You can read part 1 of this week with Chauncey & Angela here.

When we last left off, Bryan had gotten in trouble with Angela for smashing a dollhouse while dressed as a monster. And the kitchen caught on fire.


It is Bella’s turn to transition into child!  Bella is full of energy- she’s very excitable. She’s also a bit on the clumsy side- a bad (but adorable) combination. Unfortunately, she lacks a sense of humor, so has trouble laughing about it afterwards.


This gnome creeps me out. We’ve stopped using this bathroom pretty much.


Bella has an interesting sense of fashion….I’m not sure if she intentionally picks colors that don’t match, or if she is color blind. Maybe she’ll grow up to be a stylist?



Angela recommended that Bella work on developing her skills. Bella took this to mean she should learn to play chess online.


Angela transitioned from young adult to adult, and promptly fell into a midlife crisis. This crisis involved an entire day with a stylist trying to choose another outfit.


Homework time!


Angela has been on a cooking rampage. She’s been super determined to learn as much about cooking as possible.


The Grimm’s were robbed! We called the cops, but the burglar ran right past them! Let’s not mention this to Sebastian (remember he fights burglars). Haha, we still can’t figure out what she took!


Summertime seemed like a good time to improve the backyard!


Bella has shown a lot of interest in painting. I told you, budding stylist, this one.



We celebrated Bryan’s birthday with a pool party!


We didn’t get rid of the good old slide, though.


Time for Bryan’s transitioning into TEEN!





Let’s get a picture of the front…


Ladies, say “hello” to your future Bachelor. Hmm…maybe he’ll grown into that nose…

Summary: Chauncey, Angela, Bryan, Alex and Bella


  • Chauncey- Adult
  • Angela- Adult
  • Bryan- teen
  • Alex- child
  • Bella- child

Lifetime Wishes:

  • Chauncey- Be a Star News Anchor
  • Angela- Raise 5 children

Current Wishes:

  • Chauncey- reach charisma level 8, write 5 best sellers, write 10 novels, have a child
  • Angela- improve cooking skill, have a child, woohoo with chauncey, see Alex age up well
  • Bryan- get a job, learn to drive
  • Alex- learn how to fish, take a class in fishing, preside over a royal court, discover a potion
  • Bella- take a class in painting, meet a vampire, attend a party, talk with Chauncey


  • Chauncey- Editor-in-Chief (journalism 9)
  • Angela- awesome mom to three kiddos


  • Chauncey- athletic: 2, charisma: 7, cooking: 3, handy: 2, logic: 2, writing: 8, photography: 1, alchemy: 2
  • Angela- athletic: 8, cooking: 7, guitar: 2, logic: 2 (skill challenges earned: menu maven)
  • Bryan- logic: 4, writing: 2
  • Alex- logic: 1
  • Bella- logic: 1, painting: 1

Current Goals and Happenings:

  • Current Season: summer
  • Both parents are good friends with all three children
  • Alex & Bryan are good friends, but they are not friends with Bella
  • Bryan has taken after his father and is writing a novel
  • Chauncey is currently writing a mystery novel
  • Right now, we are focusing on Chauncey’s career, Angela’s cooking, and raising the current three kids. A new baby is a possibility now that the other three are a bit older and Angela has had some time to recover.

Upcoming Posts: Bachelor polling, I’m all caught up with what I’ve been able to play recently.



After the Bachelor: Chauncey & Angela’s kids are growing up!

When we last left off, Chauncey, the former Bachelor star, and his wife Angela were up to three children: Bryan, Alex and Bella. Bella had just reached toddlerhood.


Both Angela and Chauncey are active parents. Angela is a very social person, in general, so she spends a lot of timing interacting with her children.


Alex had his transition into child. I bald toddler seemed somewhat normal, but now I am beginning to wonder if the boy will ever grow hair!


The Grimm’s celebrate birthdays with big parties, since Angela is so social. Of course, Chauncey prefers hanging out with supernatural types, so fairies, ghosts, witches and vampires are often in attendance.


Alex made a friend on his first day of school- a bald werewolf. Seems like a perfect fit for this family!


Bryan was also making supernatural friends, though he leaned towards the fairy population.


Homework is definitely easier when your best friend works on it with you.


Godzilla smashes puny home!






Uh-oh….mom just came home and she is NOT happy.


Bryan is grounded!


The Grimms suffered some trauma this week when the oven caught on fire.


The kitchen went up surprisingly quickly, and it was chaos.


Ugh…that’s a mess! I’ll post a summary in the next post since this week comes in two parts!


After the Bachelor: Chauncey, Angela, Bryan & Alex

Our former Bachelor, Chauncey Grimm and his wife, Angela, have formed a wonderful little family unit.

