Bachelor 4.3 Contestant #1

We are still accepting submissions for Bachelor 4.3. This Bachelor strongly prefers female contestants, so female submissions are highly desirable!

To submit a contestant, go here. The submission form is roughly the same as last time with a few tweaks for clarity and I rehashed the Bachelor-contest specific section.

It’s time to meet our first contestant:

Penelope is stepping out of her comfort zone by joining the Bachelor. She hopes trying something new and different will help her personal growth.

12-01-15_12-07-16 PM

What Penelope desires most in life is to see her children succeed, but is struggling to balance this desire with her fear of becoming too much like her strict, over-bearing parents. She is hoping to broaden her horizons with this experience and perhaps meet the perfect partner to help raise her future family.

12-01-15_12-07-36 PM

Penelope is a creative soul with a passion for music. When not worrying about how to be the perfect parent, she plays the piano and violin.

Penelope was submitted by Rinellie

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