Martin Bowling: Episode 6

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01-09-16_2-19-06 PM

It was Martin’s birthday and he threw a party. Martin always prefers to see the best in people, and to give the benefit of the doubt. He invited Jade over to the party.

01-09-16_2-19-08 PM

He did noticed that he spent a lot of time entertaining his friends and playing host…and not spending time with her. So, perhaps he shouldn’t have been so disappointed by their interactions during her party.

01-09-16_2-20-05 PM

She got a long great with his friends. Like him, she liked all sorts of people.

01-09-16_4-52-22 PM

Later that week, he took her on a date…to the bluffs where they first met. They had a fabulous time. At the end of which, he proposed. Jade said yes.

The ceremony was at the Island Bluffs, of course.

01-10-16_3-15-04 PM

There was dancing.

01-10-16_3-09-55 PM

And swimming.

01-10-16_3-07-25 PM

I love how Eliza got a drink that matches her dress!

01-10-16_3-08-26 PM

There was a chocolate fountain.

01-10-16_3-09-32 PM

Jade somehow ended up with two drinks!

Thanks for reading!!!

The newest stuff pack is finally on Amazon. I have an Amazon gift card I got for Christmas, so I can get it! Movies and popcorn for my Sims! I think the Martineers will LOVE a movie night.

Hmm…Martin is getting pretty old now- he’s already transitioned to adult. If we want to make this a Legacy, we are going to need to pop out some little Martins soon!!!



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