary Sim Guru- Play the Sims for 100 hours. Seriously think this was a glitch, but I’m not recording my hours so difficult to determine when this will be accomplished, so I’ll take it now.
  • Knock Knock- Visit 25 different lots. Achieved by Colleen while collecting.

Newcrest Achievements:

  1. All Nighter- Have a Sim stay awake for 24 hours. (GLITCHED! This did not happen.)
  2. Green Thumb- Have a Sim achieve max level in gardening. Achieved by Megera Bubbettes.
  3. Honorary Sim Guru- Play the Sims for 100 hours. Seriously think this was a glitch, but I’m not recording my hours so difficult to determine when this will be accomplished, so I’ll take it now.
  4. In the Game- Play 24 hours. I only achieved this one like last round…so yeah, sure on #3.
  5. Introvert- Have a Sim do nothing social for 24 hours. Well, 24 hours isn’t a long time to avoid people when you live alone! Bubbettes accomplished this one day when she didn’t go to the parks. She gardened, read a book on gardening, and watched TV.
  6. Just Getting Started- Play for 4 hours. Well, obviously!
  7. Knock Knock- Visit 25 different lots. Achieved by Colleen while collecting.
  8. Splice of Life- Unlock a new plant type through grafting. Apparently Megera achieved this. She did do some grafting but the result was a plant that grew both of the flowers, not a new kind, but I suppose that counts.
  9. Whimsical- Complete 100 whims across all Sims. Completed by everyone in Round 3.
  • Score: 9-1 (glitch) = 8 of 79 (~10%)