Bachelor 4.3: Episode 2- A Walk in the Park


Welcome to tonight’s episode of the Bachelor! We are looking to find a romantic match for Dalton Montgomery the kind-hearted soul who is looking for a woman that doesn’t mind woohooing in a rocket ship.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll concerning the images with the user interface vs. those without. It looks like about three-quarters of you would like to see the UI in at least some of the images, and the other quarter of you couldn’t decide. I’ve set the camera to snap the UI shots. Like I mentioned, it (for some reason) doesn’t use that setting in camera mode…so if I want to line-up the camera better to get a specific shot, we won’t see the UI. Also, I’m in the habit of switching to camera mode, so it will also be based on how often I remember. I’m excited to have those conversation bubbles back, though!!!

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Twas the night before the first one on one and all through the farmhouse mansion not a contestant was stirring…

02-07-16_9-48-38 AM

…except for Karissa….she was literally stirring. Here we have Karrissa making a midnight snack.

02-07-16_12-11-39 PM

After introductions, it was time for the Bachelor to choose his first one-on-one. The Bachelor has a method to choosing his one-on-ones. He selects someone he wants to know more about…where he doesn’t know where the relationship stands.

He didn’t select Karissa…he felt confident of his attraction to her. Erica, also a potential front-runner, he didn’t select because he’s comfortable with the compatibility of their personalities.

02-07-16_12-37-56 PM

He selected Simone for his first one-on-one.

02-07-16_12-42-55 PM

They went to the park for their date.

02-07-16_1-42-51 PM

They spent the majority of the date sitting on a park bench and getting to know one another.

02-07-16_1-44-03 PM

Simone showed an interest in Dalton’s guitar-playing.

02-07-16_1-44-37 PM

Dalton told her about his parents’ divorce.

02-07-16_1-44-44 PM

And how he got extra toys out of the deal.

02-07-16_1-44-50 PM

And how their breakup was caused by a misunderstanding in the men’s bathroom.

02-07-16_1-44-55 PM

There was an Alpaca involved….it was complicated. Sometimes I think Dalton shares too much.

Overall, their conversation was interesting, friendly and fun…but in no way romantic.

Next episode: a house party!



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