Martin Bowling: Episode 5

If you haven’t read about Martin Bowling before, go here. If you are looking for the most recent posts concerning Martin, go here.

Martin hadn’t found a club he enjoyed, but he had met a lot of really nice people he wanted to hang out with more.

01-08-16_3-35-13 PM

He started to invite those folks over during the evenings after work- whenever he felt up to it (some days he just wanted to play on his computer and eat Mac n’ Cheese).

01-08-16_3-37-49 PM

Martin and his new friends liked being nice to each other. This seemed to result in lots of hugs, compliments, and the baking of cakes for each other.

01-08-16_9-48-25 AM

They also enjoy playing cards together.

01-08-16_9-50-47 AM

And having dance parties. The best part of the dance parties is that everyone is so kind and optimistic, no one criticizes your dance moves, so everyone is free to be themselves.

01-08-16_9-49-56 AM

They take turns baking on every get together. These little gatherings quickly turned into a club called “The Martineers” whose members are all good, kind people who enjoy being nice to each other, baking, playing cards and dancing.

01-09-16_11-38-17 AM

Jade invited Martin to her birthday party, and he went. He felt a little out of place among Jade’s friends.

01-09-16_11-39-09 AM

He’d quickly grown very fond of his new group of friends, and missed hanging out with them.

01-09-16_11-40-28 AM

What made the situation worse- Jade pretty much ignored him the whole party. He found himself playing a game alone for awhile, contemplating his relationship with Jade.

01-09-16_11-41-55 AM

The caterer of the party was very nice, and joined Martin after she had finished serving food. Martin was grateful for the company.

Martin didn’t know what to do about Jade. Martin would be having his birthday party soon as well. Time was running out to start the family he had been planning. Was Jade the right person for that? He felt they had a strong connection, and she was very interesting to him. But was it going anywhere? Maybe he felt more strongly about her than she did about him.

He had some decisions to make.

While Martin isn’t a community Sim, and there’s no polls, I would love to hear your comments on what Martin should do! Do we pursue Jade?



One thought on “Martin Bowling: Episode 5

  1. I love his club! They sound like so much fun! I’m not even a dancer and I think it might be okay, since everyone is so positive! And cards! And cake! This place sounds like heaven. I want a club like this :3

    The plumb bob’s look different than I remember. They look more like rupees from the Legend of Zelda. It’s neat to see the symbols inside.

    I say he should forget Jade. She doesn’t seem like she’s made Martin a priority in her life. He can do better, and maybe find someone he has more in common with (or at least I don’t remember them having too much in common).

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