Contestant #10- Adelaide Romania

Here is our tenth and final contestant, Adelaide (Adel) Romania.

Adel joined the Bachelor out of spite. She wants to make the man who broke her heart come crawling back to her…though she has no plans of taking him back.

12-11-15_11-09-22 AM

Adelaide’s heart was broken, twice, by the man of her dreams. Once her desire was to marry her soulmate, and she believe in love. She was dating her childhood sweetheart, Malcolm, for awhile before she tried proposing. He rejected her- saying he wasn’t ready. She forgave him, continued dating him, and waited for him to be ready. After a second rejection, she gave up hope of settling down in a perfect relationship. The rejection had changed her…her personality, her physical appearance, and her goals in life.

12-11-15_11-09-30 AM

She’s still a romantic and seeks companionship, but she now understands love is fleeting and she has no intention of a commitment. She enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, and yoga. She hasn’t really decided on a career yet, she’s plans on giving business a try for a little while.



Contestant #9: Cat John-Jules

Almost done introducing our contestants! Here’s the ninth one!

Cat John-Jules, to be frank, is just looking for a bit of bedroom action. That’s not to say he’s not up for commitment, he’s down for that too, but romance and bedroom compatibility are what he’s after.

12-11-15_9-02-41 AM

Cat is interested in romance, making friends, yoga, meditation, going to the spa, shopping, dancing, mischief and fishing. He has a natural talent for catching delicious fish, so he makes his money from that, as well as from a few other things here and there (he gives great massages!).

12-11-15_9-02-38 AM

While his main goal in life is having as much bedroom fun as possible, he also wouldn’t mind being fabulously wealthy. In addition to being romantic, he is confident in himself, and is also a fairly tidy and neat person. Despite his love for a fun lifestyle, he is open to raising a (small) litter…as long as they let him dress them in fabulous clothing!

Cat John-Jules was submitted by Spackle.

Contestant #8: Karissa Casey

It’s time to meet our 8th Bachelor contestant!

Karissa Casey is here hoping to meet Mr. Right so she can start her family.

12-09-15_11-45-23 AM

Karissa is domestic and family-oriented, and desires to be a stay-at-home mom to her three future children. She’s also a romantic and a good marriage is just as important to her as her children.

12-09-15_11-45-21 AM

When not focused on her family, Karissa enjoys listening and playing music.

Note: Karissa was submitted as a pre-made, and I had to change her hair and formal outfit as they were custom content.

Karissa was created by terryscf.

Contestant #7: Kieran Ross

Contest #7 is ready to join!

Kieran Ross has been hiding in the shadows of his work for a few years, and when this showed up and he saw the opportunity for both genders to apply, he quickly snatched his chance.

12-07-15_5-21-17 PM.png

Kieran dreams of being a best-selling author, but he’d also like to find his one true love. Kieran loves reading almost as much as he loves writing. He’s romantic and likes to be inspired, but his sensitive side is balanced with a distinct “bro” attitude.

12-07-15_5-21-13 PM

Besides reading and writing, he also enjoys comedy, watching TV, shopping, swimming and meditating.


Contestant #6: Alan Walsh

Here is our sixth contestant!

Alan Walsh joined the Bachelor in hopes of finding love. He’s also hoping for a fun experience, and to meet a lot of new people.

12-04-15_10-57-13 PM

Alan’s interests include making new friends, backyard cookouts, amateur astronomy, photography and dancing. A perpetual romantic, Alan’s on a mission to find his soulmate. Alan has no trouble making friends and being the life of the party thanks to his cheerful and outgoing personality.

12-04-15_10-57-18 PM

Alan plans on owning a retail shop where he sells his photographs. He hopes to get married someday, and would like to adopt two children to complete his family.

Alan Walsh was submitted by Erica.

Bachelor Contestant #4: Penelope


It’s time to meet contestant #4!

Penelope is setting out of her comfort zone by joining the Bachelor. She hopes trying something new and different will help her personal growth.

12-01-15_12-07-16 PM

What Penelope desires most in life is to see her children succeed, but is struggling to balance this desire with her fear of becoming too much like her strict, over-bearing parents. She is hoping to broaden her horizons with this experience and perhaps meet the perfect partner to help raise her future family.

12-01-15_12-07-36 PM

Penelope is a creative soul with a passion for music. When not worrying about how to be the perfect parent, she plays the piano and violin.

Penelope was submitted by Rinellie

Bachelor Contestant #2: Tessa

As I mentioned in my last post, I was distracted over Thanksgiving break by the presence of my husband…he likes to play computer games too!

Now, let’s meet our second contestant…

Tessa Marsh likes to have a good time, and she’s signed up for the Bachelor because it promises to be one.

11-30-15_1-33-42 PM.png

Tessa brings her love of partying to the next level- into her career- as a professional mixologist. Tessa’s life goal, however, is to create as much mischief and trouble as possible. She likes to mix things up, cause drama, and be in the center of attention.

11-30-15_1-33-34 PM


Tessa does have a nerdy side…she’s very intelligent and loves to read. She also loves camping and backyard cookouts.

She’s not entirely certain she’s ready for a committed relationship, but when she had the opportunity to apply for the Bachelor she said, “Why not? Should be fun!”.

Tessa was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)