Bachelor 4.3 is…..

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Bachelor #6: Dalton Montgomery!

Dalton is a Renaissance Sim…he is interested in learning about all different kinds of things. He is currently working as a cadet for the police force, but he doesn’t plan on having that as a career his whole life. He wants to experience a bit of everything. His ability to learn new skills quickly will help him with that, and so will his creativity. He has a wide variety of interests from playing the guitar, going to the gym to gardening. He is also a bit of a “bro” and likes to hang out with the guys and watch sports. He’s a good soul who is happy when other people are happy, dislikes conflict, and donates to charities often. He is interested in becoming a member of the Garden Gnomes club.  He wants to have a large family someday, and he is only attracted to women.

I’m glad Dalton won, he was one of my favorites! He’s a randomly generated cutie! The downside of Dalton is he is attracted only to the ladies. Sorry, gents. You are still welcome to submit a guy, but preference will be given to lady Sims.

Speaking of which, we still need contestants…so, go…make Dalton’s soulmate! Here:


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