Returning Soon

Thank you for your continued patience.

I did manage to free up some space in the media library of this blog. We’ll be okay for a little while, but we’ll encounter the problem again in the not too distant future. You can help me upgrade the blog by donating to my Patreon (it’s under the name of my main site, Crazy Cat Nerd).

I was delayed further by the passing of my very dear cat, Harree. 😥 I wasn’t in a Sim space last week. And I’m still coming out of it.And it doesn’t help that I’m addicted to Stardew Valley, which has a way of cheering me up and relaxing me in a way that the Sims doesn’t.

I am working on a blog post, and hope to have a post up by the end of the week. More next week.

An update was just released for the Sims, and if I can get Origin to work properly with Windows 10 (I just upgraded, possibly another reason for post delays), I’ll update the game. The update includes an Easter egg hunt. Despite my intentions, I failed to participate last year. Let’s see if I can manage this year.


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