Happy 16th to the Sims!

The Sims was released in February of 2000. I’ve been playing it since it’s debut, and I’ve owned every game and every expansion pack. It’s unquestionably my favorite game, even when I go through periods of not playing it…since I always come back to it.

For the 16th anniversary, the Sims 4 came out with some free content…a little tribute to each of the previous versions. From Sims 1, we got a painting of the Tragic Clown….in the Sims 1, Sonny the Tragic Clown would show up to comfort depressed Sims (but he himself was dressed and therefore made it worse). From the Sims 2, we got the Grilled Cheese Aspiration…this works similar to the Sims 2. Instead of inspiring to have a lot of wealth, a great family or success at work…Sims can just aspire to eat a lot of Grilled Cheese. For the Sims 3, the Kleptomaniac trait has returned…Sims with this trait steal randomly. We also got a gardener service NPC.

I decided to find some of my blog posts from previous versions. I didn’t blog the Sims 1, but I started blogging (and Bachelor challenges!) with the Sims 2…

Sims 2:

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I miss the University system in Sims 2, it was way better than Sims 3. I also miss the chemistry mechanic. I LOVED having my Sims tell me who they found attractive.

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From the Sims 3, I miss having seasons and holidays. I miss the random small stuff from the Generations expansion that made my Sims act like a true family…I miss the toddlers a lot too.

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I love the Sims 4 the most, though. It’s improved a lot…it runs smoother. The moods are fun and work very well. The Sims continue to become more interesting and I look forward to all the future content for this part of the Series.


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