Martin Bowling: Episode 9

If you haven’t read about Martin Bowling before, go here. If you are looking for the most recent posts concerning Martin, go here.

02-03-16_7-44-38 PM

Martin has become the primary cook in the Bowling-Rosa household. He enjoys making Taco Casserole. When Benjamin came along and the Martineers started meeting less frequently, and sometimes at the park, they ran out of cake, so Martin had to learn how to cook.

02-03-16_9-24-42 AM

Martin took Benjamin with him to the meetings of Martineers in the park. That is where Benjamin first met Damien.

02-03-16_9-22-42 AM

Damien is a normal, good kid. His only quirk is that he has a fondness for keeping things very neat.

02-03-16_9-25-22 AM

Damien quickly became Benjamin’s best friend.

02-03-16_9-26-52 AM

Martin playing chess with a random guy at the park (he turned out to be evil and Martin didn’t like him).

02-03-16_8-03-09 PM

Despite Jade’s desire to move forward in her career and their limited finances, Jade and Martin decided to have another child. Jade was pregnant after their first try.

02-04-16_12-07-46 PM

Benjamin had a bad day at school, so when he came home he hid under his blankets for awhile. Eventually, he got up and called Damien who made him feel better.

02-04-16_10-45-00 AM

Later, Martin helped Benjamin with his homework, and by the end of the evening, he was feeling better.

02-04-16_2-47-07 PM

Come on!! Their appliances are now getting old and break all the time. It seems like the repairman is over everyday!

02-04-16_10-39-14 AM

A few days later, Damien came over, and they played “Don’t Wake the Llama!”

02-04-16_12-56-32 PM

Jade is having another tough pregnancy….here she is at 3am pausing her consumption of taco casserole to rub her sore back. 😦




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