Martin Bowling: Episode 12

If you haven’t read about Martin Bowling before, go here. If you are looking for the most recent posts concerning Martin, go here.

I’m going to be posting occasional videos on my Opi’s Sims’ Facebook Page: I put a tester video up recently of Martin’s dance moves. If people like the videos, I may do them often for both stories. 🙂 The stories will still remain here in their entirety, the videos will be like bonus content!

02-23-16_10-06-01 AM

Raelyn was disappointed to discover only one other person was in the Garden Gnomes club. She was hoping to meet a couple people her aged who liked to be outside…instead she got this random dude (and her own dad, as Martin remains a member).

02-23-16_3-11-39 PM

Benjamin wants to throw really amazing parties, but in order to do that he needed two things: 1) lots of acquaintances he could invite, and 2) money for supplies. He made progress on the first by going down to the library and introducing himself to everyone he met. The latter he solved by getting a job at a retail store.

02-27-16_9-09-59 AM

Now that his kids were older and could manage themselves, mostly. Martin began to focus more on the Martineers. They had lost many members over the years due to old age, and he needed to recruit.

02-27-16_9-11-55 AM

He held a meeting at the pub, and introduced himself to several other people, but he couldn’t find anyone with the right personality.

02-29-16_2-47-13 PM

Benjamin and his mother watched Lost Dog’s Journey Home together during breakfast on the weekend. From the scenes it looked like it was the Sims version of Homeward Bound.

02-29-16_2-49-27 PM

Jade has been working hard towards getting a promotion.

02-29-16_2-56-57 PM

By the end of the week, Benjamin was able to throw his first house party. It went okay, but he wants to strive for better.

02-29-16_3-02-44 PM

Little Isaac helped clean up the trash after the party, despite being really grossed out by it (he’s squeamish like his dad).

02-29-16_3-06-25 PM

Speaking of Martin, he is wondering if there will ever be enough extra funds to hire a handyman, or maybe even buy a new toilet that doesn’t break on a daily basis.


2 thoughts on “Martin Bowling: Episode 12

  1. This story is so refreshing because it feels more like real life. Nothing going as planned, always broke, never getting that promotion. Or maybe I’m just a Debbie Downer 😉

    • Glad you are enjoying it, and I agree. Sometimes I feel a twinge of sadness for my poor Martin, but I like having realistic, normal people in the Sims. Jade & Martin got married late in life, and had to sacrifice their social lives and professional careers in order to have three children. They could’ve chosen a different path, but they wanted a bit of everything. I feel this story really reflects my normal play style…trying to make my Sims happy & comfortable in their everyday lives.Sims have both whims and aspirations (though they are often connected) . When my Sims come home from a long day at work, I don’t sacrifice their needs in order to work on fulfilling some far off aspiration. I handle their needs first, then their mood, then their whims (what they feel like doing that moment) and THEN I pursue their aspirations. Some aspirations are easy to achieve for certain Sims, others are very difficult. It is how life is. I also give my Sims mostly randomized traits (with a slight preference towards genetics in the case of offspring) and aspirations. Players who are trying to achieve the lofty aspiration and career goals will give their Sims traits that are advantageous to that. For example, making a future chef “creative” or the doctor a “genius”. You know, sometimes the clumsy guy wants to be an athlete. He may never excel in his work, but that’s okay, it’s what he wants. I’m all about well-rounded Simmies.

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