Bachelor 4.3: Accepting Contestants

Update: All Bachelor Contestants will be saved to the in-game (online) Gallery so a cloud backup of each Sim will exist.

I’m still looking for more input on the future of the blog after my computer meltdown. However, so far we have a tie between rebooting the previous series and only doing shorter challenges. Both of these options would allow for a Bachelor challenge.

I’m now accepting contestants for Bachelor 4.3. You may resubmit the same contestant information by choosing the option in the survey. If your re-submitted Sim was made by me from scratch, I will need to remake them- so they will likely look different.

I will only be using SEVEN sims for this challenge…to keep things quick and easy (more than 7 requires multiple households). You are encouraged to submit multiple Sims. If I have more than seven, candidates will go through a selection/casting process based on a variety of to-be-determined criteria (mainly related to compatibility with the Bachelor).

The new form has been updated! I’ve added a few new questions related to clubs and body shape, as well as rewording some questions in the Bachelor-specific section. Let me know what you think!

If you don’t like the below embedded form, you can go here.


14 thoughts on “Bachelor 4.3: Accepting Contestants

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