You can read part 1 of this week with Chauncey & Angela here.

When we last left off, Bryan had gotten in trouble with Angela for smashing a dollhouse while dressed as a monster. And the kitchen caught on fire.


It is Bella’s turn to transition into child!  Bella is full of energy- she’s very excitable. She’s also a bit on the clumsy side- a bad (but adorable) combination. Unfortunately, she lacks a sense of humor, so has trouble laughing about it afterwards.


This gnome creeps me out. We’ve stopped using this bathroom pretty much.


Bella has an interesting sense of fashion….I’m not sure if she intentionally picks colors that don’t match, or if she is color blind. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a stylist?



Angela recommended that Bella work on developing her skills. Bella took this to mean she should learn to play chess online.


Angela transitioned from young adult to adult, and promptly fell into a midlife crisis. This crisis involved an entire day with a stylist trying to choose another outfit.


Homework time!


Angela has been on a cooking rampage. She’s been super determined to learn as much about cooking as possible.


The Grimm’s were robbed! We called the cops, but the burglar ran right past them! Let’s not mention this to Sebastian (remember he fights burglars). Haha, we still can’t figure out what she took!


Summertime seemed like a good time to improve the backyard!


Bella has shown a lot of interest in painting. I told you, budding stylist, this one.



We celebrated Bryan’s birthday with a pool party!


We didn’t get rid of the good old slide, though.


Time for Bryan’s transitioning into TEEN!





Let’s get a picture of the front…


Ladies, say “hello” to your future Bachelor. Hmm…maybe he’ll grown into that nose…

Summary: Chauncey, Angela, Bryan, Alex and Bella


  • Chauncey- Adult
  • Angela- Adult
  • Bryan- teen
  • Alex- child
  • Bella- child

Lifetime Wishes:

  • Chauncey- Be a Star News Anchor
  • Angela- Raise 5 children

Current Wishes:

  • Chauncey- reach charisma level 8, write 5 best sellers, write 10 novels, have a child
  • Angela- improve cooking skill, have a child, woohoo with chauncey, see Alex age up well
  • Bryan- get a job, learn to drive
  • Alex- learn how to fish, take a class in fishing, preside over a royal court, discover a potion
  • Bella- take a class in painting, meet a vampire, attend a party, talk with Chauncey


  • Chauncey- Editor-in-Chief (journalism 9)
  • Angela- awesome mom to three kiddos


  • Chauncey- athletic: 2, charisma: 7, cooking: 3, handy: 2, logic: 2, writing: 8, photography: 1, alchemy: 2
  • Angela- athletic: 8, cooking: 7, guitar: 2, logic: 2 (skill challenges earned: menu maven)
  • Bryan- logic: 4, writing: 2
  • Alex- logic: 1
  • Bella- logic: 1, painting: 1

Current Goals and Happenings:

  • Current Season: summer
  • Both parents are good friends with all three children
  • Alex & Bryan are good friends, but they are not friends with Bella
  • Bryan has taken after his father and is writing a novel
  • Chauncey is currently writing a mystery novel
  • Right now, we are focusing on Chauncey’s career, Angela’s cooking, and raising the current three kids. A new baby is a possibility now that the other three are a bit older and Angela has had some time to recover.

Upcoming Posts: Bachelor polling, I’m all caught up with what I’ve been able to play recently.



After the Bachelor: Chauncey & Angela’s kids are growing up!

When we last left off, Chauncey, the former Bachelor star, and his wife Angela were up to three children: Bryan, Alex and Bella. Bella had just reached toddlerhood.


Both Angela and Chauncey are active parents. Angela is a very social person, in general, so she spends a lot of timing interacting with her children.


Alex had his transition into child. I bald toddler seemed somewhat normal, but now I am beginning to wonder if the boy will ever grow hair!


The Grimm’s celebrate birthdays with big parties, since Angela is so social. Of course, Chauncey prefers hanging out with supernatural types, so fairies, ghosts, witches and vampires are often in attendance.


Alex made a friend on his first day of school- a bald werewolf. Seems like a perfect fit for this family!


Bryan was also making supernatural friends, though he leaned towards the fairy population.


Homework is definitely easier when your best friend works on it with you.


Godzilla smashes puny home!






Uh-oh….mom just came home and she is NOT happy.


Bryan is grounded!


The Grimms suffered some trauma this week when the oven caught on fire.


The kitchen went up surprisingly quickly, and it was chaos.


Ugh…that’s a mess! I’ll post a summary in the next post since this week comes in two parts!


