Computer Meltdown

My computer has been suffering from some hardware issues for months…something is loose or corrupt, but I can’t afford to fix it at the moment, so I’ve been limping along with hack fixes that make things tolerable. My computer had a bit of a meltdown in early fall which was remedied with a system recovery of the partition containing Windows. Last time, I had the opportunity to copy my Sims files before the recovery.

This weekend I had to do another recovery, but there was no getting in to save the Sims files beforehand. Unlike games on Steam, my saves are not backed up on Origin, so I lost everything. Disappointingly, not even the “my library” part of the gallery saves…so I lost all my Sims too, which I didn’t think would happen…I thought they were online in the gallery, and therefore safe. Until, I realized the library was gone, I had planned on just setting up the challenges over again. But now, I will have to rebuild each Sim from scratch. This will not only take awhile, but the ones that are built entirely from scratch will look different as my skill in Sim building is mediocre. The ones that I downloaded from other Sim users will look the same.

I feel like this is likely more frustrating for you, my dear reader, who has to keep filling out surveys over and over again with promises of completed challenges that are not fulfilled. I enjoy clean slates, so I may not be quite as annoyed as you.

What should I do?

  • Rebuild the existing challenges to the best of my ability using the data supplied in the surveys and my memory. The Community Town will have to be restarted, but with the same characters.
  • Start the existing challenges over again, allowing people to resubmit characters but also add in new ones. I’ll tweak the rules and the forms based on what I learned from the existing challenges.
  • Start shorter challenges that still require Sims, but can be completed quickly, and only do one at a time. For example, the 7-contestant Bachelor challenge is resolved in a few weeks, and I’ve completed many of those.
  • Refrain from challenges requiring reader-submitted Sims until my computer issues are resolved (hopefully by the summer). Instead, do stories with Sim created by me such as Legacy challenge, or short challenges involving one Sim reaching certain goals, etc..

Of course, I will take into account my preferences, but I really want to know what you would like to most read/participate in. Thank you! Feel free to leave a comment sharing your favorite type of challenge to read, or favorite story of mine, if you’ve been here awhile.



Update: Bachelor, Community Town, New Content!

I missed posting the last couple of days because of a busy weekend and an unexpected dental emergency.  (Blah!) I’m still playing as often as I can, but posts might be irregular this week as I have oral surgery scheduled later in the week.

GOOD news! I dug up some old gift cards that I had saved for a rainy day and I was able to buy the newest Sims expansion (released tomorrow) plus the two most recent stuff packs that I hadn’t purchased (Spooky Stuff and Cool Kitchens) so I am fully up-to-date on all Sims 4 content! The new expansion (Get Together) will definitely provide some useful interactions for the Bachelor, but I am most looking forward to implementing the new club features in our community town. I also think the new singles nights at the bars and clubs will be very helpful for Sims looking for a partner! Spooky Stuff will let us throw a Spooky-themed party during the Bachelor- I already have it scheduled!

Bachelor Update: I’ve made contestant #6, and he will be posted shortly (tomorrow?). I’m also in search of a good Bachelor-house.

Community Town Newcrest: I’m half-way through the week with the Valentine’s the babies aged up into kiddos and I’m having a lot of fun with this adorable family unit!

Contestant #5: Ansuya

It’s time to meet contestant #5!

Ansuya’s strong personality has resulted in not much luck on the dating scene. She is hoping that the Bachelor is serious about finding love and willing to give everyone a fair chance.

12-01-15_1-58-23 PM

Ansuya is outgoing and confident. She works in the fast-paced world of investing, but is interested in pursuing other career paths as well. She aspires to learn a lot of different skills and jobs so she can have an interesting and fulfilling life.

12-01-15_1-58-29 PM

Ansuya enjoys making new friends, writing, yoga and meditation.

Ansuya was submitted by Rinellie

Bachelor Contestant #3: Sabrina


Here’s our third contestant for the Bachelor….meet Sabrina Holland.

12-01-15_11-22-54 AM

Sabrina is searching for her one true love, but knows you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince. Sabrina is outgoing, cheerful, kind and caring. She loves people and enjoys spending time with friends.

12-01-15_11-22-45 AM

She loves cooking, for herself and for others. She works in the culinary industry.

Sabrina is hoping Cannon is the right match for her, but if he isn’t, she’ll keep looking!


Sabrina was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)

Bachelor Contestant #1: Simone

Thank you to everyone who submitted a Sim for the Bachelor 4.2! There are a lot of wonderful Simmies hoping to catch the heart of our eligible Bachelor, Cannon!

I’m happy to say that ALL 10 Sims submitted will be in the competition! Normally, I only take 7, but I have a plan on how to utilize all ten!

Now, let’s meet our first contestant…

Simone Bustleton is on the hunt for her soulmate. She aspires to someday live in a gorgeous mansion, so she thinks Cannon might be that soulmate! Simone enjoys making friends, fancy dinner parties, shopping, dancing and trips to the spa.

11-23-15_2-17-07 PM

Simone’s career focus is art. While she is an artist herself, she’d prefer to be a patron of the arts…admiring the works of others and helping artists succeed.Simone is confident, incredibly tidy in both appearance and her household, and has high standards for everything in life.

11-23-15_2-16-58 PM

Simone knows she deserves the perfect man for her, and will give Cannon the chance to prove his worthiness. She’s a princess, and deserves a fairy tale life complete with a loving, romantic, sexy husband, and a luxurious mansion.

Simone was submitted by Allie (Peachykeen88)