Martin Bowling: Episode 8

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01-28-16_12-19-34 PM

Jade and Martin have recently welcomed little Benjamin Bowling into the world.

01-31-16_5-35-32 PM

Dressed for the office! Jade is not a huge fan of her office attire. Sadly, both of them are struggling to get promotions. Jade’s pregnancy was rough, and really set her back. Martin prefers spending time with his friends over doing the things he should be doing to promote his career.

02-01-16_4-21-56 PM

As a result of their low-level jobs, they were unable to afford to purchase a new home before Benjamin transitioned into a child. They constructed a wall in their bedroom, giving him a small corner of his own. It only has room for a nightstand, bed, and his activity table. They couldn’t even afford to wallpaper it!

02-03-16_7-44-02 PM

Benjamin doesn’t seem to mind, though. He is content decorating his walls with his own artwork.

02-01-16_3-18-47 PM

I think Benjamin looks a lot like his mother, but also a bit like his dad. I’m very curious to see what he looks like as he gets older.

02-01-16_7-23-59 PM

Benjamin loves bright colors. He seems to have the fashion sense of his dad (sensible sweaters), but the color palette of his mother. His favorite color is pink.

02-01-16_4-29-37 PM

Benjamin adores his parents. He is very outgoing (just like them), so he spends a lot of time socializing with them.

02-02-16_9-26-04 AM

They recently went on a family outing to the community pool and had a fabulous time.

02-02-16_9-30-10 AM

The two lovebirds.

02-02-16_9-27-56 AM

Jade & Martin spent most of the time chatting with each other in the pool. Benjamin explored the pool area and chatted with some people.

02-01-16_4-21-45 PM

It is fortunate that their familial bonds keep them happy because the financial situation in the Bowling household continues to get more dire. They’ve suffered a broken radio, television, fridge, shower and toilet recently. Martin had hired a maid to help clean the house while Jade was pregnant, but twice they couldn’t pay her on time and she quit.


One thought on “Martin Bowling: Episode 8

  1. I think I feel the same as them as far as family feeling so much more important than work. ❤ Benjamin's bedroom looks about the size of mine growing up! lol

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