Who is the Next Bachelor??!

Who will be Bachelor 4.3?!?

As I’ve mentioned, I had a computer meltdown, which has led to a reboot of the Bachelor. Cannon, Bachelor 4.2, is deceased. You can submit new contestants or re-submit your old contestants from 4.2 by filling out this form. I’ve made some tweaks to the form. Anyone can submit a contestant!

I did something different for these Bachelors candidates….I randomly generated all aspects of their appearances, personalities, hobbies etc…using a combination of in-game generators (appearance), online 3rd party generators (traits and aspirations), and dice (hobbies, careers, clubs, sexual preference). I did small tweaking here and there to their wardrobes (when things looked ridiculous or didn’t match the personality), and sometimes I “rolled” again when I really didn’t like the result, but I tried to keep it as random as possible.

The results will likely make this decision challenging for you…as I feel everyone has drawbacks, but it makes them more real to me. I also will enjoy trying to sell you on these random (literally) gentlemen.

Bachelor Candidate #1: James Talbert

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James is brilliant. Not only is he naturally gifted with smarts that exceed those of common Sims, but he also spends a lot of his time reading, analyzing and discussing books. His wonderful mental talent is put to use working for the Sim Intelligence Agency. He isn’t lacking in social skills, either. He’s very gregarious and has a personal life goal of becoming the leader of an infamous club (likely to do with reading). His social nature does not extend to children, however. In fact, he despises children. He simply cannot communicate with them due to their inferior intellect. Consequently, he does absolutely not want children. When not working as a genius or reading, he likes to get outside. He enjoys fishing and making special brews out of herbs. He enjoys hanging out in coffee shops and cafes. He is interested in becoming a member of the “Good Timers” club, a group who spend their time hanging out in bars and playing pub games. While James has a strong preference for ladies, he isn’t entirely opposed to settling down with gent if the intellectual connection is strong.

Bachelor #2: Mathew Pasang

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Mathew has a gift for cooking, and he loves using it. His goal is to master the art of cooking, and he is a professional chef. He wants to join the Upper Crusts club, where all the foodies hang out. He loves spending time with close friends and family. He prefers to have a tight circle of friends he sees often, and he wants his family to be even closer. Despite this love of family, he is still unsure if he wants children. To balance his love for eating, he is very interested in physical fitness. He loves going for jogs in the local park. He’s on the squeamish side and everything from dirty dishes to gore on TV makes him feel queasy. Sometimes he acts a bit crazy- he talks to himself often and he can’t always keep his emotions in check. He is only interested in men, and has no interest in female contestants.

Bachelor #3: Todd Meredith

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Todd is pretty smart and a quick learner. He aspires to be well-read, but also to have a logical mind that allows him to take things apart and put them back together. He’s a very happy guy, always cheerful. However, he has a bit of a mean streak and can also be quite the jealous type.  He works in business management, but in his spare time he enjoys playing the violin and taking photos. He finds the Avant Gardes the most appealing club to join. He also likes chatting online (and trolling people). He would like lots of children. He is mostly into women, but is open to possibilities.

Bachelor #4: Kaiden Adcock

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Kaiden is a fun-loving goofball. He likes to be in clubs, hang out with friends, and is usually pretty popular. Kaiden is materialistic…he likes stuff, and he’s not ashamed to admit that his primary desire in life is to become fabulously wealthy. He makes his living as a musician, but he’s also very business savvy. Besides hanging out with friends and playing tunes, he also enjoys backyard astronomy, computer programming and parenting. Kaiden looks forward to the day he can help his future children with their homework or play with them on the playground. He doesn’t want lots of kids, but would like to adopt a couple. He is interested in many clubs, but his first pick would be Partihaus (drinking, dancing, etc…). Sorry ladies, but Kaiden is 100% attracted to guys.

Bachelor #5: Antwan Cooke

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Antwan Cooke (pronounced like “cookie”) wants to be everyone’s friend. He loves people, and wants to be friends with every one he meets.  His desire to befriend everyone ties in to his naturally ambitious personality. He works hard at whatever he does…and sometimes he gets labeled as a perfectionist because of it. He works as a painter, but his goal is to someday be a Patron of the Arts. He is interested in curating and cultivating artistic talent. He’s a bit of a foodie, and appreciates food as a form of art. In his spare time, he does a lot of reading. He also collects rare minerals, and dabbles in rocket science. He’s interested in having a small family someday with one or two children. He’s only attracted to women.

Bachelor #6: Dalton Montgomery

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Dalton is a Renaissance Sim…he is interested in learning about all different kinds of things. He is currently working as a cadet for the police force, but he doesn’t plan on having that as a career his whole life. He wants to experience a bit of everything. His ability to learn new skills quickly will help him with that, and so will his creativity. He has a wide variety of interests from playing the guitar, going to the gym and gardening. He is also a bit of a “bro” and likes to hang out with the guys and watch sports. He’s a good soul who is happy when other people are happy, dislikes conflict, and donates to charities often. He is interested in becoming a member of the Garden Gnomes club.  He wants to have a large family someday, and he is only attracted to women.


Bachelor #7: Caiphus Burns

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Caiphus currently works as a technician in a science lab, but he hopes to someday become a professional bodybuilder. His naturally high metabolism has given him a distinct advantage for his goal. He is thankful for his high metabolism because he is actually quite the glutton. He doesn’t care what sort of food it is, and views expiration dates as merely suggestions. Despite his goals in life, Caiphus is not compensating for something, he is actually very confident and happy with who he is. He is outgoing and friendly, and loves to make people laugh- he is an amateur comedian. He loves mixing up delicious cocktails to make other people loosen up, but watch out…he also really likes to cause mischief. He belongs to the Powerhouse club (of course). He is considering kids some day, but isn’t sure. He’s interested in mostly men, but he’s open to other experiences.

Bachelor #8: Lamar Yuan

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Lamar dreams of being a painter someday, but for now he is a writer’s assistant. Lamar works better when he is inspired. Currently, nature is his inspiration and he spends a lot of time outside. Lamar is sometimes indecisive and has a fear of committing to things…he’s moved around a lot, tried multiple jobs, and has yet to find the right partner. Lamar despises housework. While he loves being outside, he also loves the couch in his living room. Watching television and playing video games are two of his favorite activities. When he doesn’t feel like relaxing at home, he enjoys going to the spa. Lamar likes meeting new people and doesn’t want to hang out with the same people over and over again, which is why he doesn’t have interest in joining any club. He doesn’t want kids. He is mostly interested in guys, but ladies are encouraged to apply to.




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