Contestant #9: Cat John-Jules

Almost done introducing our contestants! Here’s the ninth one!

Cat John-Jules, to be frank, is just looking for a bit of bedroom action. That’s not to say he’s not up for commitment, he’s down for that too, but romance and bedroom compatibility are what he’s after.

12-11-15_9-02-41 AM

Cat is interested in romance, making friends, yoga, meditation, going to the spa, shopping, dancing, mischief and fishing. He has a natural talent for catching delicious fish, so he makes his money from that, as well as from a few other things here and there (he gives great massages!).

12-11-15_9-02-38 AM

While his main goal in life is having as much bedroom fun as possible, he also wouldn’t mind being fabulously wealthy. In addition to being romantic, he is confident in himself, and is also a fairly tidy and neat person. Despite his love for a fun lifestyle, he is open to raising a (small) litter…as long as they let him dress them in fabulous clothing!

Cat John-Jules was submitted by Spackle.


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