Round Six: Flasterdasher

General Sims: As it turns out, my oral surgery decreased my playtime! I mainly wanted to sleep while on the pain medication, and even when not tired staring at the screen gave me a headache. I’m pretty much recovered now (I still have some minor mouth pain, and my diet is limited, but nothing that impacts gaming). Of course, now I’m trying to catch-up on all the things I didn’t manage to do while recovering. ūüôā

Bachelor Updates: As you know, all the contestant have been posted. I’ve also created the Bachelor Mansion (and additional housing for other Sims) and placed everyone. I’ve created a highly detailed spreadsheet dealing with the mechanics of the challenge. I’m almost ready to begin playing.

New Contest: I LOVE the new expansion. And my interest in the new club feature may have distracted me enough where I took less photos this week.

This is the middle of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: The Flasterdasher Family

Refresher:¬†Lola lives alone. This young career-girl has little time for romance while she tries to become a top-notch mixologist (bartender). ¬†Since Lola lives alone and works a job we can’t visit, her week goes by pretty quickly…

12-11-15_7-05-15 PM

Lola had so many things in her house break this week, that she had to call to get things repaired. I believe the television, fridge, and bathroom sink were all broken at the same time.

12-11-15_7-05-11 PM

Lola’s normal days consist mostly of working odd hours (evenings/nights), taking care of her needs and home, practicing her culinary skills, and yoga.

12-11-15_3-14-06 PM

On her days off, she hangs out with two different groups…The Upper Crusts (foodies) and The Good Timers (like to hang out in pubs). She did hang out at a pub one night this week, but apparently I didn’t get a shot of it.

12-11-15_3-15-06 PM

This is Mila Munch, she is in both groups of friends!

12-11-15_3-14-21 PM

The biggest news this week is that Lola was able to purchase a bar!! Finally! She can now practice mixing drinks.

Round 6 Results: Flasterdasher Family


  • Aspiration: Master of Mixology (0)
  • She is almost to level 1, now that she can afford a bar. She just has to make a few more drinks.
  • Career: Culinary (4)- Mixologist
  • Skills: 8- cooking; 4- charisma; 3- mixology, gourmet cooking, wellness, comedy; 1- fitness, handiness, logic, mischief, videogaming
  • Friends: Mila, Bjorn and Cedric
  • Romantic Interests: Bjorn, Don, Leo
  • Clubs: The Good Timers, Upper Crusts



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