Which do you prefer?


Back in the days of Sims 3, my story photos had conversation bubbles. They lacked the user interface, but they had the conversation bubbles, thought bubbles and relationship indicators, as in the above screenshot.

That changed in the Sims 4, when the standard in-game format is like this:

02-02-16_9-26-04 AM

As you can see, the Sims 4 screenshots lack conversational bubbles. Conversation and thought bubbles can add something extra to the stories…it helps me remember how the conversation went allowing me to be more descriptive.

Taking actually screenshots of the game and editing out the unnecessary stuff is too time-consuming to make the blog posts fun for me. So, I’ve always ruled that out. I only edit occasional images to explain or point out something (such as locations in neighborhoods).

While playing around with my Sims 4 settings, I discovered a new option…to turn leave the UI (user interface) on during screen captures. The problem is that it adds ALL of the UI, not just the fun conversation and thought bubbles….

02-05-16_4-19-58 PM

See? lots of clutter on the screen. Some of that information is probably fun for you to know….the relationship bar, the mood, etc….but it’s also quite distracting.

It’s really fun to see in this shot that Dalton is talking to Erica about woohoo in a rocketship. Sims say some hilarious stuff and I think the bubbles add a lot. I WISH it was like the Sims 3 where only certain items appeared in screenshots.

I can flip between both easily…in fact, if we choose to have more UI photos, we’ll likely get a mix of both. The special screenshot mode that lets you move the camera easily does NOT show the UI even when the option is turned on. I will likely still use that mode often in order to get better angles.

Anyway, I can’t decide….what do YOU think? Would you like to see the conversation bubbles? Or would the clutter distract from the story?

Let me know what you think in this poll, or below in the comments, thanks!

4 thoughts on “Which do you prefer?

  1. I prefer the bubbles for the same reason as you and I did not realize that the bubbles were missing until I read your post. Looking at my screen-shots I see that plumb-bobs and other things are included with UI turned off, so it is not consistent. Having the UI on does add some additional info, but you’re right, having everything in the UI can be distracting.

    • Yeah, the pumbobs showing but not the conversation bubbles is so weird. You’d think it’d be the other way around! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

    • I agree. I missed having them in my posts. It’s so much fun to make up a conversation based on the little icons! I’m leaning towards using them when their are fun conversational bubbles present, but I was worried the images would look less story-friendly with all the extras. Thanks for the input!

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