Moving this blog!

I’m migrating this blog to a website, where it will join my other blog. While putting all my interests in one place (for those of you who follow all my stuff), it will also help separate out topics for those who only follow very particular interests. If you only want Disney stuff- there will be a page for that, just cats? different page.

Here’s some links:

Home of the new site

Cats page with a new post about Dixee

Sims page with a new post about the Bowling legacy

Disney page with the Week 32 update

Please let me know how I can improve the site, and if there are any features from over here that you miss/prefer. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Moving this blog!

  1. Will you still be posting here when you update the new page with a Sim story update? The main issue I find is that I use the WordPress Reader to get updates delivered to me directly so I don’t have to manually check a website all the time to see when it updates, as the WordPress Reader sends a new post through automatically when subscribed. The new site doesn’t have a feature like this.

    • Great idea. I totally understand what you are getting at, I prefer to subscribe to feeds as well. I was looking into getting a subscribe through email setup, but thus far I haven’t found an inexpensive one. I can definitely post here with links to new blogs posts if it will help everyone, particularly until I set something else up. I’ll also be posting links on Facebook.

    • Hmm….try posting this in the reader where you can add sites you follow…

      • You’re welcome. Yeah, Crazycatnerd is just the home page (and is static until I change it), but you should be able to add the individual blogs to a feed reader, I think. I will test it out later this week when I have time and then post instructions for everyone. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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