After the Bachelor: Jules and Sebastian are waiting for a delivery

When we last left off, Jules and Sebastian had moved into their own house on the other side of town to escape the social pressures of the Vanderburg estate. Jules became pregnant with their first child. 



All the furniture from the guest room was sold off, and the workout equipment and chess table was moved from the spare room into the guest room in order to make a place for the nursery.


Jules’ first purchase was a rocking chair.


A pregnant Jules testing out the rocking chair. Jules and Sebastian have decided on names…Verne if it’s a boy, Ariel if it’s a girl.


During he maternity leave, Jules purchases a crystal ball and attempts to tell her future with mixed results.


Despite having mastered the athletics skill, Sebastian goes to the gym after work to stay in peak shape.


Jules gets an unexplained craving for watermelon cobbler…which isn’t even really a thing. So, she goes to the store to get watermelon, a book on cooking, and a cobbler recipe. When she gets home, she reads about cooking (she needs to improve her skill, first).


Success! Watermelon cobbler for dinner!


Jules also purchased some books on pregnancy and is doing her research.


Sebastian stays active even when he isn’t working out,  by playing games in the yard.

Summary: Jules & Sebastian

Lifetime Wishes:

  • Jules- Become the CEO of Megacorporation (Business 8)
  • Sebastian- Become an International Super Spy (Law Enforcement 10)

Current Wishes:

  • Jules- Have first child; Have a girl; Reach level 5 of business career; Increase cooking skill
  • Sebastian- Have first child; Have a girl; Buy a crib; Reach level 5 of law enforcement career


  • Jules- Report Processor (Business 3)
  • Sebastian- Traffic Cop (Law Enforcement 4)


  • Jules- Athletic 6, Cooking 6, Fishing 2, Handiness 1, Alchemy 1
  • Sebastian- Athletic 10, Cooking 3, Fishing 2, Logic 2, Social Networking 2, Alchemy 1

Current Goals and Happenings:

  • The Vanderburgs are expecting their first child
  • Jules & Sebastian try to have family dinners on Sundays since they have several relatives in town
  • The current season is fall
  • Points added to completion challenge: 0
  • We are currently focused on completing Jules and Sebastian lifetime wishes, which are also their career goals. They need to accomplish these in order to earn any points for the completion challenge

Is there additional information you’d like to see in the summary? Let me know! I’d like to make this blog as easy for you to follow along with as possible!

After the Bachelor: Chauncey and Angela- Bella Grows Up!

I managed to get some playtime in this week, but I also managed to score a bunch of super-cheap new items with some simpoints I had in my account, and I had a blast deal hunting. I’m in a super Sims mood, so hopefully this will result in lots of forthcoming posts over the next several weeks. Now, we are going to continue on with the Grimm family.


It is time for little miss Bella to grow up, so a small party was held.


Bella is excitable, but clumsy…which sounds adorable to me.


We hit another birthday around the same time- Chauncey has now transitioned into adulthood.


Alex and Bryan are best friends who play blocks together.


Bella learning to walk. Angela does a great job in making sure everyone learns how to walk and talk, and gets potty trained.


Chauncey has quickly moved up in his career, it won’t be long until he achieves his dream of becoming a Star News Anchor.


The gnome has taken over the middle of the foyer now.


Hmm…somehow we missed pictures of Bryan growing up, but here is he. Bryan is quite the little student.


It’s like 70 degrees and the middle of spring, but somehow this snowman is still hanging about.


On the weekend, while Angela was napping, Chauncey had lunch with the maid. Not sure what to make of that. Seemed innocent.


Trick-or-treating teen on Love Day (Spring)…sigh….also, aside from the interesting hairdo, I don’t think she’s even in costume.


Bryan, the budding scientist!


– I’ve started organizing my Sims. I’m going to focus 100% on the Completion Challenge, so Sim projects not contributing to the completion challenge will be disband and put to work (likely as Bachelor contestants)

– I’ve begun playing Jules and Sebastian, anticipate an update on that soon

– Be sure to vote in the Bachelor challenge posts!

Chauncey & Angela: A Return!

The Sims bug finally nipped me again, and I’ve been trying to squeezing in a little bit of Simming each day. Most days I only get about 10 to 20 minutes (while I’m relaxing after working out), and some days I get zero time, but I’m hoping to get in 30 minutes or so this weekend.

The approach of the Sims 4 has inspired me (at least at the moment, since it was also the likely reason for losing interest in the game for so long) to try as hard as I can to achieve the completion challenge. Holy Hera there is still so, so much I haven’t played about with this game. My next post will likely be a summary of what I want to achieve, and what that means for the various families in play.

