Martin Bowling: Episode 4

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You can read the rest of Martin’s story: episode 1episode 2 and episode 3.

01-04-16_2-26-23 PM

Most days, Martin woke up, ate cereal, took a brisk shower and headed to work. When he came home he ate dinner, played on his computer and went to bed. Sometimes, he would fill out some daily reports for work for an hour or so, or maybe call one of his new friends.

01-04-16_6-54-18 PM

One of his new friends was Eliza Pancakes. Eliza invited him over to play chess on her porch one day. Martin enjoyed Eliza’s company, though he found her a bit on the materialistic side.

01-05-16_10-58-35 AM

Martin met Beckham at a bar one evening, and they hit it off pretty well. Beckham was an unemployed perfectionist, but he was also a very good person. Martin likes good people.

01-05-16_11-00-39 AM

He also made friends with Quinton, the bar tender. Quinton was a bit of a bro and a goofball, but, once again, a good guy.

01-05-16_1-23-23 PM

He came across Quinton again in town a couple nights later at a bar, and they hung out.

01-05-16_1-23-37 PM

They played several rounds of “Don’t Wake the Llama” while chatting about how to make the world a better place.

01-05-16_3-39-34 PM

Martin is still on the hunt for his perfect club and friend group. He decided to try out the Garden Gnomes. He’s a pretty squeamish guy, so the idea of playing in the dirt and fishing didn’t really appeal to him. However, he likes to keep an open mind.

01-05-16_3-41-58 PM

He was correct- this club wasn’t for him- but he met some nice people.

01-05-16_3-40-49 PM

Such as Bjorn, whom he had a bit of a bromance with during the meeting. Martin discovered Bjorn was another kind soul. They watched the clouds together.

Martin had met a couple of really good people that he’d like to hang out with all the time, but they all moved in different circles. Hmm…maybe he could get them all to meet?




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