Martin Bowling: Episode 1

While I’m waiting for you folks to decide the immediate future of the content on this blog, I still wanted to play something. So, I made Martin Bowling.

12-29-15_8-41-08 AM

Martin is average. He’s a bit chubby, wears glasses, has freckles and a receding hairline, and his fashion sense…well, he likes to dress sensibly.

12-29-15_8-41-04 AM

Martin is clumsy, awkward and a bit squeamish (camping, bugs, and sweat are not things he enjoys). He is quite sociable, however, and enjoys the company of others. He loves people and making people happy. He’s a genuinely good guy. Martin desires to not only fit in, but to find a group of people he can truly connect with and be at the center of it. He is tired of being on the sidelines, the third wheel on his friends dates, and only being invited to parties that everyone is invited to.

Martin's house.png

That’s why Martin moved to Windenberg. Not only would he get a fresh start in a new town, but Windenberg was known for its sense of community. Supposedly, there was always something going on in Windenberg.

12-29-15_10-09-13 AM

Martin took a job at Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated as a mailroom technician, and moved into a small house near the center of town.

12-29-15_10-14-01 AM

Shortly, after moving into his new one bedroom home, four of his neighbors came over to welcome him to the neighborhood. Starting from the left: Marcus, Eva, Jade and Paolo.

12-29-15_10-15-18 AM

Eva didn’t say much to him, she mainly chatted with everyone else. Marcus and Paolo were nice enough, but Martin wasn’t hopeful that he’d fit into this friend group. They were part of a club called “Power House”, who spent their time working out and comparing muscle mass…not something Martin was remotely interested in.

12-29-15_10-15-03 AM

Jade was different. She seemed warm and friendly. Martin also found her very attractive. Still, they didn’t seem to have much in common.

Martin did appreciate the warm welcome, though. And was pleased with the fruitcake he left them.

12-29-15_1-18-27 PM

Actually, Martin would’ve appreciated any food. He went from a home where his mother cooked all the meals, to a college where meals were prepared for him. Consequently, he had no cooking skills at all. After a failed attempt to make eggs and toast the following morning, he resorted to having the fruitcake instead.

Martin story takes an interesting turn soon, so I encourage you to check back again tomorrow evening for another update!