The Sims Dine Out & Site Update

Long time, no blog posts….first it was Stardew Valley’s fault (highly recommend that little game) and then it was because I got a new job! Our weekend schedule has been very busy, and my new job means I have no time during the week. I’ve been hankering to play the Sims for awhile, so hopefully I get to do it today!

First, I wanted to get the site caught up!

  • A new Gameplay expansion is coming! I was hoping for an actual expansion pack, preferably one with family stuff, but this will do for now. The game pack expands the Sims to include restaurants. Not only can our Sims eat, have parties, and go on dates in restaurants, but they can also run their own restaurants. It promises to have lots of new recipes too. I love food-themed things, so I’m not too disappointed:TS4_695_GP03_OWNERSHIP_SCREEN_01_003
  • They are also promising a new kids-themed stuff pack. As I said, I want more family *game*play, but I don’t mind getting some new clothes and toys for the kiddos since I love playing families.
  • No more Blossom May! So my absence from the game made me once again miss the Spring challenge (:::insertagrumpyfacehere:::), so this makes Blossom May sort of useless. I’d rather spend my time finishing up the Bachelor challenge and working on Martin’s Legacy. I also have my mind on a Castaway challenge, if I can manage to find more playtime.03-31-16_9-25-04 AM
  • I’m going to be continuing to eliminate old content from this site in order to make space for the new content. I have too many followers (thank you!) to switch websites, but I don’t have enough spare cash to increase my storage space on this site. If you have any other suggestions, let me know!

Origin Problems

I upgraded to Windows 10, and now I can’t get Origin to work properly. I uninstalled & attempted to reinstall Origin, but it’s not working. I can’t play the Sims without Origin. We’ve been pretty busy, and when I sit down to take a break, I want to play a game, not fix Origin, so it may take a little while before things are running smooth again. I think I still have a bit of write-up to do, so I may be able to post those shortly.

Returning Soon

Thank you for your continued patience.

I did manage to free up some space in the media library of this blog. We’ll be okay for a little while, but we’ll encounter the problem again in the not too distant future. You can help me upgrade the blog by donating to my Patreon (it’s under the name of my main site, Crazy Cat Nerd).

I was delayed further by the passing of my very dear cat, Harree. 😥 I wasn’t in a Sim space last week. And I’m still coming out of it.And it doesn’t help that I’m addicted to Stardew Valley, which has a way of cheering me up and relaxing me in a way that the Sims doesn’t.

I am working on a blog post, and hope to have a post up by the end of the week. More next week.

An update was just released for the Sims, and if I can get Origin to work properly with Windows 10 (I just upgraded, possibly another reason for post delays), I’ll update the game. The update includes an Easter egg hunt. Despite my intentions, I failed to participate last year. Let’s see if I can manage this year.

Happy 16th to the Sims!

The Sims was released in February of 2000. I’ve been playing it since it’s debut, and I’ve owned every game and every expansion pack. It’s unquestionably my favorite game, even when I go through periods of not playing it…since I always come back to it.

For the 16th anniversary, the Sims 4 came out with some free content…a little tribute to each of the previous versions. From Sims 1, we got a painting of the Tragic Clown….in the Sims 1, Sonny the Tragic Clown would show up to comfort depressed Sims (but he himself was dressed and therefore made it worse). From the Sims 2, we got the Grilled Cheese Aspiration…this works similar to the Sims 2. Instead of inspiring to have a lot of wealth, a great family or success at work…Sims can just aspire to eat a lot of Grilled Cheese. For the Sims 3, the Kleptomaniac trait has returned…Sims with this trait steal randomly. We also got a gardener service NPC.

I decided to find some of my blog posts from previous versions. I didn’t blog the Sims 1, but I started blogging (and Bachelor challenges!) with the Sims 2…

Sims 2:

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I miss the University system in Sims 2, it was way better than Sims 3. I also miss the chemistry mechanic. I LOVED having my Sims tell me who they found attractive.

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From the Sims 3, I miss having seasons and holidays. I miss the random small stuff from the Generations expansion that made my Sims act like a true family…I miss the toddlers a lot too.

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I love the Sims 4 the most, though. It’s improved a lot…it runs smoother. The moods are fun and work very well. The Sims continue to become more interesting and I look forward to all the future content for this part of the Series.

Oh Noes! I’ve used up all my space!

Bad news! I have no room for more images on the blog, and no money to upgrade the site!

I was in the middle of writing a Bachelor challenge post when I discovered this unfortunate event.

I’m going to have to go through, post by post, and delete some of the very old and unfinished challenges in order to make more space.

Post frequency will decrease throughout this process, I thank you for your patience.

Update: Bachelor, Community Town, New Content!

I missed posting the last couple of days because of a busy weekend and an unexpected dental emergency.  (Blah!) I’m still playing as often as I can, but posts might be irregular this week as I have oral surgery scheduled later in the week.

GOOD news! I dug up some old gift cards that I had saved for a rainy day and I was able to buy the newest Sims expansion (released tomorrow) plus the two most recent stuff packs that I hadn’t purchased (Spooky Stuff and Cool Kitchens) so I am fully up-to-date on all Sims 4 content! The new expansion (Get Together) will definitely provide some useful interactions for the Bachelor, but I am most looking forward to implementing the new club features in our community town. I also think the new singles nights at the bars and clubs will be very helpful for Sims looking for a partner! Spooky Stuff will let us throw a Spooky-themed party during the Bachelor- I already have it scheduled!

Bachelor Update: I’ve made contestant #6, and he will be posted shortly (tomorrow?). I’m also in search of a good Bachelor-house.

Community Town Newcrest: I’m half-way through the week with the Valentine’s the babies aged up into kiddos and I’m having a lot of fun with this adorable family unit!