The Adventure of Blossom May: Day 1

03-31-16_10-20-36 AM

Here I am in my new home. It’s still a little boring…no decorations yet, but it’s fully furnished. I moved here, Willow Creek, because they have this thing called the Spring Challenge.

03-31-16_11-45-26 AM

This is my home. I didn’t spend that much time in it today. As soon as I arrived, I went out in search of the community organizer who told me how to complete the growfruit challenge, and about the egg collecting challenge.

03-31-16_10-07-16 AM

The eggs can be found all around town, in community parks and other areas, hidden behind plants or in logs.

03-31-16_11-41-38 AM

A few of my neighbors stopped by to welcome me into the neighborhood, which was very kind of them.

03-31-16_11-44-00 AM

They left me a fruitcake. It was SO helpful, as I had no food in the house. Saved me from having to cook or order pizza!

03-31-16_11-45-21 AM

Here’s the view from my yard on the side of my house. There’s a river/canal sort of thing down there. There’s a spot where people can fish, and there’s a path that people use to get to other parts of the town. I also see a lot of runners.

03-31-16_11-44-53 AM

It’s only day one, and I’m already making progress on the growfruit challenge! I planted this sapling today. How exciting!

03-31-16_10-17-59 AM

I think that’s it for now. Am I totally crazy for being here? I don’t know anyone here. I don’t know how to garden. I don’t know anything about this town. I’m here on a whim. I really hope things work out for me.



Introducing the Adventures of Blossom May

Yay! I fixed Origin! Since there is a limited-time spring themed challenge, I’ve jumped right into that. The posts about Blossom will be short diary-style blurbs that track my challenge. I’ll work on updating the other stories shortly. 

03-31-16_9-25-04 AM.png

This is Blossom May. She just moved into Willow Creek to participate in the Spring Challenge.

blossom may

Blossom loves to collect things found in nature…that’s why she’s trying the Spring Challenge. She loves the outdoors and taking selfies. She is a cheerful person, but she’s a bit introverted and requires alone time.

03-31-16_9-25-06 AM

She’s going to be updating her progress on the challenge which consists of two parts: growing Growfruit trees, and collecting 12 different decorated eggs.

03-31-16_9-28-08 AM

Blossom moved into a tiny home in Willow Creek. She has no job, and is hoping to get buy on selling the items she collects or grows.

Good luck, Blossom!