Bachelor 4.3: Contestant #2

We are still accepting submissions for Bachelor 4.3. This Bachelor strongly prefers female contestants, so female submissions are highly desirable!

To submit a contestant, go here. The submission form is roughly the same as last time with a few tweaks for clarity and I rehashed the Bachelor-contest specific section.

It’s time to meet our second contestant:

Ansuya’s strong personality has resulted in not much luck on the dating scene. She is hoping that the Bachelor is serious about finding love and willing to give everyone a fair chance.

01-27-16_9-21-09 AM

Ansuya is outgoing and confident. She works in the fast-paced world of investing, but is interested in pursuing other career paths as well. She aspires to learn a lot of different skills and jobs so she can have an interesting and fulfilling life.

01-27-16_9-21-06 AM

Ansuya enjoys making new friends, writing, yoga and meditation.

Ansuya was submitted by Rinellie


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