Since we haven’t visited them in awhile, let’s have a recap…


Chauncey Grimm

Age- Young Adult (103 days)

Traits- Supernatural Fan, Bookworm, Never Nude, Hydrophobic, Computer Whiz

Lifetime Wish- Be a Star News Anchor

Current Desires- Hug Angela Amorously,  Reach Charisma Level 8, Write 5 Best Sellers, Write 10 Novels

Favorites- Indie Rock, Irish Green, Hamburgers

Good Friends- Angela, Bryan, Alex

Friends- Pip Goodfellow, Ayden Van Gould, Bella

Job- Lead Reporter

Skills- Athletic (2), Charisma (7), Cooking (3), Handiness (2), Writing (8), Alchemy (2)


Angela Grimm

Age- Young Adult (87 days)

Traits- Overemotional, Social Butterfly, Family Oriented, Nurturing, Athletic

Lifetime Wish- Raise 5 Children

Current Desires- See Bryan age up well, Go ice skating, Have a child, Teach Bryan how to walk

Favorites- Indie Rock, French toast, Purple

Good Friends- Bryan, Alex, Chauncey

Job- Homemaker

Skills- Athletic (8), Cooking (6), Guitar (2)


Bryan Grimm

Age- Toddler (11 days)

Traits- Genius, Light Sleeper

Favorites- Singer Songwriter, Shwarma, Blue

Good Friends- Chauncey & Angela

Skills- Potty-trained


Alex Grimm

Age- Baby (5 days)

Traits- Brave, Grumpy

Favorites- French, French toast, Green

Good Friends- Angela & Chauncey


Despite having a very busy work schedule (lead report and famous novelist!), and a wife who stays at home, Chauncey is a very active parent. Here he is teaching Bryan how to talk.


Angela has been working on improving her cooking skill by reading new recipe books and watching the cooking channel.



Bryan’s favorite toys include the blocks from the table, a rocket ship he carries with him everywhere, and the doll from a distance relative which he called Hester.



Bryan playing with Hester. Angela is reading in the chair in the nursery- an activity common for both Chauncey and Angela.



Happy Snowflake Day!



Sometimes parents need to nap in the middle of the day, when the children are asleep.




After the Bachelor: Checking in with Angela & Chauncey

Our previous Bachelor, Chauncey, is still happily married to Angela! They are a loving and affectionate couple, and I adore playing them.


Chauncey, ever a good father, enjoys spending time in nursery.



As I have mentioned, these two are super affectionate towards one another.


A happy family- Chauncey and Angela just got word they are expecting another bundle of joy. They are both hoping for a girl, but I’m sure they will love it either way.


A very typical scene in this household, Chauncey is working on his next novel while Angela plays around in the kitchen.


Chauncey reads a novel, while Angela watches the cooking channel.


It’s a snow evening, when pregnant Angela craves watermelon cobbler. Chauncey heads off to the market to purchase some watermelon, and then to the bookstore to find a recipe for cobbler.


Of course, Bryan’s new sibling would crash his birthday party!


While Angela is at the hospital, Chauncey helps Bryan through his age transition.


Bryan is now a toddler!


Welcome baby Alex! Chauncey and Angela are not disappointed their new baby is a boy, they are excited for Bryan to have someone to play with. Besides, who says they need to stop at two?


Nom. Nom. Nom.


Chauncey got a promotion, he’s now the lead news anchor.


This was a hysterical moment in the household. Bryan was in his high chair, as he had just been fed by Angela. However, Chauncey thought Bryan still needed to be fed. Chauncey kept making food for Bryan, and Bryan kept throwing the food all over the floor and his high chair as soon as Chauncey’s back was turned. Each time Bryan threw it, Chauncey would make more. It was quite comical (and messy).

After the Bachelor: Angela & Chauncey’s New Addition

To follow the story of former Bachelor, Chauncey and his wife, Angela, check out the “After the Bachelor” tag.

A quick break from our current Bachelor challenge to check in with Chauncey and his wife Angela in Moonlight Falls!


Chauncey’s days are currently filled with writing novels and spending time with Angela, his pregnant wife! Yes, Chauncey and Angela are expecting their first child.


Angela keeps herself and Chauncey well fed and continually improving her culinary skills. During her pregnancy, Angela craved a lot of cookies.


Despite her cookie cravings, Angela did an excellent job of keeping herself healthy during her pregnancy including some light exercising.



Just after midnight during an autumn thunderstorm, Bryan was born.


Bryan has proven to be a highly intelligent little chap, but a very light sleeper. He has been a bit of a difficult child, requiring constant attention. Luckily, both parents are doing an excellent job of sharing the responsibility.


Though….Angela has taken to drinking more often. I’m considering selling their bar setup.


Angela also appears to be having some hormonal after effects from the pregnancy. Angela, Chauncey and Bryan went to a party at Chauncey’s coworkers house (a vampire, of course). Angela immediately became attracted to the man picture above. Seriously crushing on him.



The man wasn’t even wearing any shoes. Perhaps she was attracted to his free spirit?


However, she also got a huge crush on this man. Ugh. Seriously? Let’s hope it’s just some hormonal phase. Chauncey’s been trying to get a promotion at work so perhaps she is feeling lonely? Hopefully, this will sort itself out soon.