The Sims Dine Out & Site Update

Long time, no blog posts….first it was Stardew Valley’s fault (highly recommend that little game) and then it was because I got a new job! Our weekend schedule has been very busy, and my new job means I have no time during the week. I’ve been hankering to play the Sims for awhile, so hopefully I get to do it today!

First, I wanted to get the site caught up!

  • A new Gameplay expansion is coming! I was hoping for an actual expansion pack, preferably one with family stuff, but this will do for now. The game pack expands the Sims to include restaurants. Not only can our Sims eat, have parties, and go on dates in restaurants, but they can also run their own restaurants. It promises to have lots of new recipes too. I love food-themed things, so I’m not too disappointed:TS4_695_GP03_OWNERSHIP_SCREEN_01_003
  • They are also promising a new kids-themed stuff pack. As I said, I want more family *game*play, but I don’t mind getting some new clothes and toys for the kiddos since I love playing families.
  • No more Blossom May! So my absence from the game made me once again miss the Spring challenge (:::insertagrumpyfacehere:::), so this makes Blossom May sort of useless. I’d rather spend my time finishing up the Bachelor challenge and working on Martin’s Legacy. I also have my mind on a Castaway challenge, if I can manage to find more playtime.03-31-16_9-25-04 AM
  • I’m going to be continuing to eliminate old content from this site in order to make space for the new content. I have too many followers (thank you!) to switch websites, but I don’t have enough spare cash to increase my storage space on this site. If you have any other suggestions, let me know!

4 thoughts on “The Sims Dine Out & Site Update

  1. A would think that a lot of your issue is with the .png extension of your photos.
    I have a .png that is 1.5mb. After resizing it (750×469) and saving it as a jpeg, it is now 77kb.

    • Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t want to take the time to resize every photo before posting, I already have a hard enough time posting. 😦 And while that could help me with the future, still not sure what to do about all the posts I already created.

  2. Optimizing photos is really worth it. If you check out the Quick Guide to SimLit on the forums there are many tips about using external image hosts instead of using WordPress to host photos, as well as optimizing locally hosted photos in size and format. This post in particular shows just how much space you can save by taking the time to optimize and replace images, and a lot of SimLit authors are starting to do this, even if they aren’t having space issues, because it makes their stories load faster, as well.

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