Round Six: The Valentine Family

Bachelor Updates: I’ve readied seven of our ten contestants. My internet was down for eight hours yesterday which prevented me from working on the Bachelor since I need both Google Drive and to access the gallery on the Sims.

General Sims: I’m all up-to-date on content…I’m loving “Get Together’ as I’m clearly seeing how it’ll help my Sims establish friend groups which is more realistic than the current model of relationships. I’m having oral surgery tomorrow (and have a consultation this afternoon), I’m not sure if this will increase my Sim playing (not wanting to do much else) or decrease it (even sitting at my computer will be too much effort, and I’ll just want to sleep).

Lifespan: I’ve switched the lifespan of the Community Town back to “normal”. I wanted something a bit longer than “normal”, but I’ve decided “long” is way too long. They need something in between like they had in the Sims 3.

This is the middle of Round 6 of our Community Town. We are focusing on the neighborhood of Newcrest. You can learn more about the game, and submit your own character, here.

Round Six: The Valentine Family

Refresher: Amber married Kristopher (an Alien) and they recently had two daughters together. Amber wants four children, and to be a doctor. Kristopher is in the tech industry and love fishing.

12-03-15_1-37-21 PM

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should’ve this round…I was having a lot of fun playing with the clubs and got distracted! Amber was promoted to R.N. which is level 6 of 10 in the doctor career. When Amber is at work she sometimes gets a “miss my family” moodlet that makes her sad.


12-03-15_3-34-28 PM

The twins grew up to be an adorable combination of their parents…his alien skin with her beautiful hair. Cristina is an outgoing nerd…she loves interacting with people, reading and playing chess.

12-03-15_3-34-50 PM

Kayleigh loves playing on the playground, sports and getting her hands dirty. She is creative and wants to be a good artist.

12-05-15_4-36-09 PM

Cristina plays chess on the porch with Amber’s board.

12-05-15_4-35-19 PM

Kayleigh has an activity table inside where she draws and colors.

12-07-15_1-17-31 PM

I decorate the house for Christmas a bit (as much as they could afford). Here we have Cristina and Kayleigh doing their homework together at the dining room table.

12-06-15_10-08-43 PM

We did have a bit of scary incident midweek where the oven and Kristopher caught on fire, but we managed to extinguish the flames and all was well.

12-08-15_12-08-52 PM

They don’t manage family dinners every evening, but they do a pretty good job of it. They all get along very well.

12-08-15_11-44-11 AM

Amber had to work on Saturday, so Kristopher took the kids to the park and they all met with their respective clubs. Cristina has started her own club, which only has one other member (Grayson). They like playing chess together.

12-08-15_11-57-58 AM

Kristopher also formed his own club called Castaways, and it’s for people who like to fish. He has recruited two more members (both elderly men).

12-08-15_9-32-49 AM12-08-15_9-32-41 AM

Kayleigh joined the League of Adventurers…who like to play pretend on the playground.

Amber also started her own club for people who like to relax at the spa.

Round Six Results: Valentine Family


  • Aspiration: Big Family- Amber’s at level 2 and needs to have another child in order to advance. She needs a bigger house for that.
  • Career: R.N.- She’s a level 6 in the medical field.
  • Skills: 4- Cooking, Logic, Charisma; 2- Violin, Mixology, Comedy; 1- Fitness, Video Games, Wellness
  • Friends: Amber’s only friends are the members of her family (Kris, Cristina, and Kayleigh)
  • Clubs: Bliss


  • Aspiration: Angling Ace- Kris is at level 1 and needs to fish at one more location in order to advance.
  • Career: Tech Guru- He’s a level 2 and working in quality assurance.
  • Skills: 3- Video Games, Comedy, Cooking; 2- Fishing, Fitness, Programming, Writing; 1- Mischief, Charisma
  • Friends: his family plus Thaddeus (in his club)
  • Clubs: Castaways


  • Aspiration: Artistic Prodigy- She’s level 0 and will need to draw another picture while in an inspired mood.
  • Career: B Student
  • Skills: Motor-4, Social- 3, Creative- 2
  • Friends: family plus Max
  • Clubs: League of Adventurers


  • Aspiration: Whiz Kid- She’s a level 0 and needs to play 1 more game of chess to advance.
  • Career: B Student
  • Skills: Mental- 3, Social- 2, Motor- 1
  • Friends: Only family
  • Clubs: Whiz Kids




2 thoughts on “Round Six: The Valentine Family

  1. Thanks for the refresher at the top. It’s always good to get a feel for things after it’s been a while.

    Their Christmas tree is really cute =)

    Boy, that fire was scary!

    I like Kristopher’s winter sweater =)

    The clubs seem really fun!

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