Martin Bowling: Episode 10

If you haven’t read about Martin Bowling before, go here. If you are looking for the most recent posts concerning Martin, go here.

When we last checked in with Martin Bowling, the Bowlings were under some financial pressure- broken appliances, lack of promotions, a child, and another on the way.

02-04-16_2-48-49 PM

Well, the stress continued to increase as Jade and Martin were blessed with not just one baby, but twins! One girl, Raelyn and one boy, Isaac.

02-04-16_11-57-52 AM

Jade and Martin were very happy with the new additions (for the record, Benjamin was NOT). But it did put them in a bit of a bind…for now the twins could sleep in their room, but where would they put them after they grew out of their bassinets? As you can see, there is no free space in the upstairs…

02-04-16_11-57-58 AM

And not really much downstairs either…

02-05-16_9-28-35 AM

So, Martin made the decision to move the family…away from their friends and beloved Windenburg, and to Willow Creek…where they purchased a spacious one-story.

02-08-16_9-33-19 AM

It seemed as though the twins would be the last of the offspring…Martin was getting too old for this.

02-08-16_9-39-37 AM

The twin babies now shared a room with Benjamin. Several times a night, Benjamin would be awoken by their crying. He took to playing with clay in the living room instead of drawing at his desk.

02-08-16_1-12-11 PM

Fortunately, the twins have now transitioned. Raelyn is active, loves playgrounds and sports, likes wearing adorable tees, and wants to form a close-knit friend group like her parents.

02-08-16_1-03-02 PM

Isaac has a bit more swagger than his siblings. Isaac wants to talk to everyone and have loads of friends. He’ll likely be quite popular in school…as long as his peers don’t figure out how easy it is to tease him. Isaac is very squeamish, just like Martin!


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