Bachelor 4.3: Episode 6- And then there were 5…


Welcome to the next episode of the Bachelor! Tonight we will say goodbye to one more contestant!02-22-16_1-18-07 PM

Dalton microwaved a pastry for breakfast the morning of ceremony day.

02-22-16_1-23-10 PM

Later in the day, everyone gathered in the ceremony garden for the second elimination. Everyone seemed worried, except for Sabrina.

02-22-16_1-23-47 PM

Her confidence was not unfounded, Sabrina’s name was the first to be called.

Dalton: Sabrina, I think we have similar values in life. You are not only beautiful, but you have a beautiful soul too. Will you please accept this invitation to move on to round three?

02-22-16_1-24-40 PM

Dalton: From the moment I met you, Karissa, I felt the connection. I think we have a lot of chemistry that is worth exploring. Will you please accept this invitation to the next round?

02-22-16_1-25-20 PM

As Karissa joins Sabrina, we all wonder who the third choice will be…

02-22-16_1-26-34 PM

Dalton: Penelope, will you join this next round? I feel like I haven’t really gotten to know you yet, but I find you intriguing and would like to get to know you.

02-22-16_1-29-12 PM

Raven obviously feels that she deserved a higher place than Penelope.

02-22-16_1-26-56 PM

Only two more contestants will move on to the next round…

02-22-16_1-27-54 PM

Dalton: Simone, I find you attractive and I think their is potential here. Will you please join me in the next round?

02-22-16_1-29-13 PM

02-22-16_1-28-19 PM

Dalton: And my final choice is Erica. I feel like we have lot of similar interests and like we could have a great time together.

02-22-16_1-29-09 PM

I’m sure Raven is disappointed, but we sincerely hope to see her in the next season!

02-22-16_1-28-54 PM

And these are our round 3 participants!




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