Contestant #10- Adelaide Romania

Here is our tenth and final contestant, Adelaide (Adel) Romania.

Adel joined the Bachelor out of spite. She wants to make the man who broke her heart come crawling back to her…though she has no plans of taking him back.

12-11-15_11-09-22 AM

Adelaide’s heart was broken, twice, by the man of her dreams. Once her desire was to marry her soulmate, and she believe in love. She was dating her childhood sweetheart, Malcolm, for awhile before she tried proposing. He rejected her- saying he wasn’t ready. She forgave him, continued dating him, and waited for him to be ready. After a second rejection, she gave up hope of settling down in a perfect relationship. The rejection had changed her…her personality, her physical appearance, and her goals in life.

12-11-15_11-09-30 AM

She’s still a romantic and seeks companionship, but she now understands love is fleeting and she has no intention of a commitment. She enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, going to the gym, and yoga. She hasn’t really decided on a career yet, she’s plans on giving business a try for a little while.



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