My primary focus has been on Angela and Chauncey, as they are one of my favorite couples.


When we last left off, Chauncey and Angela had just given birth to their third child, and first girl, Bella. Bryan is their oldest and was a toddler, and Alex was still a baby when Bella was born. Bryan is now walking and getting into all kinds of trouble.


Poor Angela, her husband gets to have dreams about books and traveling (he is a fancy-pants journalist afterall), but she dreams of children’s toys.


Alex’s birthday!


Alex is brave, but grumpy.


I’m not sure why I have a picture of this now…but here is Angela, Chauncey, Alex (back when he was a baby) and Bryan at the winter festival. FYI, it’s not a good idea to take a baby and a toddler to the winter festival. Everyone was cranky, and a miserable time was had by all.


Bryan and Alex in their playpen. The two of them have become best friends thanks to hanging out in this playpen.


OBNOXIOUS snow gnome. Poor Lucy Parker has a tough time finding gnomes when she is actively looking for them,  but the Grimm’s manage to have one move in without their permission. Here is he lying on the middle of kitchen floor.


And here is Angela visibly distressed because she can’t breakfast with the gnome in the way. She doesn’t want to go near it, it’s creepy.


Chauncey working on his latest novel, “Two Sims Apart”.


STILL in the kitchen. Just a new position.




After the Bachelor, Chauncey & Angela: A New Addition


Bryan picks up new skills pretty fast…he is now walking…


…and completely potty-trained. We’re still working on the talking, though.


Angela is expecting! Both her and Chauncey are hoping for a girl this time.


For Snowflake Day, the family went to the winter festival.


It turned out to be a big mistake. There wasn’t enough to do there with kids so little, and it was too cold and snowy.


At least they came home with a cute family photo.


Please welcome Bella, the newest addition to the Grimm family!


Oh boy, these two are almost *too* affectionate.


Ooo…a broken sink! Alas, some drama for the Grimm household!



Chauncey at the library during the evening. He is reading up on how to improve his charisma- an important aspect of his job as a reporter.

After the Bachelor: Chauncey, Angela, Bryan & Alex

Our former Bachelor, Chauncey Grimm and his wife, Angela, have formed a wonderful little family unit.

Since we haven’t visited them in awhile, let’s have a recap…


Chauncey Grimm

Age- Young Adult (103 days)

Traits- Supernatural Fan, Bookworm, Never Nude, Hydrophobic, Computer Whiz

Lifetime Wish- Be a Star News Anchor

Current Desires- Hug Angela Amorously,  Reach Charisma Level 8, Write 5 Best Sellers, Write 10 Novels

Favorites- Indie Rock, Irish Green, Hamburgers

Good Friends- Angela, Bryan, Alex

Friends- Pip Goodfellow, Ayden Van Gould, Bella

Job- Lead Reporter

Skills- Athletic (2), Charisma (7), Cooking (3), Handiness (2), Writing (8), Alchemy (2)


Angela Grimm

Age- Young Adult (87 days)

Traits- Overemotional, Social Butterfly, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Athletic

Lifetime Wish- Raise 5 Children

Current Desires- See Bryan age up well, Go ice skating, Have a child, Teach Bryan how to walk

Favorites- Indie Rock, French toast, Purple

Good Friends- Bryan, Alex, Chauncey

Job- Homemaker

Skills- Athletic (8), Cooking (6), Guitar (2)


Bryan Grimm

Age- Toddler (11 days)

Traits- Genius, Light Sleeper

Favorites- Singer Songwriter, Shwarma, Blue

Good Friends- Chauncey & Angela

Skills- Potty-trained


Alex Grimm

Age- Baby (5 days)

Traits- Brave, Grumpy

Favorites- French, French toast, Green

Good Friends- Angela & Chauncey


Despite having a very busy work schedule (lead report and famous novelist!), and a wife who stays at home, Chauncey is a very active parent. Here he is teaching Bryan how to talk.


Angela has been working on improving her cooking skill by reading new recipe books and watching the cooking channel.



Bryan’s favorite toys include the blocks from the table, a rocket ship he carries with him everywhere, and the doll from a distance relative which he called Hester.



Bryan playing with Hester. Angela is reading in the chair in the nursery- an activity common for both Chauncey and Angela.



Happy Snowflake Day!



Sometimes parents need to nap in the middle of the day, when the children are asleep.