Martin Bowling: Episode 3

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You can read the rest of Martin’s story: episode 1 and episode 2.

Martin & Jade work for the same corporation, so they saw each other throughout the week at work. On Friday evening, Martin was surprised to receive a phone call from Jade asking if he wanted to hang out at her place.

12-29-15_7-39-17 PM

Martin already knew that Jade was outgoing and friendly like himself, but he also learned that she was very neat & tidy. She was very ambitious and considered her career very important. Martin was impressed by her. While her physical appearance and friend group seemed to suggest “party girl” (and she was the leader of the “Partihaus” club), she was actually quite put-together.

12-29-15_7-44-22 PM

Martin tried the classic move he saw in romantic comedies on television: yawn, stretch, and put your arm around the girl.

12-29-15_7-44-28 PM

To his surprise, it worked. Martin was confused by this whole chain of events. He’d never before felt such a quick connection to someone. Skeptical thoughts sometimes ran through his mind, but Martin liked to believe most people had good intentions.

01-01-16_11-37-00 AM

Martin was still searching for his perfect club, so he decided to give “Partihaus” a try on Friday evening after a long work week. Jade seemed to enjoy hanging out with these people, so maybe he would too.

01-01-16_11-37-08 AM

The requirements were pretty simple…get together at various places to party. Martin found he rather enjoyed the partying. He liked being around so many people, and he was beginning to enjoy dancing.

01-01-16_11-36-56 AM

While Martin paid a lot of attention to Jade, he also made sure to introduce himself to pretty much everyone he met.

01-01-16_11-40-24 AM

He discovered his sweater twin at the bar! Martin ordered some juice.

01-01-16_11-40-45 AM

And not long after, Jade bounced over to the bar to join him. She ordered a bowl of chips. Martin liked how she sought him out, it made him feel wanted.

01-01-16_11-39-08 AM

Since it was Friday, Martin stayed out very late.

01-01-16_11-30-44 AM

Saturday morning was spent recovering from the night before, and reading in his pjs.

01-01-16_12-49-11 PM

Saturday afternoon he took a walk to the local cafe to meet some more people. The Avante Gardes were there, and he was friendly enough to them. He also spent a lot of time chatting to other locals in the shop. At some point, he managed to buy himself a cheesecake (I didn’t see this happen, nor did I instruct him to do so…it was the same thing with the cannoli the other day…the man really likes his desserts!).

Thanks for reading! I hope you are enjoying reading about Martin!


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