Update: Bachelor, Community Town, New Content!

I missed posting the last couple of days because of a busy weekend and an unexpected dental emergency.  (Blah!) I’m still playing as often as I can, but posts might be irregular this week as I have oral surgery scheduled later in the week.

GOOD news! I dug up some old gift cards that I had saved for a rainy day and I was able to buy the newest Sims expansion (released tomorrow) plus the two most recent stuff packs that I hadn’t purchased (Spooky Stuff and Cool Kitchens) so I am fully up-to-date on all Sims 4 content! The new expansion (Get Together) will definitely provide some useful interactions for the Bachelor, but I am most looking forward to implementing the new club features in our community town. I also think the new singles nights at the bars and clubs will be very helpful for Sims looking for a partner! Spooky Stuff will let us throw a Spooky-themed party during the Bachelor- I already have it scheduled!

Bachelor Update: I’ve made contestant #6, and he will be posted shortly (tomorrow?). I’m also in search of a good Bachelor-house.

Community Town Newcrest: I’m half-way through the week with the Valentine’s the babies aged up into kiddos and I’m having a lot of fun with this adorable family unit!


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