Martin Bowling: Episode 2

You can find Episode 1 here.

12-29-15_10-19-20 AM

Martin was searching for a place to belong, so he decided to join the Knights of the Hedge. The knights wear armor, hang around an old estate, wander a hedge maze and play chess.

12-29-15_10-23-04 AM

Martin gave an honest try, but he didn’t really click with this group. The helmet was uncomfortable, and he couldn’t see in the maze. He tried playing chess, but no one would play with him.

12-29-15_12-03-12 PM

He also tried joining the Avant Garde club one evening after work. They advertised that they discussed literature (he liked to read!), helped kids with their homework (he loved helping people!), and accepted people who didn’t fit in elsewhere (like him!). This sounded great, so Martin was looking forward to the meeting. However, he found the Avant Gardes to be stuck up, and he didn’t connect with them either.

12-29-15_12-05-12 PM

He did enjoy eating a cannoli at the meeting, though- the benefits of hanging out in a cafe!

12-29-15_3-26-10 PM

His neighbors invited him to a dance party that was happening at the Bluffs. Martin felt out of place but he tried dancing anyway. Martin was delighted to see Jade was there, and even more delighted when she came over to chat with him.

12-29-15_3-28-14 PM

Martin let loose on the dance floor, while introducing himself to everyone and making some new acquaintances.

12-29-15_3-29-27 PM

Martin decided to go for a swim at the bluffs. He attempted to do an elegant swan dive into the pool.

12-29-15_3-29-32 PM

It turned into more of a belly flop, but Martin wasn’t discouraged. He encouraged the others to join him. No one was interested…except for Jade.

12-29-15_3-30-40 PM

The evening ended with just the two of them skinny dipping in the pool. Neither Martin or myself was expecting this ending. I thought Martin was a bit on the boring side. Apparently, he has greater plans for himself than I do. Jade seemed way out of his league…

You are a fascinating dude, Martin. I’m rooting for you.



5 thoughts on “Martin Bowling: Episode 2

  1. Those knights are jerks. It’s in their description to play chess, but apparently it’s just to lure in unsuspecting victims.

    I was excited by the idea of the Avant Garde club, but their name made me worried about them being snooty =\ I also enjoy cannoli! I’m so proud of him for trying so many different groups.

    That pool is terrifying. Maybe it’s too many years of only swimming at the beach and the pool, but the idea of swimming with plant life totally freaks me out. What could be hiding in there!?

    WHAT?! I totally didn’t see that ending coming!!!

    So did you create Martin? What was the inspiration?

    • Yeah, I was disappointed by the Knights.

      Yep, Martin was totally from scratch, and sort of on a whim. I wanted to start a new story, one that could perhaps lead to a Legacy, and I wanted a good founder. I wanted the story to be interesting, and there aren’t many stories dedicated to average looking mail technicians with receding hairlines. My goal was for him to be normal and a whole person, and then just see where the story goes. I have NO plans for Martin other than to keep him going.

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